Wednesday, May 2, 2023

I promise that after today I will try not to talk about my new bathroom! I know you are tired of hearing about it! I am tired of hearing myself talk about it! I always say this in class: “I know you are tired of me review this, but believe me when I say, that I am more tired of reviewing this than you are of hearing me review it”.

The back story: I had a house with three bathrooms. When we first bought it, it only had two bathrooms on the main floor. One was added about 12 years ago in our basement. It was the best one in the house and we seriously had guests go down and use it because it was the best. The two main floor bathrooms were sad, sad, sad.

The main bathroom/hall bathroom of the house:

Notice the bottom of the pedestal sink was no longer attached because of some plumbing issues before we demo’ed it. This bathroom is so small I could hardly take a photo.

The other bathroom was really only used by Tom and sometimes it was my nocturnal bathroom. It was even smaller than the hall bath and I really couldn’t take a photo of it:

I just got cold chills looking at this pic. It was part of our primary bedroom which is now the new primary bathroom.

We combined both bathrooms to make the new hall bath:

Tom hung a hook and a towel bar Sunday:

I put this stool in here for now and it might have a plant on it, but there is no window and therefore no light.

Tom ordered another backlit mirror like in the primary and hung it on Sunday:

I found the blush feathers at Hobby Lobby and the glass vessel at HomeGoods:

It is not “done”. We need to hang some wall art – and I would like to use a personal photography for some of the wall decor – and we are possibly going to add a small piece of furniture for storage but I kind of don’t want to because I like the open space. I am going to add a cool looking basket for towels when I can find one I like. I have not bought towels yet, either, because I haven’t found what I want yet. I also want to add a patterned rug in front of the vanity.

Tom is super picky about house stuff. He cares deeply about everything like tile, grout color, vanity, toilet, baseboards, fixtures, doors, etc. He lets me pick paint color and decor. This bathroom is my bougie dreams come to life. He thinks I am “moving in” to this bathroom and leaving him to the primary all by himself. Nope! I still love the primary, but it definitely has a different vibe.

If you need me, I will be in the bathroom,


19 thoughts on “New Bathroom, Who Dis?

  1. It is so pretty! You two work well together, and have great taste. Even your bougie bath products coordinate! Can’t wait to see in person- enjoy!


  2. It looks great! I like the color palette you went with. That floor is to die for!


    1. Thank you so much! I am happy and can easily change up the decor. I really like the floor in the mudroom and the bathroom. They are exactly the same.


  3. Love it! Black and white is timeless and you can switch out the soft furnishings when you need a change. I especially like the black fixtures. If it were mine, every time I walked by I would stop and admire it!


    1. That is very true. Honestly I only spent about $150 on the accessories so I can easily change it if I get a different idea later. I was admiring it until my college kids started messing it up with lots of stuff out on the sink. Oh well.


  4. I love the rugs you chose! I can’t believe you combined two to make one normal sized bathroom lol.
    I haaaate my bathroom (Wells and Scott share the hall/guest bath, I use the master) but it’s not bad enough to “fix” so whatever.


    1. Thank you! I am not done but it’s fine for now. I can’t believe how small they were.
      It’s amazing what we humans can get used to and I honestly am not that high maintenance so it worked for me.


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