Wednesday, March 1, 2023

I am linking up with Jennifer a some other lovely ladies today for Currently!


The sunshine! I was able to get outside both weekend days this past weekend. I am stuck inside from 6:45 until about 3:00 and never go outside at work, so I crave being outside. Also, after I get home from school, my back deck no longer gets full sun because I have missed the window.

Sunday, Tom got out the big dog saw and sawhorses and did our bathroom trim himself. I was so impressed.


So, with Tom finishing the trim and getting ready to have it painted, I started questioning if I really did want to go with a white shower curtain.


Pottery Barn:

What do you think? Any retailers I should try for shower curtains or bathroom accessories?


Carrie Soto. It’s ok. There’s way too much tennis talk. I want more personal life details and I want her to have a personal life! Dang!


Baby Zucchini from Trader Joe’s! So cute!

I am also eating a lot of arugula salads lately. I really like arugula.

Where We’re Going

To work, back home, to work again, to Kroger, back home, to work again – rinse and repeat. This is a hard stretch of year where I feel like it’s the same day every day. This routine is really all I have energy for. If you are a teacher, you get it!

What are you loving, starting, finishing, trying, and where are you going lately?


24 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Oooh those shower curtains are GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see what you pick.
    I love arugula, it is my favorite lettuce. I buy it for myself because no one else enjoys it. What I’d like to know is when my life got to the point where buying myself arugula became a treat? So. Sad. LOL!


  2. Sorry about the link time- I accidentally set it to pm instead of am, but it’s fixed now! I love that shower curtain. Have you tried Home Goods recently? I love their shower curtains! I would totally go with a bold print, if it were me. They have some Kate Spade ones that are so pretty and similar to what you’ve shared here, but for a fraction of that price. Marshall’s or TJ Maxx also may be worth a try, but I do think Home Goods has a better selection. I bet you are ready for your spring break- do you get a full week? I hope that when you do have some time off, that the weather is nice.


  3. Oh I feel like I am always going to the store! LOL. I’m really hesitating to pick up Carrie Soto because I do hear some really mixed reviews and I’m not sure I’d enjoy learning all that much about tennis… but at the same time it is on my list of books to get around to eventually because it does seem so popular.


  4. I am sure you are getting excited about the new bathroom. It looks great! Over the years, I have always loved to put up a fun shower curtain, and those two look great! Lately, I am in a plain shower curtain mood….I just have a pale blue linen one in our bathroom and Khaki linen one in the other. I love the look and airy feel of linen. I think I ordered them from The Company Store.


  5. Okay, that baby zucchini makes me want to buy some! I love the boldness of the shower curtains and it will all come together. I have bought shower curtains from Target and also Bed Bath and Beyond, but am a fan of TJ Maxx too.


    1. Target has a great selection! I plan to look at Home Goods this weekend because I really don’t want to pay Pottery Barn prices or Etsy prices. Target didn’t have any fun prints, but they did have lots of white options.


  6. I love those shower curtains. A fun “pop” of color. The weather has been perfect. I busted out my Birks yesterday 😂I didn’t wear them to school yet but it’s nice to wear them out on errands.


    1. I am leaning toward a fun print! I can always change it later. I am heading to Home Good this weekend hopefully!
      My dogs are not ready for sandals! Need to work on that! Can’t wait!

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  7. Loving: ALL THE RAIN and snowpack that California has been having. Lived here a LONG time and dont ever remember it being this way here in California! Finishing: the paint touchups here at the beach house. Trying: to get ready for more golfing but all this rain ….not happening yet! Where am I going lately: over at the beach for the next 4 days and then leaving for Palm Springs for a girls golfing trip next Thursday for 4 nights! Cant wait!


  8. Well, if you really want to know… 😀 – loving: the break of course, starting: my new stress free life (a great goal, right!?), finishing: Carrie Soto here too, and I agree with everything you said, trying: my new stress free life? :-D, and where are you going: we fell in love with the cabin again, sun on glittery snow and blue skies and the first coffee outside!!!


    1. Yes! What is your new stress free life and how do I get one? Wow – we are really in sync with books.
      Yay for the cabin! Coffee outside is wonderful, too! I am so happy for your first signs of a light at the end of the tunnel!


      1. I have had a tendency to get myself worked up about things I can’t control: late meetings in school, late Christmas parties in school, parent teacher conferences… and my goal is to try and lighten up and just go with the flow… I will try!
        The light at the end of the tunnel – very good metaphor!


      2. Tell me if you try! 😀 Like Bob Marley said: “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” (?????? :-D)


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