Friday, May 5, 2023

Happy Oaks Day (the day before the Derby!

Happy Cinco de mayo! We don’t capitalize months in Spanish, but I am not sure about capitalizing it in the phrase “Cinco de mayo”!

Are you having Mexican food tonight? This day really just commemorates the battle at Puebla and we make a bigger deal out of it in the U.S. than they do in Mexico.

It’s time to link up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

A couple of favorite recipes I tried last weekend that I want to share. Also, as some of you moms are getting excited/nervous about all the free time stretching out in front of you this summer, I think these would be great to do with kids.

The Yummiest Banana Bread – I found myself with 6 very over ripe bananas and I think that is what contributed to this being the best (I know I have said it before, but I really mean it now) banana bread I have ever made. I gave a loaf to my friend Elizabeth and she immediately texted me asking how I made it so moist. She had to have the recipe.

Buttermilk Pancakes – I like to treat my college kids sometimes and made these on Saturday. I put mini chocolate chips on top – I don’t mix it in with the batter because I think they sink or the ratio turns out wrong. These were the most delicious pancakes I have ever made. I also love my electric non-stick griddle that enables me to make 4-6 at a time depending on size.

But, wait you say – you have found really good box mixes. Nope! Don’t even go there. These recipes take maybe 5 more minutes but you control the ingredients and you know there are things you cannot pronounce on the ingredients list of the box mix. With the leftover buttermilk, make mashed potatoes for my KFC Copycat Bowl that I got from Andrea, I think. I couldn’t find her post about it.


Tomorrow is The Kentucky Derby and the big race occurs at 6:57 p.m.

King Charles’ Coronation can be watched starting at 6:00 a.m. Eastern time. Will you be sipping tea and eating scones in your p.j.’s with a big hat as your accessory?

I am so happy to have my favorite hairspray again from Amazon! It wasn’t available for a while and I settled but then I checked and it’s back!

And, trying a new detangler and I really like it and the smell.

I figured out how to dust my decorative rocks… I dumped them out on a towel and rubbed. I cleaned the vases, too. They look so much better.

Tuesday was a favorite this week because I took one of my two remaining personal days! I got very cheap tickets to the horse races at Churchill Downs and Erica and I took a personal day and I invited my niece Brooke. We started the day with brunch at Gralehaus, which is the absolute cutest and has great food.

Soon to be college graduate and RN starting in June – so lovely and fun to be with!

We all got a breakfast sandwich on a homemade biscuit and it was delish. I am so glad we ate before the track because food was super expensive and many of the food and drink stands were cash only? So weird.

The garden behind Gralehaus:

The weather forecast was looking dicey – more clouds and wind than preferable. I ended up sticking with my original outfit and the only thing new was my $11 Amazon fascinator. I did take a sweater but only needed it at the very end. We really lucked out as it was super sunny and I was appropriately dressed all day. I was also very comfy in last year’s Amazon sandals. I do look like I’m wearing Granny’s nightgown, but whatever.

Some outfits as we headed in:

There was everything from jeans to a full on Derby Day ‘fit with pretty heels, dresses, and hats.

Our first drink was the Oaks Lily:

We were able to snag a box on the railing at the finish line! I guess there are advantages to getting there early in the day. I have never had such good seats!

I picked a winner in every single race until the last one. I didn’t bet a lot of money but I won anywhere from $2-6 each race! But, I have to tell you this or I am a bad person. In the last race we stayed for (the second to last of the day), we were walking out to cash out our tickets and we saw a horse lying down on the track. So, something happened after the race was over – the horse may have had a heart condition or hurt his leg. They immediately brought out a big tarp like tent thing and a truck came on the track and of course that only meant one thing. We later heard that another horse died after the 5th race. Two horses died! We felt like such bad people for betting after that. This is why Tom is not a fan of horse racing or really anything that involves humans taking advantage of animals. He hates the circus. So I know this is controversial, but I had to share that. I know people will come back and say that thoroughbred horses are treated like kings, but to me it sounds like they were pushed too hard and I used this as a form of diversion.

Anyway, it was a great day until the end when that happened.

Wednesday night was the great steamboat race down at Marine Sales and Service where we keep our boat. Tom, Ernie, and I went.

Ernie waiting on Tom to drop a scrap:

It was so nice to be out in the sun on a weeknight and we saw lots of people we hadn’t seen in a while, so that was really nice.

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and they have us dressing in themes like the kids do at Spirit Week. Monday is “Dress like you are in summer mode”. I will try to do them all because it will make deciding what to wear easy.

Remember that my favorite thing to get as a teacher is a handwritten heartfelt note from a parent or a student. I save them all. As far as gifts go, I think I most appreciate a gift card. I spend my own money throughout the year on little things that are just not worth trying to get reimbursed for so if you do go the gift route, don’t think a gift card is lame. But, again, a card or note is really my favorite.

Happy, happy Friday and did I mention I am off today? This is a day we worked in the summer to have today off – a flexible PD day. It is Oaks so many teachers were taking it off years ago and that is why they decided to make it one of our flex PD days. Also, it’s college move out day so I will be going to campus to help provide more space with my car and then trying to get a couple of people who shall not be named to unpack and organize when they get home now that finals are over.

