A really good meal at Bardstown Bourbon Company!

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Another month has come and gone and I recorded my spending again. This will be my fourth month – wow! I am sure I missed a few odds and ends and I know I didn’t record all of my Amazon purchases. That is due to the fact that some of them were returned and I didn’t do a great job with tallying. I will do an Amazon Lately post soon.

This includes some Spring Break spending from April 1 – 9 so we “treated ourselves” a bit, but still did pretty well.

April 1 – $117 Trader Joe’s , $59.99 Sun Tan City month of April (ended up spray tanning 4 times)

April 2 – $34 Tickets to college play (I always give my kids money for this and I went along, too. I like to support the college theatre program. They weren’t in it, but wanted to support it and they invited me!, $55 dinner at Upland Brewing Company with friends

April 3 – $18 Derby earrings, $20 movie tickets – Tom and I saw Champions on Spring Break

April 4 – $40 Clothes Mentor (two pairs of shoes and a blouse), $0 Dinner at La Bodeguita (our friend picked up the tab and we bought his baseball game ticket), $61 baseball tickets

April 5 – $60 Lunch at Bardstown Bourbon Company

April 6 – $233 Kroger (Easter and out of a lot of staples)

April 7 – $30 HH with Elizabeth at Kaelin’s 80/20

Lots of fun was had at Keeneland for only about $30!

April 8 – $30 Keeneland, $30 pizza (Domino’s delivery)

April 9 – $0 Spend Day

April 10 – $69 Walgreen’s toiletries that college kids needed before heading back – probably spent too much but they wait until the last minute and say “oh yeah, I need” and we still buy these things for them because their jobs are student right now.

April 11 – $0 Spend Day

April 12 – $15 Happy Hour with Beth at Boombozz – discovered they have a great and cheap happy hour!

April 13 – $111 Kroger, $120 hair, $36 pedicure, $26 Dollar Tree (stuff for school)

April 14-$25 Mojito Happy Hour with Heather, $39 Jasmine Asian take out for dinner (had not had Chinese food in forever!)

It’s not really about the mojitos at Mojito – it’s about the company!

April 15 – $48 Silvio’s Italian before Prom

April 16 – $12 coffee shop (I was on my own and read a book and it was lovely!)

April 17 – $110 Kroger pick up (pretty close to my last pick up but needed lots of staples that I didn’t account for)

April 18 – $0 Spend Day

April 19 – $0 Spend Day

April 20 – $40 Derby open house boutique purchases (some were impulse but I was supporting a friend’s boutique and her Derby event), $40 Louvino happy hour and dinner with Heather

April 21 – $4 emergency breakfast for Amy (out of meal prep and out of energy!), Tom and I had to eat a quick meal before Jack’s guitar gig. We chose a taqueria called Panchito’s and it was $24.33

April 22 – $150 Target (bathroom decor and re-stocking toiletries), $51 Hobby Lobby, $59 TJ Maxx, $77 Kroger pick up (ended up returning about $50 of this – decor for bathroom)

April 23 – $20 Pauls’ Fruit Market, $30 Kroger (a few forgotten things), $33 Rooster’s Sunday Funday with Tom

April 24 – $0 Spend Day

April 25 – $0 Spend Day

April 26 – $0 Sun Tan City, $0 Sassy Fox Consignment (dropped off a few more items and found out I made $34 already – + $34, $107 Kroger

April 27 – $0 Spend Day

April 28 – $24 Happy Hour at Boombozz

April 29 – $24 Brunch with Elizabeth, $60 market at shopping center where we had brunch (bought macaroons, a candle, and two cocktail shrubs)

April 30 – did $150 in returns at UPS, Target, and TJ Maxx (lots from bathroom design) and spent $150 at Homegoods, $65 gas

Summary: April was a fast and busy month and included Spring Break and the completion of our hall bath. It was also a very social month for me.

But, I continue to meal prep all of my breakfasts during the week and to cook almost every night. I am surprised that I was able to have 7 No Spend Days this month. I continue to do most of my Kroger pick ups during the week to free up the weekends. I have really been working on less food waste and getting creative with what needs to be used up in the fridge. I have also been working hard on contentment in my closet.


$0 Spend Days: 7

Kroger: $558 (Wow- way down, but did have a big Costco run that I didn’t include – oops)

Trader Joe’s: $117

Paul’s Fruit Market: $20

Amy’s Happy Hours: $94 – not bad, but I would like to have people come to my patio more in May

Meals Out: Spring Break: $55 Upland Brewing Co. with our friends, $60 Bardstown Bourbon Company, $0 La Bodeguita de Mima (our friend picked up tab), $40 Silvio’s before Prom, $24 Taqueria Panchiol’s, $33 Rooster’s Sunday Funday, $40 LouVino, $24 Wild Eggs (8 times eating out and that includes breakfast, lunch, or dinner and these are Amy with Tom or Amy with a friend) Do not feel bad for Tom as he eats lunch out 5 days a week and we don’t even want to talk about that. I gave up on trying to get him to bring his lunch!

Take Out: $30 Domino’s Pizza, $39 Jasmine Asian Bistro (two times!)

Well, that’s a wrap on April! I didn’t tally clothing and accessories, but I think I’m still doing really well on that front, too. A post will be coming soon on a few things that I have snagged!

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “April Spending Diary

  1. It sounds like you spent a lot more money on experiences rather than things this month; I always think that’s a good thing to note too. I tend to find most experiences are such mood boosters and then I have those lasting memories too.


    1. Aww, I didn’t even think of it like that but you are correct! I had a really nice April and that is why! It’s not about the food or drink but it’s about the socialization that fills my cup. I love all the little free things that come up, too, like the little markets with entertainment. I am excited to go to the farmer’s markets soon.


  2. $15 Happy Hour is impressive!! I haven’t been to a HH in awhile but I usually end up spending way more than that, I’d go back there! Ha! I hear you, hosting a HH at home is a nice way to cut costs and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere!


  3. As a teacher with a college age son, I like reading your spending diaries! Much more relevant/ relatable than the Money Diaries of 20 somethings who make more than I do and still have a lot of bills paid by their parents! Love your blog!


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