Tuesday, May 16, 2023

I am off today for primary election day. It does make for a weird week because we go Monday, stay home Tuesday, and then Wednesday through Friday. We still have AP testing going on this week because we were out on May 5th and that exam had to be on the makeup day and we are doing state testing for sophomores and juniors. Too much testing, right?

I thought I would do a casual coffee talk post today just catching you up on all aspects behind the scenes here at the casa.

College Kids:

So, the college kids have been home for a little over a week now. They kind of gradually moved out of their respective dorm rooms and went back to campus when they had an in person final and turned in a few papers from home. I tried not to micromanage anything. Tom and I did not step foot on campus to help them move out. Boy, do things change after freshman year. We gladly would have helped, but they insisted they were fine.

The IKEA blue bags – some are still going strong, but some had to be tossed after 3 years. I love them so much. They really are the best.

Their college stuff is mostly still in bags in their bedrooms – ugh. Some of their stuff is in their basement hang out room. They have desks in there, a tv, gaming systems, a futon, and a bathroom. I am going to try to push them to really unpack and let me donate some things as soon as I get done with school, if not sooner.

Mason has been directing outdoor practices and performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at our nature center and has been gone most nights at dinner time. That job just ended and now he needs to find his real summer job.

Jack starts his summer job this week at a music store. I am happy he had a little bit of down time. He also had to sing at some college graduation events, so that kept him a little busy, but still gave him a break after finals.

It’s really nice that they are home with Ernie during the day. I have been rushing home from school since the end of January and this takes a little off of my plate.

There is a bit of a transition period getting used to having 4 in the house and also not overstepping with your kids who have been managing themselves. Also, I have forgotten how to shop for and cook for four people! We have only gotten to eat dinner together a handful of times so far because of the play practice, but I am hoping we get to do it more.

Anyway, I love having them here. I feel like I get more hugs and words of appreciation now and it’s very sweet. They were always like that until the teen years and now I feel like it’s back again.


I have 7 more days with my seniors and 11 more days with my underclassmen. I have had a really great school year. I am sad because you never get the same dynamic again in your 6 classes. I have laughed more than I deserve this year because of them.

I also really worked on my work/life balance and it made a world of difference. I didn’t check email after hours or on weekends with a few exceptions. I didn’t watch the 9 a.m. Sunday Memo from my principal until Monday morning. Guess what – I didn’t miss anything and there were no emergencies. I continued to meal prep and it was a saving grace. I also challenged myself with learning lots of new technology and getting on Tik Tok.

There were definitely things I wish I had done better but that’s the beauty of teaching – I get a do over next year.


I haven’t been clothes or shoe shopping much for myself and I continue to track my spending as I have in January, February, March, and April. I am trying to be content with what I have. Summer clothes and shoes are my absolute favorite, though, and when I have more time I shop more. I’m ok with that as the timing usually works out that things start going on sale just as I get out of school!

Well, my coffee has gotten cold and I have run out of talk.

What would you tell me if we were sitting down for a cup of coffee?


18 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. 1. I also don’t know how to shop/cook for five people anymore. I just overbuy groceries, and what doesn’t get used one week will still be good the next week, and I’ll spend less that 2nd week.

    2. Parenting adult kids is such a conundrum. It’s such a balancing act! I never want to nag them about anything, but we do also still expect them to help out at home, especially because of my work schedule. I try to not even step foot in their rooms!

    3. You’re almost out for summer! I have all the things planned for my house (and ME) as soon as I get out next week. I cannot WAIT! I have a million things to do before then as we close out this school year, though. We have a whole packet of end of year procedures, along with specific instructions on handing our devices back over. Yikes!

    4. Speaking of summer, I can’t wait to have a tan! I looked into the spray tan thing here, but never could find a good package. I felt like the price was more than what I was willing to spend, especially because I get my nails each month.

    I hope you enjoy the day off! What will you be up to today?


    1. It’s hard to get back in swing of things!
      Sorry you don’t have a good spray tan option. A lot of people like Loving Tan and I love Tan Luxe The Butter. But the booth just does such a better job. I don’t get brows waxed anymore or manicure so that is how I justified the cost.


  2. The school year went by quickly! How nice that you have today off and that the boys are home. It is a bit of an adjustment cooking for 4 again, I am still trying to get that figured out. Everyone wants leftovers so I am really cooking for almost 8! Collin will be gone again in August and then Nolan will leave in December and we will be back to just 2 – lots of adjusting in my future!
    Anyway, enjoy your day off!


    1. It really did! I am happy! I love a slow morning. It’s a lot of adjusting and changing back! I am still on my bowl kick – Asian, Burrito, etc. I made Slender Kitchen orange chicken last night and I think I am making fajitas tonight.
      Thank you! Have a great day!


  3. Loved reading this- I can imagine the adjustment with having the “men” back- ha! Enjoy the time but don’t blame you for getting on them to clean up a bit 😉 I would tell you that 1. I am excited for Nantucket this weekend and will be blogging about it 2. so happy that spring weather is finally here and everything is in bloom and 3. Want some of your recommendations for series to binge 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I know – I am trying to teach them to be more organized, but it’s so hard. I can’t wait to hear about that because we have a family member in Boston and might try to make that trip! Yes – so green here and I have loved this weather. I have not been watching much tv besides my Bravo shows. I absolutely love New Girl and you could watch with your girls – I think? I love Younger just for me and I am sad I have already watched it. Our family is watching Ted Lasso. I am watching The Last Thing He Told You. That’s about it!


  4. I love your coffee talks! Yay for having your boys home! With our busy weekend, I didn’t Clicklist until yesterday and Sunday evening once we got home, the kids kept saying we had no food. They weren’t wrong. 😆 my week is weird too – I did take my personal day yesterday, no school today, tomorrow we start KSA , but I don’t have a testing group (might have to fill in), then I’m giving AP makeup exams on Thursday and Friday.


    1. Thank you! I would hate proctoring. It’s so boring. Yay for taking your day!
      I want to have a good routine as far as errands and grocery for summer. I also want to get back to my cleaning schedule. So much I want to do!


      1. Yes! I know you are ready to be done. We finish KSA testing on Monday and then have senior finals next week. Underclass are the last two days of school May 31 and June 1. May is really just all about testing! I am having a food day in each class, too.


  5. Ah! Those IKEA bags! Noah’s such a fan that he packs those for his vacations! No suitcase required. hahaha
    We’ll have him home for 2 months awaiting his next home’s contract for August 1 when he moves into a house with 5 guys. I will not be visiting those bathrooms! blech!


  6. I can totally relate to having the kids home, stuff all over the place, and not knowing how to cook for the family any more. Not long til summer break!


  7. 1. I’m glad you’re having a good school year! I haven’t, and I can say that nearly every day this school year has been a struggle. I have 8 days left, and I’m hanging on. I hope teaching at a high school next year will be a good change. I’m going to miss some great co-workers when I leave tho.
    2. Enjoy having your sons home this summer. Why do our children grow up so fast? It’s amazing to watch my sons launch their careers and make big decisions. I’m so proud of them, but I wish they lived closer!
    3. I hope I can sleep better once school is out. I have so much anxiety most nights that it’s hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. I hope I can feel better this summer.
    4. I hope to go to Quebec or at least Maine this summer. I really miss New England sometimes.
    5. What are you currently reading? I’ve read some great books lately…
    Have a great week!


    1. Thank you and I pray your new situation is better!
      You must try Goli Ashwagandha. I chew one before bed. The Sign for Home by Blair Fell was so good! I’m also into Colleen Hoover.


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