Thursday, May 18, 2023

It’s Thursday and that means time for Fashion Files along with some strange mirror faces from your girl, Amy. Yes, I am still bad at this! I am linking up with Jill and Kellyann.

I usually only take one photo, by the way. I am super professional! These are my actual outfits that I wear out the door!

Saturday, I finally wore my new Aerie toddler denim cutoffs. I call them “toddler” because of the nice elastic in the back. Why don’t more women’s shorts do this? I need a lower heeled sandal. These are just too high to wear with cutoffs – giving me the Daisy Dukes vibe. Anyway, I switched to flip flops for some Saturday errands. I think and hope this cream color will come in handy and cut offs are such a summer staple for me. I now have light denim, medium denim, pink, black, white, and cream. I have accumulated them over several years.

Saturday night and I wore white jeans and my TJ Maxx blouse – I am worried that I won’t be able to wear long sleeves for much longer and this has been one of my favorite spring blouses. Good job on this purchase, Amy! I was so hot, though, because the restaurant where we went had a malfunctioning AC unit! My friends were in dresses and I was so jealous. Oh well.

Sunday outfit and I broke out my old Amazon palm print skirt. It’s too long. I have to hike it up really high to be the length I want it.

Later in the day, I changed to my Target blouse and my Costco skort to go see a play. Nothing to write home about, but I was going to be sitting in a folding chair in the woods and I didn’t want to flash anyone while standing up, so I thought a skort would be good.

Monday for work I wore my tropical skirt (matches a top that is a bit too snug and not work appropriate – got both pieces at TJ Maxx last year) with my Old Navy chambray shirt. I changed shoes later in the day at work. Now this skirt is the perfect length. I hadn’t really thought about wearing it without the matching top, but I am glad I did. I think it would look good with a white blouse, too. The print makes me happy. Do you have anything you can separate in your closet that you hadn’t thought about before?

And, yesterday for work, I wore one of my favorite blouses and a long white gauzy skirt that I got for like $5 on the clearance rack at Chico’s a few years ago. Yes, I wore my Hobby Lobby sandals. I have hit rock bottom.

Here are some looks I want to try:

I have a pink and white gingham headband and a black and white gingham headband and pretty much all the elements in the above outfits.

I want to find a kitten heel sandal like this but probably in cognac:

Do you follow Lucky Peacock on IG? I love her style. I have all the elements below and have probably worn it, but this is a good reminder!

Where do you find outfit inspiration?

Are you adventurous in trying new trends and looks? Lewks?

What have you been wearing lately?


16 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. We had a nice warm weather spell and I even pulled out some shorts earlier this week! Now it’s back in the 60’s and I’m having a hard time adjusting my outfits since I was really enjoying tank tops, flip flops, and dresses. I know that warm weather will be back to stay soon enough so I’m back to pulling out pants and long sleeve tops.


  2. I ordered a skort this week! It should come in today, so I’m super excited to try it on. I loved all your outfits this week- particularly the skirts. I am thinking of going back to Walmart to purchase a really cute pair of shorts I found- they’re kind of loose fitting and a great mid-thigh length. Have a great day, my friend!


  3. So many cute outfits! I love each and every one of them and all of the prints are so pretty. I have one skort which I really like and maybe I should find another one. Your white one reminded me that I need to see where I put my white little denim cotton skirt though. Maybe it’s still in a container. Searching for it I will go after school drop off!


    1. Aww thank you. Skirts have worked better for me than dresses because of being top heavy. I love to screenshot a look to try and it really does help you be content with what you have. You almost always have something similar!


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