Monday, April 24, 2023

Welp, it’s Monday again and I am feeling like I need another day! It’s time to link up with Sarah and Holly to talk about our weekends.

Thursday night, my friend Heather and I parked and walked the tiny little old Main Street of Middletown, a suburb of Louisville.

We arrived at The Prickly Pear for their Derby open house. I have mentioned this cute little boutique mulitple times on here. I know the owner and it’s the cutest little shop. If you need a gift, this is a great place to go.

She is the one in the headband. The one taking the photo is my former student and I saw her and another former student! They had chocolate espresso martini samples and chocolate mint julep samples. Check out Ballotin whiskey.

We both found a few things to take home.

Then, we walked back down the street to Lou Vino. They have the prettiest patio and the weather was amazing. We were both so happy to be out!

Friday at school I was on my own at lunch because Erica attended a conference so I repeated my Wednesday dinner of Greek meatballs.

I came home and read and napped on the patio while it rained.

Tom and I headed to a little taqueria for dinner…

Jack had an informal jazz gumbo (type of music) gig that we went to.

I was so tired and went to bed right when I got home.

Saturday morning I made myself a potato, mushroom, and onion skillet with eggs and it was so good!

I was on a mission to start my errands/shopping early and I hit Target at 8:30. It is so nice to go early! By the time I was done, Hobby Lobby was open, and I ended my spree at TJ Maxx. I was on a mission to find decor for my new bathroom. Yes, you heard that right, my hall bathroom is pretty much done.

I got some Hobby Lobby faux Birkenstocks! They were $7!

The rest of the day I did chores, read, watched tv, showered, and piddled around.

We went to our friends’ Dan and Kara’s for dinner and the invite included Ernie! Their new puppy Willow can now be around other dogs and they had a great time together. We had burgers, sweet potato fries and broccoli and chocolate ice cream for dessert. Hi Dan! He is a loyal blog reader!

Again, I was pooped when we got home!

Sunday morning was a bit of meal prep – I only had 3 tortillas so I did two breakfast bowls. I have extra zucchini, onion, and mushroom for zucchini lasagna bowls this week.

I finished this on Friday – so cute!

And, during the weekend I started this. It is also super cute so far.

I did a grocery pick up on Saturday with all of my errands and ordered a $6 bouquet with all of my groceries. This is my first time including flowers and I guess I didn’t really know you could!

Tom and I did Costco and spent more than we ever have simply on food, drink, and maybe one toiletry item. You can feel the price increase at Costco, for sure! I might do a post on what I bought and why?

I bought these cute little cukes!

Later on in the afternoon I told Tom I needed a Sunday Funday activity so we went to Rooster’s.

It was a nice way to end the weekend, but I still needed another day!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


21 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Love picking up flower bouquets. And yes those cukes are so cute. Just saw a yummy recipe with cucumbers and I can’t wait for all the summer salads. Cute Birks dupes for sure, love the color.


    1. I don’t do it enough! Aren’t they? Did you ever make Lisa’s Coast to Coast cucumber, avocado, lemon juice, feta salad? It is really good! I like it on tacos, too!
      Thank you!


  2. We had my mother and sisters over for lunch on Saturday. Took it easy on Sunday. Do you think Costco is worth it for 2 people? I always think of it as more of a buying in bulk place but am thinking about joining again. The Prickly Pear looks so cute! I love boutique shopping!


    1. Oh, that is so nice!
      It’s great for tp, paper towels, dishwasher tabs, laundry detergent, dog food, trashbags because you don’t have to think about those things often or add them to normal grocery list. You have to have space to store it. Am I saving that much money? Probably not. But, some of the toiletries are a great deal if they have your brand. It’s not a great place to experiment in case you don’t like an item, but they do vet their items very well. I have used Costco for lots of gifts, photo cards, contact lens, too. You could just buy a gift card and see if you think you would like it again?
      It is very cute and I do, too!


  3. We love those little cukes, I got some at Costco. We saw the Air Jordan movie Sunday, it was good and had a great cast. After that we had planked salmon and a baby wedge salad from the Smitten Kitchen blog for dinner. It was a nice change from the usual garden salad.


    1. They are great! I am really on a Greek bowl kick right now and using them for that. Fun – we like to go to a Sunday movie! Yum! That dinner sounds fab! Start a blog so I can see it! Ha!


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