Friday, March 3, 2023

Happy Friday! I am linking up with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites!

It’s been a good week! I have enjoyed having my college kids on Spring Break! I have cooked dinner 7 consecutive nights and I am ready for a break tonight! This is all of my choosing, of course! You heard some of these in my Hello Monday post if you read it. Here is what I made: Asian bowls, chicken alfredo, burrito bowls, chicken cordon bleu, with sweet potatoes and broccoli, Korean beef bowls, and hummus bowls, and Costco bought tortilla soup and homemade quesadillas.

The Korean beef bowl:

The hummus bowl – I added chicken:

I had a planned day off on Tuesday where I made an appointment and then spent the rest of the day with my kids! We went to Barnes and Noble (new space) and browsed around.

We got Blaze pizza and Crumbl cookies, too.

We tried the pink frosting and the donut cookie and OMG! Jack got a chocolate chip, but I didn’t try it. I do prefer our locally owned Penny and Pearl’s Bakeshop cookies, but Crumbl is also very dangerous and that is why I can’t go to any of them very often!

I also went to Fresh Market for their Tuesday meat sale. They have ground beef and chicken for 2.99 a pound if you join their loyalty program. I feel like the quality is really good.

The weather was amazing and I finished Carrie Soto this week. It did get better towards the end, but still I would just say it was ok. I learned more about tennis than I ever thought possible and I took tennis in college. It was one of my two P.E. requirements. I also took bowling. I am better at bowling than I am at tennis!

I started One Italian Summer and I remembered why I didn’t pick it up earlier. This is not a spoiler because it says it in the summary. A girl goes to Italy after her mom’s death and she meets her mom as a young woman. I wasn’t interested because I am not a fan of magical realism or whatever you call this. But, I am giving it a try.

On one of our Ernie evening walks, I saw a poor Ken? head that someone had stuck on a fence. It made me laugh!

There was a fly in my house this week! I absolutely hate when a fly gets in and I try to do everything in my power to keep it from happening, but you know what that means…warm weather can’t be far away! We spring forward on March 12th for Daylight Savings Time. One of my students said this is the last time we do that, but I wasn’t sure that was a done deal.

Jen has been talking about gnocchi and I saw this at Fresh Market and I’m gonna try it. I’m sure restaurant gnocchi is better, but what the heck. Anyone have a gnoochi recipe?

Our tree has bloomed so early!

Mother Nature is very confused.

I am excited to take a break from cooking after that long stretch! What are you excited about this weekend? What were your favorites?


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Oh poor Ken! Ha!!!
    I love Crumbl cookies – not so much the chocolate chip but all the others are so darn good. I am a huge sucker for the standard sugar cookie with pink icing but they blow me away with all of their flavors.
    Thanks for sharing Slender Kitchen, I am going to try some of her recipes. Those bowls sound so good.
    Have a great weekend!


    1. I was wondering what he did to deserve that! Same – an iced sugar cookie is hard to pass up. I like them a bit underdone, too!
      Let me know if you like Slender Kitchen. I feel that she has even taught me techniques and I made my own taco seasoning and blackening seasoning – who am I? They are way better than store bought, too!


  2. I’m usually not a fan of that type of book either, but I really liked this one. I felt like she’d been in a dream- it never says that, but it made me feel better. I have tried The Dinner List twice now, and I don’t like it either- it’s the same type of scenario. That Barnes and Noble is beautiful! Did you buy anything? I am sure you’re thrilled to have a break from cooking for a couple of nights. That’s hard to pull off after work each day! I’m excited to read and finish a book this weekend. I keep starting and stopping books! I hate it when I don’t love what I’ve picked to read.


    1. I can see why you liked it, but it was just an ok for me. I did love the Positano and Itally descriptions. I also liked that she included her real correspondence with the hotel owner at the end. I did not buy anything – if you want to shop while here my favorite suburban retail area is called The Paddock Shops and my fave mall is Oxmoor Mall. I know you live in a small town but have Memphis nearby, though!
      It was nice to finally break my 7 night streak! It is! I know – I hate that, too, but I refuse to read a book that I’m just not into with so many great choices out there.


  3. Get this, my husband and I went to a Crumbl cookie for the first time about a year ago and we sat in the car to eat one and the verdict: My sweet husband said they are not near as good as your cookies and he’s right, lol with that being said, I haven’t tried some of the magnificent flavors since we hardly ever go and I bet I would love the donut one! What a sweet mama you are to make all those home-cooked meals. When my boys were in college, I used to make all this food in the freezer containers and stack their freezers when they would go back or we would go down to visit. It was a lot of work, lol. Have a beautiful weekend!


    1. I know! I agree that they aren’t all that but the flavors are pretty good! On a snow day I googled copy cat Crumbl cookie for one and it was really good! Just one cookie! I might do that again! I did it in my air fryer!
      Yes – cooking is how we show love.


  4. Your B & N looks so nice and new! Many of ours have closed down. Crumbl cookies – I need to try that. The tennis book was a did-not-finish for me, and I didn’t read the Italian one for the reason you stated! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. I struggled with One Italian Summer for the same reason– BUT I did continue reading it if only for all the lovely descriptions of Italy. LOL


    1. Yup – glad I’m not the only one! It was definitely worth it for the descriptions of Positano and all the googling I did afterwards! I liked that she included her correspondence with the hotel owner at the end!


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