Thanks for reading!


24 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Enjoy your day off! That’s so sad about those horses yesterday but it does sound like you were having a wonderful time up until then. Thanks for the reminder about teacher appreciation week; I like to make a card for all of Alec’s teachers and then we get a little food gift for each of them. He has so many that just a small gift for each really adds up quickly!


    1. Thank you! Yes, it put a damper on the day but it was a really nice day. That is so sweet. I think food gifts are great, too. It really does add up, but high school teachers don’t get as much as elementary so they do really appreciate it.


    1. It’s like perfect in every way. You can still style it after spraying. It smells amazing. I love it so much! I have lots of very fine hair. It is not sticky at all. I spray it on while curling my hair and then at the end when I’m done.


  2. What a great week – especially Tuesday! Such a fun day and your niece is just adorable! Love the fascinators too. So sad about the horse- ugh.
    Enjoy your day off today – we are headed to my nephew’s graduation!


  3. 4 horses collapsed this past week at Churchill Downs and they’ve permanently suspended the trainer for 2 of them and still investigating the other 2. It’s tragic.


  4. How awesome that you only had a 3 day work week! I know that felt wonderful. And yay for teacher appreciation week next week! I really loved not having to think about my lunches for a couple of days. Happy moving day to your boys- I don’t know how they feel about this day? How you feel about it? I’m sure there are pros and cons. Is it hard for them to come back home after being out on their own? I hope you have a great weekend doing all the things!


    1. It was! It threw me off a bit, but it was worth it! It has been nice this week to be treated a bit. They seem really happy to be here and I am as well. Our house is small, but laid out so that we can all have our own space when needed. Thank you!


  5. You look so cute in your derby hat, what a great day. I’m getting up to watch the coronation too, I’ll use my Harrods mug from London and eat shortbread but not crumpets…yucky! Have such a FUN weekend!


    1. I am wearing my fascinator Saturday morning and making popovers and Ted Lasso biscuits and drinking tea. Stopping by World Market today to see what else I can find!


  6. Love all of your Derby attire and thanks for the lesson on Mexico/Cinco de mayo- I swear we all need an excuse to eat more tacos right? Ha! it is such a busy weekend- thanks for the reminder of the coronation too! Have a great one 🙂


  7. I love your photos from the races, but I would have come home feeling the same as you about it after seeing the tent and hearing that another one collapsed. I did enjoy the photo with the man in the seersucker suit, I can’t tell you the last time I saw one of those! I won’t be getting up at 3 am here for the coronation, I’ll watch the recap later. I did get up that early for Queen Elizabeth funeral, I admired her, especially being a woman dealing with male heads of state and male politicians in general. So glad you have a long weekend, the end is in sight!


  8. Not gonna lie, I feel the same about horse racing. I can’t watch movies about it or watch races. I don’t even LIKE horses. That first episode of Yellowstone was awful for me. Very odd.

    I can’t imagine the luxury of having personal days to use! Mine were all sucked up by a sick kid last year haha


    1. Yup – totally get it.
      It does get better. I always used one personal day each semester to go on a field trip with each of my kids and then used one for me. I also went to eat lunch with each of them once a year when I had a doctor appt. or something. I was very lucky that my kids never got sick. They each only missed 3 days of school from k-12 and two of the three days were for funerals.


  9. It sounds like a great week work-wise with two days off! I’m taking Monday off, and my husband and I are going to Naples. It’s really close enough for a day trip, but we’re using a Marriott certificate to stay overnight. That area got hit hard by Hurricane Ian last fall, so we have to see how much damage there is. I heard it destroyed the pier, but I’m hoping the beach is open for walking. It’s the gulf side, so it’s much calmer than our Atlantic side. We had a great teacher appreciation week at work! It was very food oriented, and I ate way too much! They even had Crumbl cookies, so I got to try them! The lemon frosted 💛! Your brunch sandwich looks great! I absolutely love breakfast sandwiches, and I can eat them any time of the day. Polo and dressage are big in the winter in my town, and there are festivals and competitions all winter. Maybe 5 years ago, there was a match down the road from my school, and when the ponies were given energy/vitamin shots during the match, a number of them – maybe a dozen or so – just collapsed and died. The shots were mixed incorrectly by mistake at a local compounding pharmacy. I don’t go to the matches or festivals and I gripe about the extra traffic it brings, but sometimes the teams compete for the schools, and we’ve gotten money for our school as a result. Have a great weekend!


    1. Good for you! I hope you had fun! I have not seen the lemon one? I love a breakfast sandwich, too, and maybe need to do my Amy McMuffins for my last few days of work?
      Our teacher appreciation week has been so food centered, too. It’s nice, though. We have something after school today and honestly, I just want to go home. Is that mean?
      Ugh – I just can’t take hearing about animals being hurt by doing humans’ bidding. So wrong! They can’t advocate for themselves.
      I do want to go to a polo match, but if something happened it would be horrible!


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