Monday, March 13, 2023

Today I am linking up for Hello Monday here and for Not Just a Mom here!

I think I will kind of weave the two topics together if you all are ok with that!

Friday was super cold, but Ernie has gotten so used to our after school walk. He lets me do a couple of things around the house, but then about 30 minutes after I return home, he comes to me with the cutest face and perked up ears like, “Come on, Mom, it’s time”. He rolls in the grass of the front yard at the end of our walk:

Elizabeth wanted to meet up for happy hour at 4, but Erica was busy, so it was just the two of us. We met at Joe’s Older than Dirt and were happy with the reasonable prices.

We talked and talked and I got home around 6:30 – oops. I was full and Tom had a big lunch, so we both just skipped dinner. Tom had some snacks while he waited for me. I was willing to make something for him, but he was fine. Later I had some popcorn while watching tv.

This has pretty much been my routine this year – get up about an hour later than normal on Saturdays and start my day with my quiet time, a lit candle, two cups of coffee, and catching up on any blogs I missed during the week. Sometimes I read my book.

I told Tom my favorite thing about my new oven is the clock and he responded with a “yeah, you haven’t been using it for cooking!” He got me. I have only used it twice so far. He really thought that was funny.

This is the coveted chair in our house. Tom slept in until about 8 and no one else was home so I had no competition for it.

I like to start my weekend with a list:

My list usually has a section for things to do at home, places I need to go, and I flush out the meals for the week.

Can anyone peep the blog I am cathing up on?

Preppy Empty Nester is a great blog follow!

I’ve decided to try to do two weeks’ worth of breakfasts at a time. I did my grocery pick up on Thursday and it included two packs of English muffins. These are 4 WW points, but they are really great tasting – someone recommended them to me, but I forgot who. I put one slice of Canadian bacon, one slice of Sargento very thin cheese, and a square of egg. I put the eggs on my small cookie sheet and baked them.

I wrap them and put them in the freezer.

I also did Ernie’s chicken:

I also made ground beef for two different meals this week – shepard’s pie and spaghetti. Getting the meat part done really helps me and I had a ton of energy for meal prepping Saturday morning. I always do something for my future self during the weekend mornings. I enjoy it and it’s relaxing for me. I play a podcast or have a show on in the background.

I usually run errands around 10. This Saturday I did the library and Clothes Mentor. I had to find something for the bachelorette weekend I’m going to and I found some white NYDJ jeans! Do you know that you often have to go up a size in white jeans? I realized I never did have any white jeans last season and I really missed them, so I have been on a recent quest for a pair that fits well.

So, on a normal Saturday, I usually finish errands by lunchtime, make lunch for me and anyone else around, piddle around the house, read, watch tv, and lately I have been cooking Saturday night dinner at home.

The weekends look quite different than they used to. Much of our time is at home, now.

Then, it was time to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade. My friend Heather came to my house and she rode with me to meet Erica at a club she belongs to.

We hung out there for a bit and had a drink and some Irish soda bread. Then, we walked to the parade.

My sister in law’s boat business was in it – Marine Sales and Service:

And, my niece Morgan walked with them!

We also saw Heather’s brother in law and some really cute dogs:

Then, we got some onion straws and bbq:

I didn’t get home until about 7! Tom had spent most of the day with Mason. They ate Venezuelan food for lunch and hung out. Jack was away at a singing event.

I guess we sprung forward overnight! I slept in until about the new 7:00 and did the same morning rourtine.

Then, I made Jen’s Irish recipe – with a few changes because I can never just follow a recipe:

I bought a very small seasoned brisket and browned it on the stove. I went ahead and added my cabbage at the beginning instead of waiting until the end. I also made her Irish soda bread in the afternoon!

I have the best luck with my crockpot on the weekends when I can watch it. I think I’m gone too long during the week and it just doesn’t turn out great. It all tastes like “crockpot”.

The rest of Sunday included some more errands because I have a busy week ahead.

What did you do this weekend and what does a day in the life look like for you? I am and have always been an early riser and use that energy in the morning to my advantage.

Hope your Monday is tolerable!


P.S. – My posting schedule might be lighter this week, so just want to let you know!

21 thoughts on “Hello Monday and Day in the Life – Weekend Edition

  1. Fun, thank you! Ernie looking at you ready for a walk! ❤ The retrievers are so patient, right! They just look at you and sigh… My friend's husband forgot (!) their golden outside a store in the middle of winter… He found out after an hour and the poor thing was just sitting there, suffering…. (maybe I told you before!?)
    My oven clock doesn't work anymore, and I really miss it!! Ha ha!
    So, a normal (tolerable!) Monday over here, but very cold and wintery! It's pretty late for snow, so I'm not that happy… Beautiful though!
    Enjoy your start of the week!


  2. I am hosting SPD dinner on Friday night – I’ll try Jen’s recipes! Looks like you had a fun weekend and packed in lots of good stuff. We listened to lost of live music this weekend and I am exhausted!


  3. What a great weekend! I love that you went to a St. Patrick’s day parade- that picture of you and our friends is adorable. My son got stuck in one this weekend, in the downtown area of Memphis. I thought that was funny to hear him say that. It’s great that you had such a productive Saturday. I love it when I can say the same! I plan on coming home today and catching up on things I let fall behind this weekend. Saturday messed me up by me not feeling good. I guess that’s when I get a lot done as well, and I just sat in my chair and kept watching tv. I hope your Monday is good and that you feel okay as you work today, my friend. I’m looking forward to meeting up with you this week!


  4. Too funny about the oven and hubs comment. I love doing McMuffins at home too. I’ve made ahead before but freezing them is so brilliant! Happy St. Patty’s week!!


  5. Our weekends look different too now that we’re empty nesters. Thanks for the blog recommendation. I’m going to check it out. We started buying Bay’s English muffins too recently. I’m not sure who recommended them. My husband said he’ll never buy Thomas’ muffins again, lol. I agree! I wore my blue denim overalls to work several times in the past month. I love them so much that I ordered a pair in white. I had to order them online, so we’ll see how they fit. I hope you have a great week! We have spring break next week!


    1. Totally! The blog is really funny and has lots of good recs. Oh my goodness – they are next level. I am not even toasting mine for these sandwiches and they taste so much like McDonalds! You are too cool in your overalls! I love that!


  6. It sounds like a fun weekend. How cool that you have a local parade for St. Patrick’s day! I agree about the crockpot meals.


  7. Tom’s oven comment 😆😆the parade looks fun. I guess we had one in lex…but I always forget about these things. Your coveted chair looks so cozy! I hope you all enjoyed the corned beef and cabbage. I’m making it this weekend 🙂


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