Friday, March 10, 2023

How was your week? Ours was a bit discombobulated at school! We had Monday off for storm damage/lack of electricity at many of our schools from the Friday storm and Wednesday I had a large majority of my students taking the ACT during most of the school day. So, it’s been an out of sorts week at school and that means lack of motivation for many students. Also, we are limping along towards spring break! We still have 21 calendar days!

It’s time to link up with Andrea and Erika for some Friday Favorites!

What have been your favorite things this week? I would like to share some of mine!

I have been loving the early blooms on our trees:

However, I am a bit scared with our cold snap that they will die. Yup, it has turned cold/seasonable cool again. We had almost 80 degrees and sunny on Monday and then 40s since then.

Mason returned from the conference on Sunday afternoon and decided to stay another night because he doesn’t have class until afternoon on Monday. So, I got some added one on one time. because I was off Monday. Jack had to go back Sunday afternoon to sing in the chapel for mass. Mason and I watched some tv together and chatted Sunday evening, Monday morning and at lunchtime Monday. I was so happy to have that extra time.

Also on my day off Monday, I tried my hand at making gnocchi (boiling a package for 3 minutes) with bacon tomato sauce from this recipe.

I think I should have browned the gnocchi in a skillet after boiling, but I really liked it! Jen has been talking about always ordering gnocchi off of a menu when available and I had never tried it.

I bought this package at Fresh Market. Why is the little Italian girl so sad?

I decided to try some shampoo and conditioner from TJ Maxx and I love it! The smell is wonderful. It doesn’t suds up much, but I still feel that my hair was really clean.

And, I bought some hairspray and dry shampoo there, too. This is my favorite dry shampoo – like it really cleans your hair. And, I am happy with this new to me hairspray. I am new to buying hair products at TJ Maxx, but there are some great deals to be found.

I was very sad that Dave’s Thin Sliced Killer Bread was no longer in stock at my Kroger at the time of my pick up. Seriously, why is everything I want out of stock or no longer carried in my store? Does this happen to you, too? They subbed for this and I really like it, too.

I really only use this for my beloved avocado toast. You need a more hearty bread for avocado toast, in my expert opinion. Ha!

My day off on Monday was truly a treat. The weather was to die for. I hate that it came at the expense of a storm, though. I got a polish change (I didn’t want the full monty and didn’t want to sit for it and I also didn’t want my spray tan soaked off of my legs), which means just them trimming, buffing, and polishing your pigs. I went with a highlighter pink color and I am loving it. It’s only $16, too, before tip.

I realized that I can do a smaller grocery pick up if needed. It’s free if you spend $35, I think, and we all know how easy that is to do these days. Some weeks call for two different pick ups if you can’t plan for the entire week, you know?

I also vacuumed out my car on Monday. I keep a very empty, clean car. Tom, on the other hand, could live out of his. He keeps multiple jackets, tools, sporting equipment, hand sanitizer from 2001, bandanas for sweat?, medicine, a first aid kit, multiple protein bars, multiple cups and drink options. No, he does not drive for work. He drives to an office. He drives a Suburban and there is hardly room for me when I ride in his car.

Anyway…my car looked so good!

Sunday late afternoon, I wanted to go look at the high river. We went to Captain’s Quarters and there were actually a lot of people sitting outside. Can you see how high it is? Look at all of the debris from the storm, too.

I got an adult lemonade:

I got fish and could hardly touch the amount they gave me.

Tom got a hot brown. This is a Louisville specialty.

I am anxiously awaiting my Target spring sweater! It should be here this afternoon.

After reading One Italian Summer, I dove back into this. It’s about a female chef opening a new restaurant in Paris. I’m enjoying it. There are predictable elements and it’s a lighter read after my last book.

I got to see a beautiful sunrise in the school parking lot on Wednesday!

I am loving my one pair of button front jeans! Who would have thought? I like to call these my weekend jeans. They are from Old Navy and short length, so they are perfect on me.

I did decide to return the Athleta flare leggings. I just thought I don’t need a pair of $55 leggings, you know? They were too long and I just didn’t think it would be a good purchase. They were incredibly soft, though. I always reach for my leggings with pockets on both sides right now anyway, and those don’t have pockets.

What’s been good in your world this week?


36 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Glad you all didn’t have damage from the storm!
    Where are the shoes in your last pic from- super cute!
    Come on spring- I’m as anxious as you to have those days where you can lounge outside. TGIF!


    1. I will look for a link! They are short Old Navy straight legged distressed button fly, I think. I got them back in August. Thank you! Hope you had a great one!


