Monday, May 1, 2023

Happy May!

It’s also Derby week so the excitement is in the air around here! Many people don’t work this week – or they just pretend to.

Here is my post last year with some recipes if you have a party or just like recipes:

Let’s go back to Thursday as I link up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday…

So, do you know who Jack Harlow is? If you have a teen they know who he is! He is from Louisville but didn’t go to my high school – he went to a high school where one of my besties teaches. His brother, however, did go to my school and was an amazing Spanish student that I got to teach for 2 years!

Anyway, I had just gotten a text from my friend with a picture of her with him so I knew he was in town and guess what…had a new album dropping the next day.

I’m teaching away (or trying to) and I hear a stampede of kids running and screaming outisde my door. Then, actually thankfully for social media my students started telling me theat they were getting messages that Jack was at my school walking through the courtyard during 3rd lunch! My class and I have 1st lunch. Sadly, my class didn’t get to see him, but as you can imagine the rest of the day that was all the kids could talk about.

I had to come back that night for Senior Honors Night and wore this:

My view:

I didn’t eat dinner until I got home and it was a zucchini lasagna bowl. Tom had to eat it alone.

Friday after school Erica and I went to the little shopping center nearby with the cute beaded jockey earrings. She didn’t get the ones below but loved them. I already have two pairs so I had to stop there. She found two other pairs to match her outfits for next week.

Then, we headed over to Boombozz for happy hour.

You can buy the green chili jam that comes with the nachos so I did!

I made cream cheese with green chili jam for Tom for a little before dinner snack.

One college kid came home to study for finals in a more quiet environment. Classes are done and now they just have finals, projects, and papers to turn in.

Saturday morning I got up pretty early because I had gone to bed so early. And, I had a list a mile long of things I had to accomplish and errands I had to run. I got some of them done that could be done at home and then I chose fun because I already had plans to meet Elizabeth for brunch at Wild Eggs. She has her throat polyp surgery Wednesday so I wanted to see her before then. I made her a little care package of some tea and soups and soft foods and I baked two loaves of banana bread and gave her one.

I just always get the farmer’s market skillet!

Then, we walked around a little market and I gor macarons, a candle I had been wanting, and some cocktail or mocktail shrubs. Do you know what that is? It is a fruit juice and vinegar combo that you add to cocktails or mocktails and the vinegar is really good for you. It tastes a little like kombucha. I got a blueberry lemon shrub and a cranberry apple shrub. It is a bottle of liquid – not a plant!

Then, Tom had charged the boat battery and washed the boat and we did a trial run.

It was pretty cold. I had on pants and a sweatshirt. The above photo is pretty special to me. When the vet told us in January that Ernie had internal bleeding, was anemic and most likely had tumors on his spleen one of my first thoughts was that he wouldn’t get to see another summer of doing what he loves. I am tearing up again thinking about it. I am sorry I keep talking about it lately but I think I get emotional with the changing of the seasons and the milestones that come wtih each of them.

Like I said recently, Ernie continues to be the same ol’ guy with just showing the signs of aging – stiffness sometimes after exercise. He continues to eat kibble, Arthrisoothe pellets (4 a day), chicken, green beans, carrots, and pumpkin.

My favorite house on the river:

We only stayed out about an hour. When we got home I made this:

I took my new candle and my shrub’tail to the patio.

I relaxed for a bit and then made myself go do a couple of the errands while putting off the rest until yesterday.

Jack then came home and brought much of his dorm stuff. We ate dinner and watched Ted Lasso. I attempted steamed cod with cajun, broccoli, and steak fries (homemade). I think the fish was not very cod because it was frozen and I probably rushed the defrosting process.

Sunday I make 8 breakfast burritos, lunch for Erica and I for Monday, did the dishes, laundry, floors, gathered up all the returns I needed to make – ugh – my friend Heather always has a car full of returns and I could not live like that. I hate returns but when doing house decor it is a necessary evil I guess.

I started a new email account this weekend with gmail and have changed my blog email to that address, too. I actually really liked “declaring email bankruptcy” since every time you make a purchase you are forever on someone’s email list! I guess I am a little worried that one of my “lost emails” will be important but I feel that they would have another way to get ahold of me.

What were your weekend highlights?

I hope you had many,


30 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. That is Target Knox Rose from last year! Thank you! I think Target really kills it in the dress department. You might be able to find the print on Ebay or in a consignment store. I often get lucky if there is a print I missed and I really want it. Thank you – you are too kind!


  1. Nope.. even with 3 teens I have no idea who Jack Harlow is (though my kids have admittedly weird taste in music compared to their contemporaries). It sounds like you had a fun and productive weekend.


    1. Haha – my kids do, too. They don’t like the modern teen or rap music and have pretty refined musical taste that runs the gamit. I did! Thank you!


  2. Jack Harlow! How exciting. I love your awards night dress…so pretty. Ernie on the boat! That’s just the best. You had lots of fun this weekend! I can’t believe the college semester is already wrapping up! I bet Louisville is extra crazy this week. It’s a fun week though


    1. How disruptive you mean? He he! Thank you! I realized after last year to wear something that wouldn’t show my sweat because I had visible sweat stains last year at awards night – OMG! It was videotaped and live streamed and I was mortified. I’m a sweater.
      I know – it ends so crazy early. You can feel the excitement in the air and everyone is trying to do the least at work and school – including me, I guess!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I still don’t think I explained it really well! I think you might like it – it adds a depth of flavor to a cocktail.
      Thank you so much – we are very grateful.


