Wednesday, May 30, 2018

O.k. guys!  One more day of school for us after today!

My work/school outfits have just been about comfort lately, I think.  I haven’t put much thought into it and I tend to go with black and white when I just need to get dressed quickly.  

On Friday I wore these black patterned pants and my black tee with lace up detail that you can’t see along with my new shiny black Birkenstocks that were my Mother’s Day gift.


On Thursday I wore my other pair of black patterned pants with my new black Universal Thread flutter sleeve top (much more flattering than the black shirt in first photo I think) and my new shiny black Birkenstocks.  

Saturday night’s outdoor concert outfit.  img_2290-1.jpg

What’s Up Wednesday Link Up

What I’m eating:  I’m eating a few of Joanna Gaines Magnolia Table cookbook recipes and starting to enjoy more summery recipes and we grilled out Monday.

What I’m reminiscing:  I’m doing a lot of reflecting on this school year and thinking what I will do differently and the same for next year. 

What I’m loving:  I’m loving getting so much closer to summer break.

What I’m up to:  I’m finishing up grades for the year, cleaning, organizing, and packing up my classroom

What I’m dreading:  How quickly the summer will go by as I already have a two day workshop August 1 and 2 on my calendar.  Once I start getting back into things August 1 summer is OVER.

What I’m working on:  I need to start working on June birthday gifts and Father’s Day gifts soon.  

What I’m excited about: Summer!  I need to create my summer bucket list.

What I’m watching:  The Bachelorette, Bravo’s Below Deck and Southern Charm, and I need suggestions on what to start on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video now that I will have more time.

What I’m reading:  I’m still reading The Weekenders but I’m also starting my new stack of library books soon.

What I’m listening to:  Spotify 90s country

What I’m wearing:  On the weekends I’m wearing lots of shorts.  I need to improve the athleisure section of my closet for summer.  Any suggestions on stores or brands?  I don’t like tank tops so I need short sleeve lightweight material and athletic shorts.

What I’m looking forward to:  We just found out 2 weeks ago that our 17 year old German cousin is coming for a visit!  My husband was born in Germany and has 3 first cousins that live there.  This is the youngest daughter of one of his cousins.  We had a family vacay in Germany in 2016 (I need to do a blog post about it) and really got to know her then!  

5 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Yay Amy I found you!!! I love your new Birkenstocks – those are super cute. Also loving your comfy pants – isn’t it nice to look put together yet feel like you’re in pjs? We just finished watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon and we loved it! On Netflix I loved The Fall and Dr. Foster. You are reminding me that I need to get busy thinking of Father’s Day gifts – it will be here before we know it! I hope summer goes by nice and slow for us all because once August rolls around both of my boys will be gone to school and we’ll be empty nesters. I’ll miss them!!!


    1. Thanks for those 3 suggestions! Have you watched Poldark? It’s on Amazon Instant!
      I feel the same about summer – time needs to slow down. I will be a mess when mine leave.
      Have a great day!


  2. 1 more day- you’re nearly there!!! I like Old Navy athletic clothes but I get a little bit from here and a little bit from there. I’ll raid the racks at TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. That’s so cool you have a relative coming in from Germany! I did a little study abroad trip there during college and it was so much fun!!! I miss it there! – Shannon


    1. I know! It’s surreal! Thanks for the advice on athleisure places. I will check those. Part of my problem is I like to dress up more to go out.
      Where did you live in Germany? My husband’s family is from the north – town called Bremerhaven. It is about two hours from Hamburg. It is a great country with great people. I did a study abroad in Valencia, Spain. I hope my boys do it, too!


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