Monday, March 27, 2023

It’s Monday and that means it’s time to link up with Sarah and Holly to share our weekends!

Let’s go back to Thursday…

I had not seen my friend Beth for about two months so it was time to change that. We found out that the bougie Mexican restaurant in the church (I went there for my birthday) has a really good happy hour from 4:00–6:00. The restaurant is called Noche and we arrived around 5:00. We couldn’t believe how hoppin’ it was!

Half off margarita:

Free chips and salsa and I can’t remember what the queso deal was:

I got the burrito and could only eat half. I took the other half to Mason along with all the leftover chips and queso because I saw him for a minute right after we ate.

On the way to meet Beth, I picked up two highly anticipated reads from the library:

Have you read either one?

Friday was a super easy day at school. We had junior awards ceremony and I teach a large majority of juniors. I was one of the presenters and then had basically no one in the rest of my classes as juniors could sign out immediately after the ceremony.

I was so tired, though! I went home and made myself an afternoon coffee. The wind and rain had kept me up a couple of nights and my windchime seems to really be bothering me. I think we are going to have to take it down on windy nights. Honestly, I also think I was still tired from last weekend’s shenanigans.

Around 3:00, I met Erica at a new to me place that is really cool. It is a liquor shop with a bar. It has a real industrial vibe. They sell some bagged munchies, but also allow you to bring in your own food or order food. They have live music most Friday and Saturday nights and some Thursdays, I believe.

It is called Frankfort Avenue Liquors.

They also have a party space in the back.

I am picky about my cocktails. These weren’t cheap, but I am willing to pay if it is good.

I had an espresso martini. I thought it would continue to help my tired state!

And, we both had a paper plane which they called a Clifton train. The neighborhood is called Clifton and there is a train that runs right by the bar/store. Also, we met the owner at the St. Patrick’s Day parade so I like supporting local people.

I got home around 5:30 and Tom and I walked Ernie and he was like a kid at a water park.

I took some videos, too. He was so cute!

I whipped up an Asian inspired dinner with a salad.

And, I think I went to bed around 9:00. Ain’t no tired like March teacher tired before their spring break, you know?

I got up Saturday morning and started this:

I felt super weird reading a book about an octopus, but really don’t be afraid of that. It’s about so much more. I am now almost done because I couldn’t put it down much of Saturday and Sunday and the beautiful weather Sunday meant I could read outside!

I hit the gym. It’s been awhile. My card didn’t scan at first because it was like “Oh, so you want to come see me now? Who do you think you are?”

Sun Tan City had a deal where you could unfreeze your membership for $1 so I went there after the gym. I am working the deals.

Then, I shopped at the Walmart Neighborhood grocery which is just the food section of a Walmart but probably not even as big as their food section. I think I’m gonna start shopping there more.

I put groceries away, cleaned, made sandwiches (our kids had come home), got ready and then all four of us piled in the same car – it had been awhile – to drive about an hour and a half for Tom’s Dad’s 80th surprise birthday dinner.

Tom’s Dad and sister are below. Tom’s sister did a great job of putting the guest list, meal, and details together.

You could choose hot brown:


or fish and chips:

She brought a Nothing Bundt Cake cake in red velvet:

Tom’s trying to smile, but now Jack isn’t:

My niece Morgan:

I didn’t get a picture with my niece Brooke, unfortunately.

Two sets of brother and sister. This is Tom’s aunt Mimi:

I think he was very touched and it was really nice. There were family members and a few close family friends. None of my photos are very good!

On the way home we had a beautiful sunset:

Sunday morning I got up and read for a couple of hours.

Then, I made breakfast burritos for the week, turkey meatballs, cauliflower rice, and banana bread. I worked on blog stuff, too. It felt nice to have time to do these things because I have been busier than normal and busier than I prefer to be.

Tom did a 2.5 hour bike ride and then our kids headed back to campus for some commitments and Tom and I took our furry kid to the very high river.

I came home and read outside and the weather was just amazing! I had on shorts and a tank top!

Then, I did go to a couple of stores but didn’t buy much. Tom did our first mow of the season.

I will be back here tomorrow, Thursday for Fashion Files, and then Friday for Faves. I am taking a very rare blogging break from Saturday, April 1 until Monday, April 10. But, then we are celebrating my 5 year anniversary of blogging! How is that possible?

Tell me something about your weekend!


23 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Looks like a fun weekend! I loved days of teaching where the schedule was mixed up, it seemed to make the day go by faster. I think that espresso martini was probably much needed for a Friday afternoon 😉


  2. I just read both those books this month and thought they were good. I did listen to Tomorrow on audiobook and wondered if I’d like it as much if I hadn’t listened to it. The birthday party looked like a lot of fun and the food looked so delicious! We had some lovely weather this weekend too and made sure to get out and enjoy it.


    1. Thank you! It was nice! I do, too. I just need to go more. I am so spoiled by Kroger which is seriously so close to my house. This is only 5 minutes away and I like to pair it with other nearby errands.


  3. We didn’t do much. I’m about to start The paris Apartment by Lucy Foley. The weather here (Virginia) is still chilly and I’m so ready for it to be warmer! Enjoy your break!


  4. What a great weekend! I love when school things like that happen to make for an unexpected easy day. All your food and drink choices look amazing. Louisville has so many cool spots! I loved the videos of Ernie in the water. So fun. The birthday celebration looks so fun. I’m glad all of you were able to go. I loved Remarkably Bright Creatures. I felt the same way at first but you are right…it’s about so much more.
    Have a great week!


  5. What a great weekend! We also hosted a surprise party this weekend, for Todd’s dad’s 80th birthday. How funny is that, that we both did the same thing for the same birthday? Good for you for taking a nice long blogging break. Sometimes it’s needed and refreshing to come back with new eyes and inspiration.


  6. Good for you to take a break! I keep saying I am going to take a social media break and I think I may actually do it when we take off for vacation in a few weeks. Just put my phone down and enjoy the moments. We saw 2 movies this weekend and loved them both. 65 (a sci fi thriller) and Creed III. We went to a wine tasting at someones house. This little boutique winery was SO GOOD and yes I am a wine snob so most of these boutique wines I do not like but Tony and I both enjoyed it and purchased 3 bottles! Have a great week and enjoy your spring break!


  7. So I’ve known you for five years now! 😀 Congrats on five years! Your break is well deserved!
    I’m in the middle of both of your books, but I had to return them to the library before I could finish them… I love them both (so far that is!).


    1. Hard to believe, right? Thank you! Breaks are always good. I don’t know if I can finish the one about videogames. I abandoned it for a chick lit book for now! Our library no longer has late fees so I feel ok keeping my books longer than 3 weeks if necessary.


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