Thursday, March 9, 2023

It’s Thursday and that means it’s link up day with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files.

First, it’s been crazy around here so not much fashion has been going on. Friday we didn’t have school because of the threat of storms and very high winds. Well, that was a good call because many trees came down and several homes and schools were left without power. In fact, we also didn’t have school on Monday. We did not lose power and I was so thankful because we did lose it for five days the last time we had such high winds.

Thursday I wore this to school:

This is my Target Deff Leopard t-shirt, my white Target button up, my Matilda Jane flares, and my MIA black clogs. I did change into flats after a bit.

Sunday I wore denim on denim. This is my Old Navy chambray blouse with Old Navy distressed jeans, my new Olukais mules, and a cream sweater. I kept from cropping my face just so you could see the struggle I go through some days trying to take an outfit pic. What am I doing?

Did you read my post yesterday? I shared more about these shoes and other recent fashion purchases.

Monday when I didn’t have school I put on my biker shorts. I have Amazon and J.Crew biker shorts. They both have pockets on either side and are great for everything. I love them. I only left the house for a pedicure and a Kroger pick up.

And, Tuesday I wore this to school – older blouse from a boutique – the brand is Entro and I really like it and consignment Matilda Jane pants. I took my shoes for a test run at school and they stood the test. They were both comfortable and easy to walk in. If you have super narrow feet, though, they may not be for you. They do seem a bit wide for many in the reviews.

And finally, above, I wore my ON blouse like my chambray version, green Matilda Jane flares, and my new Olukais.

So, not a super fashionable week around here.

What have you been wearing?

Oh, I have to break out the sweaters again – winter is back!


22 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I struggle taking selfies and always wonder what the heck I am doing wrong, I think you are doing a great job and your new mirror is so awesome! Your new mules are looking great with everything – I’m glad they are comfortable enough for school to!


  2. I love all the outfits! I think my two faves are the ones with the Deff Leopard tee shirt and the cream blouse and green pants. The shoes look so good on you! I’m glad they withstood the test at work for you. I know comfort makes a huge difference! I’ve been digging for sweaters again as well and wore a favorite one yesterday, the one I picked up from J Jill on clearance in January. I forgot to plan an outfit for today, but I think I’m going to wear a pink cardigan.


    1. Thank you! I liked those two the best, too. I am so happy with the shoes. They feel comfortable, but still in style. I am in a dilemma because my classroom is really too hot for sweaters but the outside is perfect for them. Do I look weird if I keep on wearing my spring colors with these temps?
      I can do a cardigan, though!
      So glad you made such a good purchase.
      Do you have enough school clothes for spring? I bet you do!


  3. Good morning! I love reading your blog-you are so real and honest! It’s like hearing from a friend! Can you send me the link for the Amazon biker shirts with pockets? I am looking for this item exactly but there are so many out there on Amazon I am not sure which one to choose. Also, I purchased a pair of Hush Puppy flats that you had shown last fall. They were exactly what I had been searching for- I love them!


    1. Aww you’re sweet!
      I can’t find my exact ones but these:

      Oalka Women’s Short Yoga Side Pockets High Waist Workout Running Shorts
      look good?
      Mine sag a bit when you put phone in pocket but nothing I can’t handle. I like the j Crew factory better because they don’t do that.
      You will absolutely love having these for outfits, cleaning the house to carry phone in pocket, exercise, etc. I love them so much!
      Glad you love the Hush Puppies!


  4. How do you think the OluKais would work on very flat feet? Is there much arch support? I’m struggling to find shoes that work for my feet these days, and I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I’m gonna have to fork out more $$$.


    1. You are gonna have to. It hurt me to pay this price but I’m already getting my money’s worth in price per wear.
      I think they would work. They are very nice and cushioned and I think they would be nice for a flat foot?
      I will let you know if I hear of any other recs for a flat foot. I can’t buy target shoes anymore – they are not that cheap anymore and they end up being worn once and put in donation pile. Stupid! I fall for them. Go to the mall and try on some things at Dillards, The Walking Company, anywhere that carries nicer brands.


  5. Love the new shoes and how much use you’re already getting out of them! I’m learning that when it comes to shoes I need to spend more and make sure they are really comfy and supportive.


  6. I love your outfits…a little bit of everything. The last one is definitely one I would wear. I keep meaning to explain in one of my clothing posts why I’m either headless or have phone covering face. I’ve read some fashion bloggers (not me) often do that or wear sunglasses in photos so they don’t have to worry about blinking or their face/hair. It is nice to see full body but if I even remember to take a photo, I need it to be one pic and done.


    1. It really was a little bit of everything! It was simple, but I felt put together for school. And, best of all, the MJ pants are so soft and comfortable. That makes sense and makes me feel better. I’m the the only one. I only take one, too. I forgot yesterday. It’s still not a set habit for me, but I’m trying.

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  7. I love the biker shorts outfit, it’s so cute and perfect for running errands! Those new shoes are so cute as well!


    1. Thank you, Tracy! I really love both of my pairs and wear them all the time. Thank you – loving having a comfy and cute shoe for this in between season!


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