Friday, April 21, 2023

I had a better week this week! The weather was gorgeous after Monday, too! I did have a lot of things after school, but I managed to get outside after that.

It’s time to link up with Andrea and Erika to share some faves from the week

First of all, a Tik Tok update…I continue to post a teaching video about every other day. I am up to 203, 000 followers. I get mostly complimentary comments, but a few haters slip in. I really don’t spend any time on TT other than when I post and I read comments ocassionally. I took a break over Spring Break and I will take a break over the summer. I don’t know how much new content I can come up with after I finish all the verb tenses, grammar rules, and helpful hints. I’m not sure where it’s going! And, I have not seen a cent. I am not sure how people are making money. I’m not doing it for the money anyway.

Wednesday’s post got a great response – “Would Amy…buy this beauty product again?” Thank you! I think I will try to make this a series. Check it out here if you missed it and go back and read the comments because there are some recs!

My second Ipsy bag arrived! The pouch is cute. When I did this before, I saved all the pouches and gave them to my nieces. I filled them with pads for their first “you know what” and I got some kinda mixed responses. I might do that again and fill them with money and a few beauty items?

The products weren’t as exciting this time – a tweezer, a lip gloss, a leave in conditioner for hair, a night cream that I really like so far, and a cream highlighter.

I am on my second bottle of this type of Dawn bottle. I only buy Dawn -it’s the best. I am also using it for stains on my clothing! This no flip bottle is great!

I treated myself to a pedicure last week and got an orangey salmon. It looks more orange in this light, but it is more salmon in real life. Or, maybe it is more coral. I really like it!

I mentioned this Monday, but this would be a really great beach read for this summer!

And, I am shocked by how much I am enjoying this cute book! You guys! It’s deeper than you might think, too. It is about a pro football player and his long time girl bestie. This would also be great for a beach read. I don’t want it to end! I am sorry that I can’t remember who recommended it.

I am still loving my Kur polish. I have a white-ish and a pink-ish. I only used one coat to get this natural look and I followed it up with my Orly top coat. I might look into another color soon.

I have tried a couple of new flavors of Kroger brand seltzer and I love both lemon lime and strawberry lemonade!

Wednesday was such a gorgeous afternoon and evening. I made Greek ground chicken meatballs with brown rice, homemade tzatziki, tomatoes, cucumbers and feta. On the side I made Greek potatoes. I had a glass of red wine and asked Tom if he would be terribly offended if I ate outside. He was not at all! It was lovely! I stayed outside until almost 8 reading my book! Ahhhhh!

I have been adding bird seed to my Kroger pick up order. Did you know you can do that? Look what these greedy squirrels? did – they ripped open my bag before I could fill my feeders!

My favorite lunch of the week was when Erica made beef bulgogi bowls and even marinated cucumbers and stopped at an Asian market for the sprouts. I can do without the sprouts, but the cucumbers make this dish. I was in heaven!

And, Erica loved when I made my Doritos Tacos Locos Taco salad for lunch one day. It is iceberg, taco meat, tomatoes, shredded cheese, crushed up Doritos, Taco Bell mild taco sauce, and I made the copycat Chuy’s jalapeño ranch dip/sauce in a lightened up version with Greek yogurt.

You have probably seen this meme, but it is true! I saw it with my own eyes. The suits were super fitted and the pants were high water, no socks, with smoking loafers. Some had contrasting shoe and suit colors. One dude had a black suit, red bowtie, and red loafers. Or, they wore Air Jordans with their suits. I am super bothered by the incorrect “son’s” but I didn’t make the meme.

I left out this photo on Monday because the girls hadn’t shared it with me yet. These are two of my AP superstars.

We had Spanish Honor Society initiation this week or “Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica – SHH” and I got cookie cakes this year which were a big hit!

These kids have a 4.0 in all Spanish class and have taken Spanish 3 or above for at least 3 semesters.

The weather has been gorgeous after Monday. Monday was super windy and the wind was biting cold. Tuesday Ernie enjoyed sniffing around the baseball field. Ernie is used to being off leash quite a bit. He is really good and comes when I call him, but he never goes too far away from us. We put in so much work with him as a puppy. I really was tired during his first year of life, but it paid off big time. I did all of the morning duties with him back then.

Tom has a conspiracy theory that he has developed after listening to me complain about Kroger pick up. I often see that certain things are not available. Here is an example. I can’t get Kroger brand saltines but for $3 more I can get the name brand. This happened this week as I was adding things we needed.

He says that this is their game to get you to spend more (but why wouldn’t they want you to buy their store brand?) or to go in the store and make impulse purchases. Do you think Tom is correct? Anyway, pick up will always be a favorite for me. I think I save money by planning out what I need and not seeing things that tempt me that aren’t on my list. I could go in and look for more bargains, but I know I would also bring home things not on my list. I had to do a Monday pick up this week – Monday and Sunday are the two busiest days. You are more likely to have to wait longer or have substitutions on these days the worker told me this week.

