Monday, March 6, 2023

My weekend started out weird but wonderful. I am linking up with Sarah and Holly to tell you about it! Thursday night I could not keep my eyes open. I literally had to rewind the show I was watching like 3 times because I fell asleep. I finally gave up and went to bed. Friday morning I was wide awake at 4:30 all bright eyed and bushy tailed because I had gone to sleep so early and came out to start my morning routine. It was raining and storming and I just had this weird premonition. I checked my work email and sure enough we had no school because of the severity of the storms expected. I don’t check work email at home as a regular practice anymore and I had taken all notifications off of my phone a few years ago. I am living in the dark ages and I love it.

I also should tell you something weird happened with Friday’s post. I think it was still sent out via email and I was able to link it to the Friday Favorites link up party, but it has disappeared off the face of my WordPress account. So strange!

So, I was kinda mad that I didn’t sleep in, but I was also ok with it. I drank my two cups of coffee, read blogs, and then decided to watch tv in case the power went out later and then I would read. These are very serious decisions I am making, people. I watched Outer Banks – Tom has abandoned it because of the extreme cheesy teen aspect. Tom left for work and seemed a bit salty that I got to stay home.

I walked Ernie during a lull in the rain and then my new oven was delivered and I was home to receive it! Jack was going to do it for us because he was home for spring break. Mason was still away at his conference. I talked on the phone with two friends and one of them started talking to me about the Murdaugh Murders so I jumped into that on Netflix. Wow.

Jack and I went to Goodwill and to Subway. I had not had a Subway (vegetarian, toasted!) in years and it was really good. Jack found three items at Goodwill and I found something I need for a bachelorette weekend activity coming up.

Then the weather got scary. The winds were so high that my patio furniture and a metal table were moving. I think they made the right call because of having kids leaving school at this time, busses on the roads, etc.

I was supposed to go to a couple of boutiques at a nearby neighborhood with my friends in the late afternoon, but the boutiques closed early or for the whole day. Afterward, we were supposed to go eat Mexican in the same neighborhood with our hubs, which we still did. The wind died down around 6 or 7 but it was pretty crazy. There are lots of trees down and blocked roads. One set of friends had to changed routes two times to get to the restaurant.

I turned on my St. Pat’s lights Friday am!
Outer Banks!
Skinny margarita! Is it really skinny anymore when it’s so big?
My favorite dish at this place – a fajita bowl with fresco cheese on top that melts. My friend split it with me!
It also comes with this. My friend hates beans so I ate those and she ate the rice.

We took some arroz con pollo home for Jack and he and I watched Daisy Jones and the Six.

Saturday morning I was on a mission to shop TJ Maxx and Homegoods for shower curtains. Oh – and I also went to Target.

I found a black shower rod, black rings, and a shower curtain liner, but not the kind of pattern curtain I want. My sister told me not to settle and to look at the curtain as art for the bathroom. Also, it will be the first thing you see when you look in the bathroom. So, I ordered the one I really wanted and you will see it in a minute!

I succumbed to an impulse purchase at Target. These mixes are really good, but raisins really don’t belong. I love Raisin Bran, but nope, not here.

The one I really wanted was on Etsy, but also on Amazon for much less! If the fabric looks cheap, I will send it back.

Jack and Tom took out our old oven and put in our new one and it was quite a chore. It doesn’t fit exactly right and we are not ready to demo our kitchen yet. Ugh. Homeownership. But, they got it hooked up and it is working.

I swept, mopped, cleaned, straightened and we also had some yard messes from the storm. Finally, I got to go to my happy place in the sun!

I finished it yesterday morning, by the way. I don’t know what I think. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Maybe I will go with that?

My oven has to be all smart and I had to download an app and all that jazz.

This was the inaugural item baked in the oven:

For dinner, I made Tom, Jack and I our honey mustard salad with chicken.

I watched another Daisy Jones with Jack and some Bravo shows I was behind on by myself.

Sunday morning I read and drank some coffee and prepped some vegetables for the week.

