Thursday, May 31, 2018

This is the much anticipated day!  It is our last day of school with students!  Teachers still have to work Friday and Monday but the 2017-2018 and my 24th year of teaching are OVER!  I had a great year over all.  I will definitely miss my students over the summer.  I tried some new things and got some positive feedback.  You’ve got to love a job where you get a do over every year, right?  

I thought today would be perfect for sharing my summer bucket list.  I had never heard of this before other bloggers started sharing theirs a few years ago.  I liked this and started making my own each summer.  

Why have a bucket list?  I think it’s hard to remember what you want to accomplish and experience without a list to keep you on track.  This list makes things more intentional.  I actually try to do a bucket list for each season.  I do one for fall, one for winter, and usually by spring I forget about it, but I do one for summer.  I tend to have things that I want to do as a family, as a couple, and by myself.  I try to include decluttering projects, self – improvement items, learning about something, and just plain summer fun so that I feel that I get the most out of the season.  

I don’t usually check everything off.  In fact, by August I don’t care any more and I just want to meditate in the AC.  Ha!

-Go to lake with my sister’s family

-Have different people on our boat

-Learn to make a new recipe

-Read 20 books – some fiction and some non-fiction

-Go to the pool by myself once

-Walk up to eat dinner at nearby restaurant

-Do a boat brunch

-Eat lunch poolside

-Drink coffee on the patio

-Go for at least one bike ride, but hopefully more

-Go to outdoor concerts

-Go to farmer’s market

-Have a few dates with hub

-Celebrate hub’s birthday

-Celebrate Father’s Day

-Shop locally

-Sit in an independently owned coffee shop and drink from a real mug

-Call people I haven’t talked to in awhile

-Invite friends to take walks in diffrerent city parks

My list is not complete yet, but this is a good start!  Do you make a summer bucket list?  What did I forget?


13 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Summer Bucket List

  1. I’m inspired Amy!!! I have done a bucket list in the past but this year I’ve started one that will hopefully push me out of my comfort zone a bit more. You’re right, writing it down makes it more intentional and much more likely to occur.
    Have a wonderful last day of school! I love all the buzz and excitement on the last day for students, it’s infectious!
    Also, if you ever want to talk blog stuff email me and we can connect – I’d be happy to share with you what (little) I know!


    1. Yes! Do a bucket list for yourself! Did you notice most of mine are selfish and just for me? I used to do kid friendly ones but now it’s harder. I should ask my boys to add some things!
      Thank you so much for that offer! I will definitely take you up on it! I’m having so much fun blogging and it’s becuadro I’ve met such wonderful people like you!
      I am giddy! I think teachers get more excited than students!


  2. A summer bucket list is a great idea and these sound wonderful – my favourite is ‘brunch on the boat’ – which you must post about of course!


  3. I did a summer bucket list! This is my first time too!! We have a couple of things in common!!!! I love the variety on yours 🙂 Keep us updated on your progress- I’ll likely need some accountability for myself 🙂 Have a great weekend! – Shannon


    1. That’s a great idea – to do a progress report halfway through summer. I’m such a teacher! Will you post yours? Hope you have some fun planned this weekend!


  4. I am not sure if the responses on my blog to your comments come through now (issues with blogger) but I’ve left AN ESSAY in response to your TGII comments! 🙂 Glad you are ok – I was wondering if something happened to you when I didn’t see your Friday favourites (no pressure there!) hah! Yes I’ve never done a bucket list before (I am so list and target driven at work it is nice to throw if out of the window at home) but this one could be fun..


    1. Oh thanks for your concern! I do my posts in the evening and set to post at 4 am my time so you were right!
      I had issues with it posting my Friday out of order! Ugh! I use WordPress.
      It has my Friday before my Wednesday and I need to see why.
      I haven’t seen your response yet. I’m doing early am Saturday shopping right now.


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