Thursday, February 23, 2023

It’s time for another edition of Fashion Files where I link up with Kellyann and Jill. Time is absolutely flying! Do you feel like that, too? February was quick! At the beginning of the month I wore all the pink and red. It was fun and gave me a goal to try to wear the clothes I own. After the 14th, I was quite tired of pink and red and our weather has been divine which made me want to wear green and color for the most part.

This is what I wore to school Friday – we were supposed to wear black for a spirit week thing. It was nothing special.

I do try to always participate in the spirit week/dress in a certain color events at school. I think the kids like it and it shows unity and community. Sometimes the days are too hard for me and I just don’t want to go buy a bunch of stuff like “Dress like your favorite Marvel character”, but when I can dress in the theme, I do.

This is what I wore to Texas Roadhouse for dinner on Sunday. This is a Loft flannel blouse I got for $3 back in the late summer. I think it was last season’s and they had tons of tops for $3! I wore my Hush Puppies suede pumps and put a Target Univeral Thread sweater over my shoulders because it was getting colder. I really liked this outfit and I love these pumps. I think they are so comfortable compared to other ones I have had.

Monday for conferences I wore black pants, a black blouse, my hot pink blazer, and my Hush Puppies black and white flats. I wore pearl earrings and my pearl headband. I did try on my pearl necklace but it was too much pearl and this blouse has a very high neckline, so the outfit looked better without the pearl necklace.

Tuesday was Mardi Gras and a teacher workday. I wanted to wear purple, yellow, and green but didn’t have anything, so I settled for green with a white top and a tiny strand of seed beads in multiple colors that I have had for a long time and came from a consignment shop. I guess the gold clogs kinda served as my yellow!

So, what have you been wearing?

Did you see my 2023 Fashion Purchases so far post? My return is on its way to Vaugu and I have given them my tracking number. I will let you know if they fully refund my money. I didn’t think of going through my credit card company, but I guess that is an option depending on the outcome. I think that has kept me from shopping! It was a good lesson learned! I believe this company uses boutique photos of clothing and then copies them with tragic fabrics.


18 thoughts on “Fashion Files

    1. Thank you so much! My hair has been dirtier lately – isn’t that funny? I am going longer between washes and using dry shampoo. I think my hair is getting trained? I don’t know?
      I am trying to curate my clothing better and getting ready to take a load to consignment today.


  1. First, I LOVE all of your outfits this week! I love that shawl and flannel shirt and your Monday conference outfit the most I think, but I also loved that mint green sweater and jewelry. It’s hard to pick, I really did love them all. It never occurred to me to take pictures of my outfits this week, because I’ve been figuring out my new morning routine. I hope to start doing that again this week, though, because it’s fun. I looked at the website- their pictures are EXTREMELY deceiving. I’d get my money back and report them to the BBB.


    1. Thank you! That is actually a Target sweater that I just draped around my shoulders. I have been doing pretty well with wearing most of my clothes. It’s hard to remember to take a photo at first but I try to use it as a “does this really look ok” before I finalize what I am wearing.
      Right? I am getting a full refund! Lesson learned! I will look into that!


    1. Thank you so much! I really liked how my Hush Puppies pumps worked with the jeans length. I have seen lots of examples of that on Pinterest, too. I only have like two pairs of pumps.


    1. I know! It really did. But, at the same time, it was a bit of rinse and repeat for me. Go to school, walk dog, sit outside, cook dinner, do it all again. Pretty happy with that routine during the week, though! Thank you!


    1. That’s right! It really is the best material. It’s not too heavy. I really liked how that outfit came together and I need to wear it again before it gets too warm.


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