Thursday, May 3, 2018

You know how frayed hems are in?  This is about the extent of my DIY ability so don’t get too excited.  I’m a shorty and need to hem many pants so I went into Old Navy and bought a pair of white jeans that fit in the waist, hips, and legs (or so I thought… more on that later*) and I took them home and cut them.   I used a pair of jeans that had a good length as my guide for one leg and then I held that up against the other leg.  Then, I threw them in the washer and dryer and they came out perfectly frayed.

This is a DIY that I can handle.  You can do jean shorts, too – JORTS!

*What is it with ON jeans becoming so loose and baggy as the day wears on?  I don’t know if I could get into the next smaller size anyway.  Why must they do this?  I can get one wear out of them and then have to wash and dry to wear again or else they are too baggy.

Anyway, don’t be afrayed!  Let me know if you like this look and if you decide to try it!


3 thoughts on “Try it Thursday – Don’t be “afrayed”!

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