Monday, May 22, 2023

Ok – this is my last 5 day week of the year! I have senior presentations and finals, a farewell to seniors party, and 3 meal prep lunches to bring. Let’s go! I am linking up with Holly and Sarah to share my weekend. Spoiler – after some yucky Saturday morning rain, the weather is what May dreams are made of.

Let’s go back to Thursday night! The weather was amazing and I wanted to sit on a patio for dinner but Tom wanted to mow. Erica was on her own because her hub had an event, so we picked Chuy’s. Well – the patio was not really the greatest and the mosquitoes started attacking me. Note to self: start preventing mosquitoes from eating you alive, Amy. They love me.

I had not been to Chuy’s in probably 10 years. The margarita (skinny) was extremely meh and mostly ice.

The only reason for me to go back is the pico de gallo and the ranch dip.

I got a side salad and

something boom boom that was too spicy to even enjoy and I do like a bit of spice.

I don’t think I have any photos from Friday day but I took the day off – it was a good day to do so as most of my students were testing. I had an appointment and got all the “beep”. I did an oil change, Costco run, Kroger pick up, library pick up, Walmart return, Feeder’s Supply run, and all the things. I seriously ran errands from 8:30 a.m. until about 2:00 with only a lunch break at home to unload things and eat.

After all of that, I treated myself to a patio wine:

I also had marinated Peruvian chicken for dinner and used the Avocado Crema sauce I had found at Costco and let’s just say that everyone wants this “Peruvian dinner” again! Recipe coming – don’t worry!

We are really enjoying just eating at home on Friday nights. I guess I am getting older because the last few restaurant/happy hour experiences I have had have been so noisy and overpriced. I’m talking so noisy you can’t have a conversation with the people at your table!

Saturday morning I woke up to my favorite – rain – as long as it doesn’t mess with my plans.

It rained until about 9 I think, but because I had gotten all my chores done Friday, I was ready to do Tom’s Saturday rounds. We stopped at a new really cool concept called Haymarket that is a part of a farm where they will have coffee, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and like farmer’s market offerings. Only their drive through is open now so I just got a coffee.

It is really close to where we keep our boat on River Road. We then headed to Marine Sales and Service for a boat swap meet and to walk Ernie and let him swim.

Then, we dropped Ernie off and changed because the day was warming up. We went to an art fair and walked around.

I only came home with a specialty sweet mustard!

I finished this:

Cute, but cheesy at the end. I would recommend it, though!

I started this and I am pretty sure I already read it, but it has been a long time. Also, this is the gift from my students so I wanted to read it again.

After reading for a bit, I got to drive with my sun roof open! I also had one of Spotify’s yacht rock stations on and boy can I sing some Africa by Toto when I am alone. I think I sound pretty good. Just kidding – I need some work.

And, we pulled up to eat dinner at Captain’s Quarters and I see a former and current student who are cousins. I can’t go anywhere and be anonymous. They included me in their IG story.

It was funny!

I ordered an amazing meal – a spinach salad with salmon. I ate every last leaf.

Tom ordered a turkey sandwich and fries. Have I ever told you that Tom is really bad at ordering? He takes forever to read the menu and then he picks something that really isn’t the right thing to get at that place. Like – he went to a chicken restaurant and got a Sloppy Joe and then said he didn’t like the restaurant. I’m a pro and he is bad. I often ask him if I can order for him. Oh well.

It was so pretty out and we had a nice time just the two of us. We spent the whole day together almost.

Sunday morning was meal prep time. I had enough Amy McMuffins for the week but I wanted to get ahead on two lunches for the week and two dinners for the fam. I think I cooked for about 2 hours. It seems like a lot but it really helps me during the week and it helps me to cut down on food waste by using what needs to be used up.

I worked on this blog post – Oh no – I broke the 4th wall of blogging by acknowledging that I worked on a blog post.

And, that’s a wrap on a really nice weekend. You guys, as you are reading this, it is my last Monday of the school year! It’s so surreal.

Tell me something about your weekend!


21 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. We would take our Grandmother to an Apple Butter Festival to sell her homemade baskets. Within 100 yards a band would play Toto the entire weekend we were there. I will sing with you!


  2. We had a very rainy, very boring Saturday and I spent much of my day yesterday reading my latest book and working on a puzzle. Enjoy your last full week of school!

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  3. Tom should totally let you order for him! I can’t wait for you to share your Peruvian chicken recipe – it looks so good. Cheers to your last Monday of the school year!! Summer break is so close for you!!!


  4. Light at the end of the school year tunnel. Whoohoo! That salmon looks so good! Enjoy a great week sweetie.


  5. Congratulations on your last Monday of school! I hate getting bad food at a restaurant and then leave thinking that I could have made something so much better at home and saved money! We always enjoy eating out on Friday evening but it’s gotten to the point where restaurants are too crowded, noisy and traffic is bad in our area that it’s nicer to eat at home.


  6. Looks like a great weekend. Saturday went from rainy and then just the best spring day. I loved having a dreary morning but then a nice afternoon. I can’t wait until you share than recipe. Sounds delish. The boat pic w/ students…so funny.
    I hope you have a great week. We’re almost to the finish line

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  7. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. It was good. I love the music they play in it …Sunday was golf and after playing horrible ALL 3 DAYS of the club championship….I played so good yesterday. I like to be competitive but apparently I do NOT like Stroke play for 3 days of golf. Had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town. I am always curious when I see Midwestern people post about Mexican food. it’s not like we are usually used to here in California. Especially in the are we live in – anymore we are the minority. We are getting ALOT of illegals in our area the past couple of years. Hmmmm. Build back the WALL. ok not going down that road. LOL happy last week of school for you!

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  8. We went to chuy’s recently after not going for years and thought the same things. I think they’ve gotten to corporate/big. I used to go to the original chuy’s in Austin when I was in college! It sounds like a good weekend with checking off all those errands and getting out on the boat. My husband has similar issues ordering at restaurants! Have a great last week of school!

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