Tuesday, March 28, 2023

I must admit I wasn’t really in the market for any hair doo dads. I wear my hair straight, with a headband (second day hair!), or in a ponytail. I use a scrunchie at home for my ponytail and a plain hairtie if I wear a ponytail out.

Marie, a reader and a blogger, reached out to me about this company of which she is a rep. Click on her name and you can see some more of the Lilla Rose products. I was honest with her and said that some of them didn’t seem very “me”.

But, I did see this Flexi Sport and I was intrigued. Marie told me I could pick any color so I picked black.

Then, I saw this rainbow-ish Flexi flip and I thought it was really pretty.

Marie sent them to me a couple of weeks ago, so I have had some time to play around with them and see what I think.

The way you measure your hair for what size you need is really interesting. I have a lot of fine hair and I thought I would need the biggest size, but that was not true. Also, you can flip the clip two ways – one to hold more hair and the other to hold less. This would be good for a half up style like I have in the second picture below.

I wore my hair to school with the black Flexi Sport and didn’t touch it all day. I couldn’t believe it held my hair and I also couldn’t believe how comfortable it was. Marie said she can even sleep in it. It was really easy to use, too.

Front view:


The winner of Marie’s giveaway gets a Flexi Flip or Flexi Sport of your choice (up to $25)! How cool is that!

Flexi Flips and Flexi Sports are beautiful hair clips designed by Lilla Rose. Lilla Rose makes elegant, well-made, unique hair clips, bobby pins, hair bands, sticks, and other hair accessories.

A little more information about their products from Marie:

Flexi Sports and Flexi Flips have a unique curved pin design that provides up to three different sizes in one clip. The dual pin flips to hold more or less hair depending on the hairstyle.

They will work in all kinds of hair from baby fine to super thick. They are made with music wire which makes them super strong but very flexible so you do not have to worry about headaches that you sometimes get with hair ties or the claw.They are both lightweight, super comfortable, and will not damage your hair like scrunchies and hair claws

The Flexi Flips are Made with a variety of semi-precious stones,colors, finishes and designs.The Flexi Flips will not slip and will hold your hair beautifully all day.

Flexi Sports have a silicone type rubbery covering which means they grip and will not slip. Active women love the Flexi Sport:

  • Grips, no slippin
  • Simple styles, not flashy
  • Waterproof
  • Latex free
  • Cute, fun colors
  • Athletes Love I
  • Fits an active life
  • Super lightweight
  • Well-made and budget friendly.

Flexi Flips and Flexi Sports are both lifesavers for busy women or women who may struggle with fixing their hair. You can do your hair beautifully in seconds and be ready for the day.  

This giveaway is by Marie, Independent Lilla Rose Stylist and not Lilla Rose Inc.

I plan to wear mine as the weather warms up! I like to put my hair up more as it gets hotter. I think they could also look cute at the pool. If you have teen girls, I think they might really like them, too. I am noticing more teens wearing different kinds of clips and barrettes in their hair lately.

Learn more at  www.lillarose.biz/mariew/flips!

I am pretty excited to have a new hair doo dad! Thank, Marie, for my new accessories!

If you wish to enter the giveaway, click here!


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