Thursday, April 20, 2023

It’s Thursday and time for Fashion Files! I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill so make sure to go there to check out some other fashions.

Thursday I had to take the day off for my mammogram and I squeezed in a pedicure and a spray tan visit (I have a monthly pass for April) before a hair appointment. We can’t take half days off until next year (will be the first time in my district I think?) so I try to maximize any weekday that I have to take off for a doctor’s appointment.

I wore this flowy TJ Maxx blouse (found out that a pair of old earrings match it perfectly), jeans, and my Olukai mules.

Friday for school I wore jeans, the green blouse you are tired of looking at, and the new Clarks sandals. My feet hurt so badly. I have a line of blisters on the outer edges of each foot. I am re-selling these stat. Oh well. Can you see the difference in my hair between the first two photos?

Friday after school outfit for Mojito with Heather. I have mojito earrings on, too.

Saturday was so warm and I wore this to run to the library. The rest of the day I was in lounge clothes.

Until it was time for Prom!

Monday for school I broke out old palazzo pants that feel like jammies.

Tuesday for school I wanted to wear my new pink and white gingham headband so this whole outfit is based around that.

And, finally, I tried out an old swing dress with a button up shirt.

Do you have a favorite?

What have you been wearing?


23 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Love the Saturday pink outfit…. I want those shorts😊 Love the mules, wonder if your feet actually stay put in them when you walk or is walking a constant struggle. They are sooo cute but can’t stand struggling in mules. Thinking about trying them but they aren’t cheap ..u seem to wear them often so assuming you like them. Are they TTS?
    Happy almost Friday!!


    1. Thank you, Ali! I have seen pink cut offs on some influencers but I haven’t checked to see if Walmart still has them for this season. The mules stay on pretty well – probably the best I have had. I would not choose them if I was doing more walking than I do at school. I stand more than walk I guess. They seem to run wide according to the reviews. They are a bit wide on me, but not enough for it to be a problem. They run TTS other than that. I am really struggling with footwear right now. I am not really comfortable in anything and my feet and legs hurt at end of the day from our horrible cement floors. I honestly don’t know if I recommend them or not. I am probably going to be wearing Birkenstocks and other open toe shoes soon to school.


  2. I love Saturday’s outfit! I think that’s my favorite, but you always look pretty. It’s a shame about those sandals! There’s not much worse than shoes that make your feet hurt like that.


  3. Darn it all, I hate blisters! Usually when I get them I have a hard time wearing other shoes until they heal so it’s painful in more than one way – ha!!!
    I love that you chose your outfit around your cute headband – hey, it all starts somewhere, right?
    I think your outfits are all winners and I LOVE your hair!


    1. I know – you get mad at yourself for doing that! It does have to start somewhere. Thank you so much. I am seeing that I do have lots of outfits and don’t NEED new stuff so that’s good! I do love the siren song of a new item, though. Thank you so much!


    1. Thank you! I really love that blouse, too, and I am glad I snagged it at TJ Maxx. I know – I guess my feet are slightly too wide for them. I will re-sell them, though!


  4. Sorry about the Clark’s, blisters are no fun. I love the Monday look, the black jacket and black top look really nice with the palazzo pants! And yes, you can definitely see the difference in the two photos, your highlights look great!


    1. Thank you – I guess my feet are slightly too wide for these. Thanks – it was easy to throw on. I have one or two more pairs that I haven’t worn yet as I am rotating through as much as I can. This is showing me I definitely have enough clothes. Thank you so much!


  5. Your hair looks great, feels so good to get new highlights! Just had my done on Tuesday, hallelujah. 🙂 Like your Friday HH outfit, reminded me how crisp/classic a white blouse, jeans and brown sandals looks!


    1. Thank you! You don’t realize how badly you needed it, right? Thank you – I agree. It was the first time wearing this gauzy consignment blouse that I got new with tags and throwing it on with jeans, clog sandals, and fun earrings will be a go to for me I think!


    1. Thank you! Nope! I could in Woodfoord (I think) and I definitely could in Shelby. I soon found out that it was probably worth it to take the whole day if you taught the same classes in am and pm? We will see, though – I think having this available next year might be nice.

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  6. I am loving sneakers with dresses. That’s what I’ve been wearing to church lately. I can’t imagine, like, choosing to wear jeans when you can also just wear comfortable shoes with a dress 🙂 (most here wear jeans)


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