Thursday, May 4, 2023

It’s time once again to link up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files…

First, we have my Thursday night Honors Night outfit. I did not wear this to school. This is a Knox Rose Target dress from last year and Target shoes new with tags from one of my consignment stores. They are surprisingly comfortable and I hope to wear them to a wedding this month.

Friday I wore jeans, sneakers, my Costco white Lucky brand sweater with jockey earrings because we were getting closer to Derby.

Saturday for brunch at Wild Eggs with Elizabeth I wore my MIA clog sandals with very old Versona pants that I got for maybe $8 and my Old Navy gauzy blouse that I got new with tags at my consignment store. I have on the same jockey earrings.

Monday for school it turned cold again – imagine that! I wore my horse sweater (another opportunity!), Matilda Jane pants that matched one of the horses – yay!, and my Olukai mules.

Now, let’s talk about a recent Aerie order I placed. I saw a deal where you could use the app and get 30% off, so I did. I believe everything was already on sale to begin with. I ordered three items.

I got this “Shell Yeah” t-shirt that I thought was funny and I am trying it on with the original reason for my order – cream denim cut offs. I thought cream would be great to have. they have elastic in the back just like toddler shorts. Yippee!

And, finally hot pink lounge shorts. I had just gotten a spray tan the day before.

The shorts were a little big but I rolled down the waist and I love the seams and the vibrant color.

I have just been so impressed with Aerie’s quality and how things wash. All 3 are keepers.

I have my eye on these after several Vionic recommendations from you all!

What have you been wearing lately? Purchasing lately?


10 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I have been purchasing far too much lately… and not getting to wear much of it all yet. Though even though it’s only going to be in the 40’s today the forecast calls for temps in the 70’s by Monday and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


    1. I have been doing so well at not buying lately – I think because I have been so busy. That really helps! I like it that when I am ready to buy most things start to be on sale because they have been on the shelves since late winter!


  2. Love my bionic sneakers! They are very retro looking.

    Your outfits are always so well-curated! I want that horse sweater!

    Shell yeah! : ) it’s almost Derby!


    1. Bionic would be great, too! Yes, I saw those on you and thought they looked so cool!
      Thank you! The sweater is from Loft but maybe last year? You might find it at Clothes Mentor! I will keep an eye out. Shell Yeah it’s almost summer!


    1. I really like Aerie! It makes me so happy to wear all of it and wash it and see how well it holds up. I am thinking I am going to ask for them for Mother’s Day. I have been ordered to say what I want this year! I enjoyed having and wearing the earrings more times than I thought I would!


  3. I love your Wild Eggs outfit. I love Aerie too…so does hadley …probably the only place we both shop. 🤣
    The cream denim shorts are perfect. I want them!


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