  3. I know Ernie was SO HAPPY to be out on the water again! Alright, well, I’m going to buy some carrots and pumpkin for my dogs this week. I feel like they need to be spoiled everyday, because they’re so wonderfully loyal. You’re such a great dog mom! I need to do better with getting mine out of the house. We need to buy a bigger collar for our German Shepherd. She’s a big girl! I’m so glad you had a great and full weekend. Mine was pretty lowkey, since I still don’t feel the best. I’m better, but not my normal self yet, for sure.


    1. He was! We buy canned carrots and green beans. Vet approved. We buy canned pumpkin and just put a little dollop on top of his mixture. I think he really likes it!
      Warning – once you start, you can’t stop!
      I would not be able to walk more than one dog – that is for sure.
      I can’t believe you still aren’t 100% – this has really taken you out. Most people get really sick the first year they are in a school before the immunities get built up!


  4. Being afraid of “losing” an email is how I ended up with two accounts LOL. Add in school emails over the years and I’ve been inundated.

    Our dogs are getting older too and it’s more evident with every season 😦
    Glad Ernie got a day out on the boat!


    1. Now that I have been without my old account for 2 weeks I don’t feel that worried. There were so many emails I needed to unsubscribe, too. I was even tired of getting the USPS email telling me what mail I was getting each day. I signed up for that when I was waiting for my kids to get acceptance letters to a summer program junior year – stupid. I feel free now! Ha!


  5. So happy Ernie is still doing good. Yay for time on the water. The cream cheese dip looks great. Nope, don’t know who Jack Harlow is? Lol. But cool for the kiddos. Wait is Derby day on the same day as King Charles coronation! Well that should be done by derby time. Have a great week ahead.


    1. Thank you! The time on the water was so cold, but we wanted to test it out. Jack Harlow has been host on SNL and he is a rapper – I guess. It sounds more like talking to me. Yes! I am going to put on a hat and watch King Charles alone if I have to. Maybe I will go to World Market and buy British snacks – any recs?


  6. Happy Monday! I also have a friend who drives around with a car full of returns. No thank you ma’am! When I have a return… It is taken care of right then and there. Our weather turned very hot over the weekend so we had a nice round of golf on Sunday and then we went to see “are you there? God, it’s me Margaret” on Saturday. There was a young mom and her daughter who was probably maybe seven or eight years old and a lot of the subjects that came up in the movie… If you read the book, you know what I’m talking about… The little girl would turn to her mom and ask her all the questions and Tony and I were just chuckling! My girls and myself both loved that book. Tony had no idea what he was getting into, but they were a couple of other gentleman in the movie theater as well. Lol my husband is the best sport when it comes to movies because he will go to any movie with me!! I know a lot of men are not like that and i don’t know why….but my husband is the best movie husband ever! Our weather turns cool and rainy this week and I have two golf tournaments scheduled. So I’m not really happy about that but it is what it is because before we know it it will be 105° here every day boo!!


    1. Same! The absolute worst! I don’t like my car to be stuffed with anything – I immediately return library books and any returns. I don’t think I would see that movie in the theater but I would watch at home. The mom and daughter talking is cute but I get very annoyed when people talk in the movies. Your hub is so sweet! Did he feel in touch with his feminine side after?
      Our weather is really making me mad. We have had more wind than Chicago and it has turned super cold. How about we stay in the 70s Mother Nature?


      1. Most people annoy me when talking at the movies but the little girl was so cute. Tony doesn’t have a feminine side but if he did – he would have been! The movie is really good. But you have all boys in your house so it doesn’t ring the same with you.


  7. I love the dress you wore. I often look at the Knox Rose things and think they are so pretty but have never purchased one. I should probably change that. LOL Never even heard of green chili jam before but with the cream cheese – that looks delicious! Visiting from SFS today.


    1. Thank you so much! I think a couple of the Target brands are really good – Knox Rose and Universal Thread and Who What Wear and A New Day – I think? The green chili jam is served around here a lot – on a pulled pork slider or on a hamburger. It’s not very spicy. We love the appetizer of cream cheese, red pepper or green pepper jelly with wheat thins so this was right up our alley.
      Thanks for visiting me! I hope you will come back!


  8. Derby week sounds really fun! I haven’t heard of that singer, but I looked him up, and he has over 6 million IG followers! The only famous students I’ve had are known for murder, unfortunately. There are a few, as well as a former principal and co-worker, who went to prison. My older son was in an elevator at college with Supreme Patty. He sent me a selfie they took, and I had to look him up. I can’t even make believe I’m keeping up! I get emotional, too, when I think about how fast time has gone by. My youngest graduated from university this week. I’m thrilled for him, but where has my little boy gone?! Have a great week!


    1. I hardly do any of the activities, but it is such a sign that summer is almost here!
      Yes, he is really big. He has hosted on SNL. Oh gosh – I fortunately have not had anyone I know go to prison. I don’t know who Supreme Patty is but I will look them up?
      Congrats to your baby, but I totally get it. I am mildly freaking out that we are at this point!


  9. I love seeing that Ernie is out doing what he loves best! I can tell you feel like every extra day with him in your family is a gift. Yea for college kids coming home…we’re leaving this week to go help with move out!


    1. Thank you! I really do. He is such a great dog.
      Well, the blue bags are about shot after 3 years but I am still very happy – I told them to trash any of them that are ripped or have broken zippers. I hardly help at all now. They are pretty minimalist anyway but they take multiple trips and bring things home gradually it seems. I can’t even imagine what your move out process will be like. It sounds very tiring. I know that some college kids rent storage units near campus! And, you have your stuff to move so that is a lot. Best of luck and I know you will be so happy to see your babies!


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