The next couple of weeks are going to be super busy with some things going on at work and no more days off.

What did you do this weekend? I hope you didn’t get bad storms!

Now, let’s talk Amazon…

I have been trying to be less implusive and really think about my purchases. Thank you to Tanya for providing this link up!

First off, I needed more of my favorite can’t live without popcorn butter spray, then Ernie needed more of his Rachael Ray little burger patties. They are so cute and he loves them. The price on this butter spray just keeps going up. I did not pay the current price you see when you click on the red font. I need to look at Walmart next time I’m there.

I want to read before bed instead of watching tv and I ordered this amber light clip on light and so far I love it, but the charger that came with it doesn’t fit in the spot where it’s supposed to go? I guess I really should send it back or call the company?

Then, I received a $30 gift card for participating in an education survey and went down a jewelry rabbit hole. I love the brand Pavoi and if you need a gift, it comes in really cute little gift boxes. I think the quality is pretty darn good, too.

First, I had wanted these starburst earrings for quite awhile.

Then, I wanted some new layering necklaces so I got this one and this one and extenders to help me do that.

I got this 80s looking ring to wear on my middle finger but it seems to run small so fourth finger it is. And, I lost one of my identical hoops that I wear all the time, so this was a re-order.

I didn’t do too badly, in my opinion!

What have you used Amazon for lately?

I’m feeling a bit melancholy today with my kids’ spring break being over, I guess. I also know how much I have to get done between now and the end of May. Also, we don’t have our spring break until March 31st, and that seems like a long time from now. Don’t worry – I usually don’t stay in these funks for long.

Thanks for reading and let me know about your weekend and your Amazon purchases in the comments!


25 thoughts on “Hello Monday and Prime Purchases

  1. Glad you made out okay in the storm! We did watch OB season 3 and I enjoyed it but I did roll my eyes a lot… I think it would have been a slightly better show if the kids were more college age instead of high school.


    1. I feel very lucky we didn’t lose power. We are out of school again today and I know people who don’t get power back until Wed (estimated)! I agree totally about Outer Banks. Sometimes you are just ok with the cheesy nature!


  2. Springtime weather is so scary to me. We had really bad weather on Friday as well, but it ended that morning. Our lights kept surging and the kids were losing their minds. Your school made a good call! I’m glad you picked the curtain you wanted and hope to see it here soon. Home Goods really does have beautiful options…I’m thinking of replacing ours in our bathroom soon. Their Kate Spade ones are always so bright and cheerful, which I love. Yay for new ovens and time outside to read! It’s funny when one person loves a book and someone else just likes it. Something in it spoke to me, evidently! I did love how she described the scenery- it felt like I was there with her!


    1. Me too! I am very afraid of tornadoes and we have a siren right behind our house at the elementary school. I bet your kids were losing their minds! Ha! I saw some Kate Spade but everything was so neutral and I wanted bold. I was a bit bothered by the relationship between mother and daughter, too. I also didn’t love that she “stepped out” – trying not to do any spoilers here. I don’t know. I think moods and stages of life when you read a book greatly affect your enjoyment sometimes. I’m glad I read it and it moved quickly for me.


  3. I have had really good luck with jewelry on Amazon, I think you did great! I LOVE the shower curtain and your sister is right – it’s art! I hope Amazon delivers and it is perfection. Kinda nice that you got a day off on Friday – sweet surprise!


    1. Yes! Surprisingly so! It is exactly the same one that I showed from Etsy! When I gasp at a print it usually is a good sign for me! Well, guess what…I’m off again today. I just don’t want to make these days up at the end of May and into June. We have no built in days. And, they would make teachers work but not kids if it were forgiven because they aren’t going to pay us for not working. Some of our schools are without power and I could see us having another day off tomorrow. It was bad here.


  4. What a fun weekend you had. I’m glad you were safe in the storm. I’m so glad to know about that book because it’s in my cart on Amazon but maybe I’ll just get it at the library instead. I’m kind of funny I only read books if they have at least four out of five star reviews, lol.


