Thursday, March 2, 2023

It’s time for another Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill!

Last Wednesday night I wore this to The Melting Pot. They had a step and repeat at the front of the restaurant so we were being silly. I hope these palazzo pants are still in style. I have maybe four or five pairs that I have had for a long time. They are comfortable like pajamas pants, cool (you don’t get too hot), and they still look presentable. I wore a very old TJ Maxx top with buttons along the sleeves.

Note to Self: Do not wear flowy sleeves while cooking your own meat with skewers over a vat of bubbling liquids.

All last week was Sparkle Week! Our librarians came up with this years ago as something fun in mid-February. Really only the teachers did it, but it was fun. One day I wore my silver sequin pants, one day I wore this:

And, the final day I wore sparkle leggings. I slacked on photos last week. We only had 3 days with kids and I had just enough sparkle clothing for 3 days!

On Saturday I wore this for errands. I had just cleaned my closet and it was a bit chilly in the late morning. Do you like cream with white? I’m not sure. I wore my current favorite Target jeans, my tan Danskos, a white soft linen button down, and my new Loft sweater blazer jacket thing.

Saturday night for the comedy show I changed into this:

Meh – at the last minute I changed into black clogs.

Monday for school I tried to turn lemons into lemonade because it was another Monday and we still have 5 – count them – 5 weeks until spring break. It’s so freaking late. We come back and only have 6 more weeks of school remaining. Doesn’t that seem too late?

And, finally I wore my new Loft striped shirt with jeans and the pumps only made it for a few minutes before I changed into flats.

I can’t figure out what to do with my face! Oh well!

What have you been wearing?

If you have been following along, I got all of my money back from Vaugu including the shipping! Still, major lesson learned…until I forget that lesson again. Ha!

What have you been wearing lately?


34 thoughts on “Fashion Files

      1. Thank you! That was my fave. I can’t get enough of green. I agree on tan and white, but not sure of the pieces I chose in that particular outfit.


  1. Cute outfits! That green striped shirt is perfect for spring— it looks lightweight but still has long sleeves for some of those chilly mornings.


  2. The green and white striped shirt is a WINNER! I love the look. Sparkle week sounds like a fun idea and yes, that Spring break is late but you’ll come back and the year will be practically over!


  3. I liked all of your outfits! The Melting Pot outfit is so fun. I don’t know how I feel about tan and white…though I do something similar with oatmeal and a cream color. I think it’s the white that I don’t love, it’s so stark. I’ve never been much of a fan of it, so I wear it in other more natural shades. Your spring break is so late! When does it usually happen for you?


    1. Thank you! I felt a little out of style but hopefully palazzo pants are still ok? I will probably keep mine until the next go round even if they aren’t in style now. White can be very stark on some skin tones and cream may be better.
      It is usually the first week of April and almost always coincides with Easter. We always just have 6 ish weeks left when we come back. That’s fine in a year with lots of snow days, but this year we haven’t had that!


  4. LOVE the green and white stripes! I don’t normally care for button down collared shirts, but I might have to take a page from the Book of Amy here…


    1. I had not worn them in years if ever? I was never big into them. I am really loving them right now. I got the green and white from Loft and got petite so it wouldn’t be so long untucked. I think you should get it! The fabric is really nice.


    1. Oh good! I really love them and think they are so easy to throw on. I am hoping to see examples of them being worn this season in a more updated way!


  5. My favorite Abercrombie jeans. Lululemon cropped sweatshirts. They’re so soft and I’m obsessed. no golf clothes yet. I found a new to me shopping source. Quince. Saw them on IG and ordered a cashmere button up sweater and i love it! I want to get several more things but have given out my referral code to several people and am waiting to see if anyone buys anything because they get $20 off and i get $20 to spend! If anyone wants the referral code – send me your address on here and I’ll gladly share! Their clothes are amazing quality and the price is unbeatable!!


    1. I acquired some new sparkles this year in a top and pants. But, I had the sparkle leggings and wore them for New Year’s and Christmas a few times in the past. I am obsessed with the striped shirt and I have to make sure not to do the typical Amy and buy more and more. Maybe one more? He, he
      I was looking through my summer stuff and found THE DRESS of summer 2022 – the mauve, white, and black from Target – and was just as excited to wear them this year. I think the gauze material is even more in style.

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  6. Love that green white striped shirt with jeans! I saw something similar in a shop here, maybe I should…? Otherwise I’m into buying a pair of nice black wide linen pants, I think I would get a lot of use from it.
    Good that you got your money back! Bad company!
    Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of pyjamas!… And I’ve gotten a lot of use out of a new white cardigan with pearl buttons (I wear it buttoned, like a sweater). Fashion seems to become more ladylike, and I like it!


    1. Thank you! You should! It looks great open, too, with a t underneath. I think it would also be a cute coverup with a swimsuit. If you are tall, you can handle the wide legged better than I can!
      I know – I learned a lesson!
      Good for you on the pjs! I like the new pearl and ladylike trend!


      1. Good idea, to let it work as a coverup too! (It feels unreal that I will ever wear a swimsuit…!)
        So, I bought the wide legged black linen pants! I am quite tall (5,7), so… 😀 Btw; you look great in the wide legged!
        Lady in pearls! You can always pretend to be classy; right!?


      2. That is the look I am seeing these days! Cute! I don’t know – I don’t want any of me to be/look wider!
        It would only be pretending with me! Lol!


  7. Love your Fashion Files, Kellyann and Jill! Those palazzo pants look so comfortable and stylish, and I love how you paired them with the TJ Maxx top. As for the cream and white combo, I think it can look really chic if done right. Thanks for sharing, it’s always fun to see what others are wearing!


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