Friday, May 19, 2023

Here is what my board looked like on Monday! Now subtract 5! Woohoo! I am linking up today with Andrea and Erika for a very random list of favorites. I’m grasping at straws here, people. I am dragging myself across the finish line that is called my 29th year! Ha!

Do seniors get out earlier where you are? Ours still technically have to show up each day, but they have a variety of activities including a graduation practice or two. They have a senior breakfast and senior walk, senior sunrise on the football field, senior movie – that kind of thing.

Erica and I have divided up the remaining lunches to continue doing our lunch meal prep. Here was Monday’s burrito bowls. Yum!

I started this book over the weekend but took a break – it is about a custody battle and surrogacy and it’s just kinda heavy.

I picked this up and am almost finished. It’s really cute chick lit and a break from my Colleen Hoover deep dive.

My sister is getting her kids a puppy named Ezra! He is a cavapoo and I am so excited for them! Look at his little tongue!

I really need to stop saying things on the blog that make me eat my words. I placed a order for three dresses. The quality is really good but the sizing runs big. I ordered this and am waiting to try it in a size down:

This one and am waiting to try it in a size down:

And this one:

Their website pictures are horrible, but they are giving Amazon a run for their money with how quickly they have arrived. They are way faster than Target, too. I will let you know which I end up keeping – if any. I should have ordered multiple sizes in my first order.

So fast and so communicative:

We are trying to grow some grass and my patio smells like a barnyard because of the straw…

I have been able to get outside and drink my morning coffee a couple of times and that is a sure sign that summer is coming.

Many years ago I asked myself the question: “What are my favorite things about being on vacation?” and the answer was that I really enjoy drinking my coffee on the patio of the vacation rental. I decided that was not something that should only be reserved for vacation and I started doing it more at home.

I am in love with this new to me Dr. Teal’s scent:

Thank you to Carolina Charm for the rec. I love Dr. Teal’s!

I made Amy McMuffins for breakfast meal prep to take a break from breakfast burritos:

Erica sent this and I loved it – especially because I am trying to get more into white wines.

I went to the Shakespeare at the Nature Center that one of my college kids has been working on as stage manager. It was unique because you started out here and then followed the actors into the woods.

But, I really just don’t enjoy Shakespeare and I ended up with two kids who are qute the fans!

OMG – you probably shouldn’t order these. I was unable to stop myself. They are so good. Have you tried them? I can’t find them in stores and had to order a small bag off of Amazon because I was curious.

I have been keeping my nails natural as much as I don’t like how they look. I ordered an old school nail buffer off of Amazon. I can tell my nails are getting stronger and more healthy.

I got a really funny gift from a student this week – it is a candle that says  “Señora Scott’s Last Nerve – Oh look it’s on fire!” and the scent is margarita! How funny is that?

I hope I don’t act like they are on my last nerve!

I found a new favorite wine! It’s not too dry nor too sweet. Check this out! It is quite refreshing for this spring weather.

Whew! You just got a look inside my brain! It’s all over the place!

Before I go, can I complain about something? Isn’t it just par for the course that Mother’s Day is in the crazy month of May and Father’s Day is in one of the most relaxing months of the year -June? I thought about that this year and it made me mad!

Happy, happy Friday to you and thanks for reading!


23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. It’s chambray – but a very light color. I was thinking I might return the larger and smaller sizes bc it gives granny’s nightgown vibes. You like?
      Patio time fills my cup! I am also watching birds at the feeder too and that makes me happy!


  1. That candle is the best!! You got some seriously cute things from Walmart, I’m glad you have seen the light – ha!!
    And darn, I never made the connection about Mother’s Day in May when it’s so busy and June being Father’s Day when it’s so chill – now I can’t unknow it!!
    Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did see the light and I’m even doing some grocery shopping there bc Kroger keeps dissing me!
      I know – dads always get the better end of the deal!


  2. That candle sounds like it smells amazing. How cool of a gift is that, though? I love thoughtful gifts. So, you were texting me as I was reading this post…how funny! I was saying that I’ll be spending part of the weekend making a return to Walmart for what I ordered and sending back the flip flops I got from Amazon that you have. I love them, and how they look, but I should have ordered a bigger size. Also, I don’t know if I can wear flip flops anymore. I was walking weird in them! I was laughing at myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great Walmart haul! Must have those Reese’s crackers. Yum. Oh I spy those yummy muffins. I’ve never tried the lemon Dr. Teals. Have the sweetest weekend!


    1. Yes! Walmart is killing it! Maybe you can also find the Reese’s at Walmart? I can’t remember what muffins are in my pic? The lemon Teal’s is great! You too!


  4. Our seniors graduate the night before the last day and they aren’t expected to show up on that last day; in fact they do awards by grade on that last day and each grade is dismissed after awards if they have a parent to sign them out. I think Alec was done by 10 am last year and being a junior this year his awards are up first so he’ll probably be done by 9!

    Funny you say that because June is not relaxing up here–that’s usually a weekend packed with dance recitals, graduations and the like BUT May is pretty chill since we all have another full month of schooling and the weather is just turning nice.


    1. We have a state law that they can’t graduate until the last day. It’s so funny to hear how different states and schools do it.
      I think the northeast schools get out in June and the further south you are the earlier in May they get out. You guys also start after Labor Day I think. I have heard it’s because you have to take advantage of the best weather months and have all of July and August off?


      1. We typically start school at the very end of August just before Labor Day and I’m guessing it has to do with trying to bypass the worst of the summer heat since we have no air conditioning in any of our schools.


  5. That candle is so funny!! I never thought about Mother’s Day in the crazy month of June but you are so right! 😬 I think we need to move Mother’s Day to another month 😜 Have a great weekend!!


  6. My Walmart orders are often delivered from the store the same day, even though I order shipping. It’s so fast! I don’t know how they can make money that way. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. It’s unbelievable! I am considering doing the Walmart + delivery but I will have to ask Tom if he can switch from Kroger brands for some things. I wonder if I would save money. I really don’t either!


  7. Our evenings have been less hectic and I’ve been getting front porch reading time which I’ve loved. The candle is hilarious! I got a Time and Tru dress recently and think i probably could have gotten a medium instead of large. I JUST said the same things about the timing of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Mother’s Day has always been iffy at our house…I appreciate the love but usually I’m tired, the kids are tired, etc…but so busy at the end of the year. Have a great weekend!


    1. That’s wonderful! The weather has just been so good! I thought the candle was!
      I saw the other color of the dress on you and on Whitney of Polka Dotty place and maybe another person and started poking around on the website and found my colorway. So, I am sorry for not giving you credit! I also may have first heard the Mother’s Day thing from you? I am such a copycat! I am the most stressed in August and May – it never fails even if I try not to be.

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