  2. The silver lining of unexpected days off – time with your son and a little relaxation.
    I realized one of the reasons I don’t like getting pedicures is because they soak my tanner off – ha! I need to plan ahead of time, get the toes done and then the tan. Love the pink!
    Have a great weekend my friend!


  3. I’m intrigued about a hot brown now and am going to Google it. I’m so glad you had some time to yourself this week. I always feel like a new person after time like that! I had the same thing this week, both nights which were unexpected. One was on Wednesday night when I missed church- I didn’t feel great when I left work on Wednesday and it continued on through the night, but I was fine by yesterday. Happy Friday! I hope your day is great, my friend!


  4. I’m getting that Target sweater. We love gnocchi, I have a cheeseburger gnocchi recipe that is amazing. Have a great weekend!!


    1. It’s really cute, but it’s short and I felt that I might be hot, so back it went! I am kinda sad, but I”m trying to be new Amy and take things back if there is any doubt!


  5. I hate leggings without pockets! LOL. Though I did just say I need a few neutral pairs to try wearing with/under dresses… maybe then I’d actually wear them in winter? I’ve been wanting to try gnocchi too but haven’t seen it in any of my grocery stores yet– maybe I’m just not looking in the right places? I do feel like our grocery stores stop carrying the brands and flavors of things I really like or go through really long shortages of them. I’ve actually given up on ever finding a few of my absolute favorites ever again.


    1. Once you have pockets, you can’t go back! I think it might be with the regular pasta? I’m not sure because I got mine at a specialty grocery. I have also given up on a few things!


  6. I laughed out loud when you described you and your husband’s cars! 😂🤣 My husband and I are the same way. Mine is tidy and clean and my husband’s is full of “just in case” items. He has cycling clothes, rain coat, tools, small pocket knife, law journals, napkins from lunch, work papers, a tarp, a Selena shopping bag full of who knows what, a computer keyboard, sun visor, hats, sunscreen, and the list goes on!! When we need to use his car, he has to move all this stuff out just there’s a place to sit! He does take immaculate care of the engine though 😉


  7. It’s funny about the cars because I finally got mine washed yesterday after weeks of lousy weather. My husband and I both keep our interiors clean, but I will only get mine washed if there is no rain in the forecast and he will get a wash if he thinks it looks dirty. I love Dave’s killer breads, they are getting so pricey though! Also love the highlighter pink pedi! Have a great weekend Amy!


    1. I really like a car wash! I conquered my fear of them a few years ago. I was scared I wouldn’t follow the directions correctly. Look at me! I now can go in a spray tan booth and a car wash!
      They are so expensive, but I use the Dave’s bread so slowly – like keep in the freezer for a month type of thing. I am loving this pink pedi!


  8. I’m the same way with my vehicle! It hardly contains anything lol. My husband can McGuyver anything with the treasure trove of gadgets and items in his truck.


  9. I love your polish choice. I have a gift card and want to get a pedi. I might wait until closer to spring break but who knows. I’m still new to Dave’s killer bread but it is my preference for avocado toast…& my Kroger doesn’t always have it either. I limped through this week too 😆happy for the weekend.


  10. I’ve been limping along toward Spring Break since we returned after Winter Break. We’ve had two days off since early January, MLK Day and one teacher inservice, which is usually not fun, but it was bearable because no students. We have four more school days! Friday is a teacher work day, but we can use comp time to take it off. I’m working with borrowed patience, and I’m trying to roll with it. I love your Old Navy jeans! Their jeans fit me best, but they tend to wear out faster than J Crew jeans. I have an off-white pair of button fly Old Navy jeans, and I wear them every week. My husband is a neat freak, and our car is spotless. We share one. He has a car wash membership, and we go at least 5x week. We vacuum and then dry the car afterwards using microfiber cloths. I used to not help, but it gets us out of there faster if I do. I recommend the book Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes. I gave it 5/5 stars, so good. Have a great weekend!


    1. Yup – perfect wording – limping! You must be on break now! Yay!
      J. Crew doesn’t fit me great for somer reason. I think I need to be more shaped like a pencil.
      A car wash membership! I didn’t know such a think existed! I have seen and been interested in that book – thanks!


  11. Is that a magnolia in your garden? Beautiful! We bought one last spring and put it outside at the cabin, it died pretty quickly… Only the rhododendron and the donut schersmin (cool name in English!) survives in the forest it seems… (other flowers are eaten by the deers….)
    Thank you for a great read, I loved this post!


  12. I recently ate my first Hot Brown – and loved it! My DAR chapter, in Colorado, hosted the Good Citizens Tea, in which we celebrate awesome high school seniors, and feed them. One of our members is from Kentucky and brought a tray of amazingly good food – Hot Browns! I may have gone back for seconds!


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