Wednesday, May 17, 2023

This idea was from a reader but I can’t remember who! Thank you, though!

So, we have a boat that we enjoy from May-ish until October or November-ish. We have now been boat owners for almost 8 years and had the same boat. I pray it continues to serve us because it’s really perfect for our needs. We really only use it on the Ohio River because it is a lot to tow it elsewhere and and we can be on the river from our home in an easy 15 minutes or so if the boat ramp is empty. We keep the boat in a storage barn very near to the ramp and shout out to Marine Sales and Service, by the way!

I think I have now had my Bogg bag for 5 years? I remember they were so popular that I had to take the color I could get from a local boutique. We keep towels on our boat in a big Rubbermaid tote under a seat and I take them and wash them and put them back so I usually don’t have to worry about packing towels. We also keep paper towels, trash bags, and some sunscreen on the boat. We have outlets and phone chargers, too, which come in handy.

This is pretty close to the perfect boat bag as it stays upright and you can easily squeeze it between a captain’s chair and our cooler. It is quite heavy, though, so I would not say it’s a great bag if you have to carry it a long way.

I also have this bag that is more of a pool bag, but sometimes it comes along on the boat to hold additional stuff.

Within the Bogg bag, I put this big pouch. This came as a free gift with purchase from Ulta, I think. It also had a clear tote, but the tote fell apart.

Inside of it, I like to have sunscreen, some sort of wipe, and a spray bottle. My sister-in-law taught me the need for a spray bottle. When you aren’t able to get in the water, it really keeps you cool and it’s nice to have fresh water handy to spray on you and not river water. These are my Lume wipes in cool cucumber and I also always have baby wipes for cleaning hands after sunscreen or before eating. I need to buy some new ones.

I have not chosen this year’s sunscreen yet, so this is from last year. I try not to skimp on sunscreen. I always apply lotion at home and then only use the spray for re-application. I just think that is the best protection. I also need to make sure to get lip sunscreen and I am really curious about the powder to keep your part from burning but I almost always have a hat on, too. Tom has a bald head spray sunscreen he uses. He, he.

I usually have a couple of hat options stuffed in the Bogg bag. Not pictured is an extra hair tie that I keep in the palm print bag.

I started carrying a fanny pack as a wallet for the times when we stop to eat on the river. We can either pack our own food and anchor and eat in a cove or we can pull up to a few restaurants that are pretty close to home. Sometimes we go about 30 minutes to a pizza place on the Indiana side.

I grab my wallet pouch (currently using my Ipsy pouch) from my purse and my purse ibuprofen and eye drops or I just grab my whole purse sometimes.

Now, when I go to the pool, the Bogg bag is just too heavy. I just use the bag from above or my L.L.Bean bag.

I also usually put chips or crackers in my Bogg bag and have a small soft sided cooler that fits in there as well for anything that needs to stay cold. Tom keeps a big drink cooler on the boat. I also have a big gallon ziplock of napkins, paper plates, and straws.

I am considering buying a couple of Turkish towels. Thoughts? I am very picky about my towels and my current favorite are Tommy Bahama from Costco.

I always try to bring Yeti type cups with a lid because sloshing does occur.

I also grab my book in case we park and I have a chance to read.

I keep the Bogg bag packed pretty much from now until the fall.

I am sure I am forgetting some things. Sound off in the comments if you have any tips or items you think would be handy!


18 thoughts on “Boat Bag

  1. We have the Turkish towels and have parted ways with the standard pool towel. We have a fifth wheel camper and it they are so easy to store and dry quickly.

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  2. Ahhhh …a spray bottle! What a great idea. I need to stick one in my pool bag…sometimes I don’t get a chair with an umbrella, so that would come in handy! I bought Turkish towels from Amazon and love them…I took them to Mexico with us last summer!


  3. I take hand sanitizer with me everywhere I go. That’s the only thing I thought may be missing from your stuff, but it’s good that you’re so prepared. I have been exclusively using Turkish towels in our kitchen for like three years, and they’re the best. Todd and I just talked about how we need to order new towels for our bathrooms, and I’m thinking we may go the Turkish towel route, since we love them in the kitchen. Even he loves them, which says something. I am sure the beach version would be just as great! I love that they’re not too thick…we prefer a thin towel. I also read where Andrea mentioned the powder for her hair part. I’ve never heard of that, but it makes sense! I always wear a visor to the pool in the summer, but I’m not a big hat person. I’ve always just done visors or baseball caps. I know you’re glad it’s almost boat season!


    1. Oh yes – we have that on the boat, too! See I know I’m forgetting things!
      I didn’t even know you could get those towels for kitchen and bath! Thanks for the info!


  4. We went to a wedding years ago and each room had a packed beach bag; sunscreen, water, beach towels, etc. The bag and towels were from Martha Stewart and still look and feel great! I don’t know if she still carries the towels but I can definitely recommend them.


  5. This is the perfect post! We just had a boat surveyed yesterday so hopefully we will soon be boat owners! Our boat will have a cabin so I will be able to leave stuff there.


    1. We have a little bathroom and use it for storage sometimes. The cabin will be nice because you really can leave necessities. It will still be important to organize well. Excited for you!


  6. It is so organized and convenient to have everything prepared and ready to go. I used to do something like that with the pool bag when the kids were little.


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