Wednesday, February 22, 2023

I thought I would just do my own What’s Up Wednesday? today and just kind of chat with you…

Sunday, Mason and I did another coffee shop/reading date but we tried a couple that were too busy and ended up at Panera. We were both pleasantly surprised by how good the coffee was and we enjoyed a bagel, too. I requested a real mug. It really makes a difference to me.

Saturday Mason requested my brioche French toast so I obliged:

This is my secret:

I keep it in the freezer because we go through it very slowly. I think it’s a little too thick for grilled chcese, but I have done that before.

Sunday afternoon I had to catch what sunshine I could. I was craving a mimosa because it had been a long time since I had had one. I thoroughly enjoyed reading with my mimosa on hand for a bit.

I had gone to Trader Joe’s and one of my impulse purchases was baby zucchini! How cute it that? I got a whole pack – don’t worry. I think I will slice them in half lengthwise and then do some olive oil, salt, and pepper and air fry them. I still don’t have an oven, but I am doing just fine.

I am back on my Greek bowl kick. I used Chick Fil A grilled nuggets in this one and it turned out great.

During every walk, Ernie rolls around in the grass at least once. It makes me laugh.

5 years after my twins were born, my sister copied off of me. Miles and Mia just got their braces off on the same day. My twins had slightly different time frames for getting theirs off. These two are also learning to drive!

Our college kids have been coming home most weekends this winter on Friday afternoon and leaving after lunch time on Sunday. Once we told them about Ernie, I think that made them want to spend more time at home. This past weekend, Jack drove back to campus Saturday for a rehearsal for choir and then he sings in mass every Sunday evening at the campus chapel and needs to be there by 5. I do not encourage or discourage their coming home. I think there isn’t as much going on in the winter months on campus. I just wanted to put that out there. It is about a 20 minute drive to campus.

I am really enjoying my candle warmer at school. The students really like the smell of my Bath and Body Stress Relief candle. They say they feel so much less stressed out in my classroom.

Monday was conference day and it was really low key. I didn’t have that many conferences so I was also able to use my time to catch up on a few things.

Elizabeth was off from her new job and met Erica and I for our lunch break at Con Huevos.

I really love the Bravo show Family Karma. I was excited a new episode was recorded and ready for me. I usually watch my shows a day late because most come on at 9:00 p.m. And, look at my cute little buddy curled up on the end of the coach. Ernie is not a big snuggler. He does sleep with us and kind of sleeps up against my leg which I love.

I decided to start up my Ipsy subscription again! They offered me a free gift and it’s only $13 a month and I haven’t tried many new products in a long time, so why not?

What’s been up with you lately?


20 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday?

  1. Wait, your sister had twins after you? Do twins run in your family? What a bond you and your sister have now. Did you expect to have twins? My dad is a twin. My brother and his wife had twins (they were born prematurely and passed) Everyone thought I would be next but I only had single pregnancies.


    1. Mine were identical which is a fluke, but I also have a friend with identicals and we both got pregnant immediately after coming off the pill.
      My sister had IVF and it could have been triplets or quadruplets but it ended up being twins.
      Fraternal twins are genetically based sometimes, but identical are not. I did a lot of reading about twins!
      I’m so sorry about your brother’s twins. Mine were born 10 weeks early for a singleton and only about 6 weeks early for a twin pregnancy. Twins do tend to come early.


  2. How fun that both you and your sister had twins! We have a set of genetic twins in our family (my sister in law’s grandmother had several sets of twins and in her family it always skips a generation so she wasn’t at all surprised to find she was having twins; but it did make her hesitate to have any more).


  3. A few things that I haven’t mentioned on my blog are (1) that I volunteered to be on a committee at our school for a huge writing and editing project. Our school was a nominee for a National Blue Ribbon school, and the application process is NO JOKE. It’s huge! I can’t speak to a lot of what they’re asking for since I’m new, but I’m going to “pretty it up” at the end, make it flow as if it was written in one voice, and I’m doing all of the editing. No pressure, right? I keep dreaming of the two pages of grammar rules I’ve been studying.

    Secondly, I’m on a great streak of reading again. I slowed down a bit when I first started working, but I’m finding a rhythm now and am reading like crazy. This makes me happy! I said a few things…but that’s all I’ve got. 🤣


    1. Oh gosh – I hope you don’t regret that. It can be very time consuming.
      Doesn’t reading make you so happy? I have had such a good reading month – which right now means like 2-3 books.


  4. I used to watch all the RH on Bravo and haven’t in years. I don’t know what happened but I haven’t watched Bravo in ages, maybe I need to get back to it and check out the new shows. Honestly I should google what’s happening in the lives of all the women on RH – they are probably still arguing over the same stuff!
    I think it’s nice that your boys can come home and they’ll never regret spending time with Ernie.


    1. They are my guilty pleasure but some of them are so horrible! You might want to start with Miami on Peacock. They are probably arguing over the same stuff – you are right!
      Thank you – I have enjoyed having them home more but I also don’t want them to miss activities.
      It’s spring break for them now!


  5. I love that the boys are coming home more! Your Greek bowls have me intrigued! Ahhh mimosas and that’s my favorite Prosecco. Love the lil bottles. I hope you have the BEST DAY today!


    1. I’m definitely enjoying it. I am loving the Greek bowl for the warmer weather. That prosecco is great alone, too. The little bottles allow me to not have a big one go flat. It’s a little more expensive this way, but I am using it all up and that’s a win in my book. Have you tried the pink prosecco?


  6. That french toast looks yummy! My daughter had an Ipsy subscription for about a year. I would love to see what she would receive and she shared a few things with me. It is crazy all the different brands out there to explore. She discontinued the subscription when she went to school. I feel like I am just perpetually working on a to-do list, but such is life!


    1. It is decadent with this bread!
      I am excited to see what’s out there again. I get super overwhelmed at Sephora and Ulta, so this is great for me, I think. But, I let it go after getting so many things and pouches. I will probably only do this for awhile and then stop it again.
      I know – the list never ends. Happy Saturday, though!


  7. That French toast looks amazing. I always forget to get that bread when I go to TJ. I got a mimosa last weekend at brunch and it hit the spot. I’m almost caught up at school from missing a few days last week. It’s always a great feeling.


    1. Thank you! It’s kind of in an easy to miss place at TJs. Aren’t mimosas just the best? Also, I bought Vizzy mimosa hard seltzers last week and they are so good!
      It takes so long to get caught up and then you can easily get behind again. Such is the life!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was pretty good – not going to lie! I am kind of a snob about cups! I just think it tastes so much better in a mug and this has also curbed my takeout coffee habit!


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