The countdown continues…

We are in our last grading period of the year – the last 6 weeks. I have a tradition where I let them pick their own seats for the last one. I announce the day and they hurry to class that day to pick where they want to sit. It’s the little things! They hurried to class like you’ve never seen on Tuesday. And, I get to hold their new seat over their head when they are not focused, “Do you like your new seat? You wanna keep your new seat? Then, turn around and focus until I turn you loose!” You know what, though, it makes my heart happy to see the kids talking and having fun with each other again. This is what it is supposed to be like! I am so ready for summer, but I love my kids this year so much (well, most of them – there are a few little boogers) and I will miss these group dynamics. Each of my classes has their own little personality and you just never get the same mix again.

What have been your favorites this week?

I hope you had many!


23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I use dawn for laundry stains too and keep a tiny bottle upstairs near our laundry room. I have been thinking the same thing about guys suits for years… and I hate how they look so tight and so short!


  2. Now that Tom mentions it, I wonder if Walmart is part of the conspiracy theory too! They often don’t have the less expensive ground beef I want and end up giving me the pricier one – ha!!!
    Glad you had a nice week and that bulgogi looks so good!
    Hoping the weather is wonderful this weekend and you get lots of time outside!


    1. They all could be! Have you ever gone in to see if they are lying? I have done that and I wouldn’t say they are lying but the item I wanted was on an endcap and the teenager couldn’t find it! Ugh! Thank you – not going to be as warm, but I will take some sun! You too!


  3. I love the prom photos! So fun. Both of the lunches look delish. I think I will make your dorito salad for lunch next week. I still haven’t gotten a pedicure…I always do that on spring break and I still have a gift card. Maybe this weekend? Happy Friday!


    1. Thank you! They were both highlights of my week! I think that would be a great lunch to prep ahead of time. Can you eat the same lunch 5 days? I don’t think I can. I could 2-3 times. Yes, get your pedicure! It was so nice. I really think it’s a treat now that I don’t do it often.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This year, I’ve prepped something to eat for three days and just make the other two days work with dinner leftovers or bagged salad, cucumber sandwich, etc. I don’t think I could eat the same thing for five days. Haha


  4. That was a great list of favorites this week! About Tom’s theory, I’m with you. I think they WANT you to buy their brand, not vice versa. When I was buying crackers, we actually preferred the Kroger brand over the Saltines. There’s several things that are like that, but there are also some Kroger brand of things that are terrible, like the soy sauce. The low sodium soy sauce in their brand is way saltier than the regular sodium of a national brand. We use soy sauce a lot with our take out sushi, so I notice things like this. I hope you have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! Yeah, I can’t figure the grocery thing out. I prefer the Kroger brand of many things! I like to keep saltines for when people are sick or want them with peanut butter. My Dad thought that was the best snack on Earth! I didn’t know that about the soy sauce but if something is too salty I just can’t. I have used Target soy sauce and Trader Joe’s and like both of those.


    1. Thank you, Tanyay! I have and didn’t like it that much but maybe I didn’t know what I was doing? Ha! I am willing to try it again. It’s Dawn, so I can’t go wrong!


  5. Those Highwater pants the boys are wearing cracks me up! Your salad looks so good and I think I would really like both those books for summer reads! Have the BEST weekend.


  6. There were some guys wearing suits like that at the military ball last week (males spouses/dates of female soldiers). INSANE. It was like watching the men on the Bachelorette bc that’s what they wear too lol.


    1. They look like their suits shrank, right? I like a bit fitted but not that fitted! You are so right! It is just like that! But, I guess that is what is in stores now, too?


  7. I think Tom is correct, I can’t believe a $3 difference in store brand to name brand! My store Fry’s (a Kroger store) has terrible check out lines, trying to get people to self check, so you are saving time for sure and that’s important too. I usually bag my own groceries too because there aren’t many bag people. I’m not mad at the PeeWee Herman suits the boys are wearing even with sneakers, it’s just so nice to see them dressed up and not in hoodies and sweats, lol. Ernie is such a good boy, my terrier does not listen very well!


    1. Right? It’s really odd. Why make someone come in for a few select things? There are pros and cons to both types of shopping.
      Good point – it’s just nice to see them dressed up!


  8. Oh wow! Well done with TikTok. I watch the videos but don’t make them. I have heard of people making a good living from TikTok but I have no idea how they do it either.


    1. Thank you! I am the opposite. I don’t really watch anything. Yeah, I signed up for the content creator fund but nothing. Still not sure how people are doing it!


  9. Oooh, I like the idea about letting them pick their own seats! My 7th and 8th graders would love that “eye roll”, but I think it could be fun. I’ll choose one day per week when they can sit where they want, but I won’t tell them which day ahead of time! I can hold it over period 1’s head because, while it’s mostly an 8th grade class, we are still struggling with rude behavior like calling out and squealing our sneakers on the linoleum when I’m not looking. Maybe they’ll shape up if they have something to look forward to? Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! Ha – middle school! I do have some of the same behaviors, but it’s not too bad. People who are not teachers have no idea what kinds of things we have to strategize, right? Ha!


  10. My husband has a similar theory regarding Walmarts grocery pickup, I’m not sure I agree as I also think it depends on what days I do a pickup on. Less busy days=more availability but who knows! Still following along on tik tok as my son just started learning Spanish so they will come in handy!


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