Wednesday, May 2, 2018

O.k., other teachers can relate to what I’m about to say.  We are now at the point of the school year where everything is a STRUGGLE.  It is becoming increasingly harder to get dressed in the morning.   I’m ready for shorts and swimsuits and cover ups and not fixing my hair!  This is not good because I do still have more than a month to go.  I know those of you who don’t get a summer off are cursing me under your breath.  I feel so lucky that I get a break after every year to recharge my batteries, reflect on the job I did, and just be for awhile.

But, the hard part of teaching is that during the school year, there is absolutely NO flexibility.  From August 9th-ish until June 4 this year, I can only go to the bathroom a couple of times a day.  I have 20 minutes for lunch and that includes going to the bathroom.  There is no popping out for an appointment or a lunch or an errand.  And, as a teacher, you really can’t have a bad day.  You always have to be ON.  Now, I know I’ve never had another “real” job.  I started at age 22 and now here I am many many years later.  Most of what I know about an office environment comes from “The Office” and I’m pretty sure that isn’t realistic.

I’m thankful for my summers off.  I’m thankful for a week in the spring and two weeks at Christmas, but we do work really hard when school is in session and it is very hard to take a day off.

O.k.  rant over.  I love my job, but it is that time of year!  And, I’m supposed to be talking about clothes!

Monday – I’m not sure I like this outfit.  Meh.  It was comfortable.

Tuesday – I wore an army green swing dress with this really long kimono which I promise also had army green in it.  It’s not that flattering but it was comfortable.  I’m wearing teacher Dansko sandals.  I need recommendations on teacher comfortable shoes that are in style.  I think these look clunky!

I wore my new white leather feather earrings today!  I have got to get control of my leather earring habit.  (Along with my lipstick habit)  

White leather feather earrings from $16 from a local boutique

This is a hot pink swing dress with a white jean jacket over it and my pom pom scarf that I was going to wear on Tuesday.  I discovered the hot pink dress has a stain and I’m afraid it’s permanent.  I will try to work on it.  

Wednesday’s outfit is a magenta swing dress, a cream knit cardigan, and one of my two horse scarves.  It is Derby week in Kentucky and I like to break out my horse scarves.  They are very lightweight.  I wore my black and white one last week and this past weekend to the art fair.

Thursday is the last day of our work week so I will probably be pretty casual.  

What are your weekly clothing staples?  What do you feel the best in?  Is there a piece of clothing that you would say is the most you?  

Here are some blogs that have really helped me with my style.  

Susan After 60. 

Susan is adorable and I don’t care what your age – she explains proportions and how she makes decisions on what to buy.  I really don’t dress like she does, but I appreciate her advice.  She is not trying to be anyone but herself.  Check it out.  She is a classy lady.

Putting Me Together

This site has so many resources.  It’s clothes that real people wear.  You could seriously buy about 10 items from her resources and feel like you have plenty to wear.  

Mom Advice – Capsule Wardrobes

I love her style.  She is adorable and works within a very small capsule each season.  

I will stop there for now, but maybe this deserves a whole post of its own.  

I love clothing and putting outfits together.  I think it’s fun and it doesn’t stress me out.  As you can see above, my outfits are not perfect and I don’t always feel like it was the best I could do.  

Thanks for stopping by today!


7 thoughts on “What I wore Wednesday

  1. I meant to tell you how much I liked your white feather earrings the other day but I’m afraid I forgot!
    Light scarves are my favorite for work. The horses on yours are fun yet subtle and classy- love it.


  2. Such cute outfits!! I especially love the military vest and kimono! I too am looking forward to my summer off!!! Hang in there! You’ve got this!


  3. Hey! I didn’t realise you were a Spanish teacher until I saw your comment the other day! I will now NOT use any dodgy Spanish on my blog in case you ‘mark it’ hahaha! I LOVE your necklace – there is a word for those fossils – what is it ‘Miss’ (that’s what all the children here refer to their female teachers as). A Triclo something.. Goodness knows but I love it! Also a big fan of feather style jewellery. Our legal lunch is 20 minutes too (if you work 6 hours or more), but in our business we pay for 30 is you work 8 hours. Is there a legal mandatory lunch break time in the US?


    1. Please continue to use Spanish! I love it when people do! That necklace was super cheap and I really need to change out the chain because it’s turning. I don’t think we have a mandatory lunch in salary jobs. Hourly workers probably do. My husband goes out to eat every day and can be gone for an hour plus!


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