Friday, February 24, 2023

Friday, I love you! I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

I really like Cup of Jo blog. If you are in the throes of parenting pre-teens or teens, you should read this:

There should be support groups for moms of teens. It’s a hard stage but it’s also so much fun.

I have been enjoying my mug warmer and my Cigar Lounge candle so much this week! I want to go back to TJ Maxx and get a few more candles of this brand now that I know they are good. They have a wide wood wick that I really like. They don’t crackle and are totally silent. I have some Woodwicks but sometimes I’m like, “Shut up, candle.” I am very sensitive to any type of noise sometimes. Representing with my Starbuck’s Kentucky mug!

Monday was parent teacher conference day and it went well. Tuesday we had a soup and chili cook-off in the cafeteria on our teacher work day. It was really fun and we had some nice fellowship with the whole faculty which is really hard to have in a big school on a typical busy school day. The chili that won had a name and it was “Vegetarians’ Worst Nightmare”. It had smoked beef, ground beef, bacon, and maybe one other type of meat.

Then, I went home Tuesday and made Emeril Lagasse’s Couscous Jambalaya. I have been making this since Tom and I were dating. We loved Emeril and he bought me a few cookbooks.

We continue our before dinner walks and I also walk Ernie after school. Spring has sprung. I don’t know why we trusted that rodent that said we had 6 more weeks of winter.

Tom got ashed on Ash Wednesday at the gym. There is a preacher that works out with Tom and I guess he carried portable ashes.

I had a Wednesday night outing. It’s hard for me to do things on a school night, but I did and it was a really cool experience. I had never been to The Melting Pot fondue restaurant.

They had a special Galentine’s BFFF deal and you could get a 4 course meal for $41 a person. That is still pricey, but wait until you see what we got. The tables have a little burner on them that keeps the pot hot.

This was Erica’s idea and Elizabeth had never been, either! You start by picking a type of cheese. We went with the classic but you could have gotten a Mexican type, spinach and artichoke, four cheeses, and a few others.

Everyone has different colored fondue skewers.

Then, we got to pick a salad.

Then, we chose coq au vin for our entree flavor.

Each person gets their own raw meat tray of chicken, shrimp, filet mignon and teriyaki beef.

There are 6 different dipping sauces and a platter of potatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms to cook, as well. They have an app that has a timer with cooking times set for each type of meat.

For dessert, they have several types of chocolate flavors, too! We chose the classic.

It was a really cool experience and I would say this would be a great special occasion place. We asked the waiter when we would get our W2 for all the work we had to do. I bet he has heard that line before. I will say the conversation was stunted during the meat cooking portion because all we kept saying was…”I think my shrimp is done!” and “Oh no, I lost my mushroom!” There is a “search and rescue” giant spoon when something falls off of your skewer.

I had a really nice conversation with Jennifer this week, too. She and her husband are traveling to my city this spring and I gave some recommendations. She was exactly the same on the phone as she is on her blog.

This week has been a weird 3 day week for our students. In my Spanish 3, we are learning Spanish proverbs/ sayings like “Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres” (Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are) and then discussing if we think these are good rules for life. I am also letting them ask me real life/adulting questions about college, finances, taxes, etc. I have mostly juniors and they are scheduling for senior year this week so it seemed a good time. I had them take a career aptitude test online last week with our careers unit. Teenagers aren’t really getting this kind of stuff in any of their classes. Gosh, I love them so much! They are really good questions and are just really great except for their tech addiction! I did have a few crazy questions like, “Will you give me money?” and “What is your opinion on chihuahuas?” but those also make it fun for me!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. The Melting Pot does sound light a fun night out and that is a lot of food— it all looks and sounds so yummy too. I always heard the teen years were hard but so far I think they have been the easiest and I don’t know if I just lucked out or what but my boys have never been moody teens at all. They’re fun and sarcastic and laugh often. I don’t know if it’s that difference between homeschooling and being around us so much versus public school kids who seem to be much closer to their friends than families or what but I am just so thankful! LOL.


    1. I think if I go back I will just do the cheese and dessert! We didn’t have it that bad, either. Also, I wouldn’t tolerate disrespect. They got annoyed with me at times, but generally we got along just fine. You have great kids! I think it’s a combination of lots of things.


  2. I love The Melting Pot! Honestly, I’d kind of forgotten about it, but we have been a few times, on special occasions. I could live on just the cheese portion and the dessert! I LOVED talking to you this week! Obviously, we will still have lots to talk about when we meet up in a few weeks….we could have kept going that night. I love that your students have such great relationships with you! I would bet you’re their favorite class and teacher.


    1. I can’t believe I had never been. I would love to try a few of the different cheeses. Same! I could just do the cheese and dessert next time.
      I think we will still have plenty to talk about! Once you get your loose plan ready, we can talk more specifics about meeting up. I want you and Todd to have an amazing visit! I hope the weather is good.
      Thank you – I am not their favorite, but I hope they like me and learn from me.
      Happy Saturday! Sorry I couldn’t get a post together for today – I was dragging to cross that finish line!


  3. So glad it’s Friday! We had a 4-day student week, but it feels like a 5-day week for sure! I’ve never been to a fondue restaurant, and it looks like fun! Well, I got the high school reading position! I’m going to call this morning and accept it! Then I have to tell my principal. I’ve gone back and forth on it, but I think I need the change! I’ll be one of about 10 reading teachers in the dept. That is one of the smaller depts.; there are 3,000 students in the school and over 150 teachers. After 15 years in MS, I think I need to work with older kids. I have to face my fear of change and just do it. hope you have a great weekend!


    1. I know – we only had 3 days with students but man, was I ready for Friday!
      Congrats! I am so happy for you! I really think you should take it – there will be a bit of a learning curve, but you are ready for this and I just don’t think your heart is in MS anymore.
      You too! Now, go celebrate! You are amazing!


      1. Thank you! I did take the position! It will be 10th grade reading, preparing students who are below grade level readers for the state assessment at the end of their 10th grade school year. If the pass the assessment, they won’t have to take it or reading again. In FL students get a certificate of completion if they don’t pass the assessment by the end of 12th grade, so I hope they’re motivated. Part of me is excited for the challenge because I know I can make a difference, and the other part of me thinks I’m crazy! Have a great weekend!


      2. Yay! I am so happy for you! I think you did the right thing and if you didn’t you could always change after next year. We have the upper hand right now with our teacher shortage!


  4. We went to The Melting Pot years ago and loved the experience! Thanks for sharing and reminding me that we should hit it up again! You are such a fun teacher- wish I could take your class even for one day! Have a great weekend Amy 🙂


    1. It’s pretty cool! Yes, your girls might really enjoy it! It would be good for a celebratory dinner. Thank you so much – not every day is fun – trust me! You too!


  5. Don’t show me those daffodils! I can’t take it! 😀 It snows over here!
    The fondue seems nice! We have a fondue restaurant close by and it’s always full! We’ve never tried it, but always say we should…


  6. My computer’s wifi card died this week so no post for me on Friday. I thought I did one from my phone but I don’t know if it ever published – ugh. Anyway…
    We used to go to The Melting Pot a lot years ago and then it closed and I believe it has since re-opened. I always liked the appetizer and the dessert the best! YUM!


  7. It made me laugh your comment about candles! What a clever name for winning chili recipe! Oh, that sounds like a good, delicious deal at Melting Pot. I haven’t been to one in about 20 years. I love Jennifer too! And so wise to share life skills with high schoolers. I think there should be more classes on these topics to help prepare them.


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