  5. I watched Daisy Jones too. So much better than the book! Daisy is still insuffereable though.
    That’s a super late spring break. Everyone here has their break next week.

    I ate a ton of that trail mix when I was first pregnant with Sutton because I could tolerate like 6 things and that was apparently one them. I will probably never eat Target trail mix (or trail mix in general) again now LOL.


    1. I couldn’t even get into the book. I have only watched two episodes and to be honest, if my son weren’t not interested I would not be watching it. I will basically do whatever I can to spend time with my kids! It really is a super late break.
      Ha – I get that – I get tired of certain things.


  6. I can’t believe you have to wait til the end of March for your Spring Break. We had such an ordeal getting our oven and built-in microwave installed. Even though we measure carefully with our contractor, they still didn’t fit quite right. Such a hassle! That Target trail mix is so delicious and tempting to have in the house! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


    1. I know! Oh man, when we re-do our kitchen I’m sure we will have the same issues. It really is so good – give me anything with peanut butter, really! Thank you!


  7. Thanks for the reminder on the popcorn spray! I just ordered a three bottle package. I think it’s about what I have normally paid but maybe it’s gone up a little bit. I said the last time I ordered it was March 2022 so it last me for quite some time. Our weather was crazy here. We had a huge hail storm yesterday. We had rain and thunder and it’s still super cold in the mornings. But man everything is just so green and so pretty. I am not complaining one bit. And I’m also not a wimpy Californian because I was raised in the Midwest, so I am of hearty stock lol , we got to see our daughter and son-in-law on Saturday and had a really good dinner down at their public market. It has all kinds of food places inside and we went with the jaybird‘s hot chicken but of course we had ours mild and Tony had chicken and waffles and it was delicious. So next time we will share that order. And we had some yummy drinks at a local distillery place inside there as well. And they were strong! Kelsey and I had a birthday cake and we opened up our presents to each other. My birthday is on the 13th. Hers is on the 31st and my son-in-law‘s was two weeks ago so it was a fun weekend at the coast and I got to see my Bestie and do a long walk down at the beach and have coffee with her. Have a great week. I am off to Palm Springs on Thursday with three other girls from my country club and we are doing my first ever girls golfing weekend. I see a couple of days of golf, some fun shopping and probably some yummy food and drinks in my near future!


    1. Oh good – I got 6 this time! CA needs this but it has been unbalanced this year from what I have heard. We are getting your typical weather. Sounds like a fun celebration. Have fun on your girls’ trip!


    1. That’s so funny! My bff introduced me to it maybe 25 years ago. She is a vegetarian.
      I agree – I do not need another app!
      It is just so good – I love the peanut butter things in it!


  8. I live in Winterland and I have never heard of a school closing because of the weather! We are vikings, just saying…!
    Oh, your food pictures kill me, I have to go and make dinner pronto!
    An app for the oven? You’re kidding me!
    Daisy Jones is a tv show?! We don’t have it here… yet. But we’re watching Outer Banks (hub is still ok after two episodes…) and the first season of The Mandalorian! Old Star Wars fan over here…
    Sorry ’bout your spring break coming so late…! I must confess it was heaven to have a week off!


    1. We are weak around here. We are not made of Viking blood.
      Thank you!
      Nope – I don’t need another app. You can heat your oven from work if you need it to be ready for you.
      Yes – on Amazon Prime Video.
      Good for your hub! I am watching it alone which is ok.
      That’s ok. We won’t have much school left when we return after our break!


  9. The Mexican food looks so good! Can’t wait to see what shower curtain you get. Homer eats the RR burger Patties too 🙂 we just got the call- no school tomorrow. And we still don’t have power —but I actually saw utility trucks nearby. We’ll see!


    1. I bought some fresco cheese to try to re-create it at home. The cheese makes it. I hope you got power back last night. That would make today much better for you, I know. Then you will only have 3 days left of the week!

      Liked by 1 person

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