Tuesday, February 14, 202

Happy Valentine’s Day! I haven’t done one of these in a long time, so I chose yesterday (a fairly typical Monday) to document.

I got up at 5:00 and enjoyed two cups of coffee (while using my new heating pad thing) and read my devotional and blogs.

In between cups of coffee, I unloaded the dishwasher.

I pulled my meal prep stuff out of the fridge to pack for the day. We have a faux egg mcmuffin and Big Mac bowls for E and I (my turn for lunch).

There she is! My shower cap and I took a very quick body shower around 6:20.

I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair and did my makeup.

I arrived at school at 6:48. Too early.

Look at all the crazy teachers there before me!

I get to my room around 6:55 and have a bit over a half an hour before any students come down the hall. They are not allowed in the hallways until the bell rings at 7:30. During this time I ate my faux egg McMuffin.

First period starts at 7:40 and we do a listening activity.:

Second period is my study hall and I am able to do tons of work which included cutting apart the valentines I am handing out today.

I graded some papers and thought this Spanish I family tree was funny – “Shout out to John!!!” I’m not sure what John did but she labeled all the divorces (we hadn’t learned that word yet).

Then I taught two Spanish III classes.

I drank as much Stanley water as possible.

Then, it was the magic time of 11:13 when I can eat lunch!

Big Mac Bowls:

Then, I taught two more classes…

And, then it was time for my favorite at 1:26 – Planning Period. Just kidding!

I did lots of organizing and a bit of copying and got all ready for first period. Then, I made a quick Tik Tok video about the difference between saber and conocer.

I went home and Ernie and I took a nice walk and it was so pretty out!

I had stains on two shirts from the weekend that I dealt with:

Then, I was starving and that is why there is no picture; I bascially inhaled my snack. I made a piece of avocado toast and some popcorn and ate it on the patio while reading this:

Around 4:30, I went inside to work on blog stuff, bake the rest of the red velvet cupcake batter from Sunday, and to start dinner.

I pulled together my second lunch of the week which was also the same as dinner.

Zucchini lasagna bowls:

I walked with Tom and Ernie when Tom got home around 5:45.

Ernie found a water bottle:

Then, Tom and I ate and Tom watched tv while I read.

Then it was shower time and a hair washing night.

And, I did a mani.

Then, it was time for my Bravo shows.

And, I went to bed at 9. This might be the most boring thing you’ve ever read!


26 thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. I love day in the life posts! I haven’t done one in forever, since my life was boring, but things sure have changed. I love how Ernie always seems to find treasure on his walks each day. He’s the cutest! Your zucchini lasagna bowls looked yummy. We had pasta with tomatoes and bacon last night and tonight we’re eating taco soup I made Sunday. I hope you have a great day!


    1. I like them, too, but they are hard to keep up with! He really does! As a puppy I called him “Recycle Dog” because he would carry empty water bottles back to our house. Now he holds them for a while and then moves on to something else. Isn’t that bacon tomato pasta great? I’m so glad I found that recipe and that I like whole grain pasta.


  2. I love day in the life posts too! You made me miss being back in the classroom for a bit. Your zucchini lasagna bowls look delicious.


  3. Wow that is a lot that you accomplished in one day. May not seem a lot to you but it is. I love that you guys are still meal prepping each week for each other. Have a Happy Valentines Day.


    1. Thank you – it seemed pretty lame to me and my sister also said it was boring! I love that, too. It has really made life easier and better and we have never had better or healthier lunches! Hope you had a happy V Day!


  4. Your first and last photos I have questions about! Have you been to Prague? Any must see? We will be here a few days before a river cruise this fall. And are you watching Below deck Med? So much disfunction! The stews are a mess except for Haley, I love her, she’s so dry. Ross the bosun is so creepy, I think Katie has low self esteem issues. I’m loving the Watch what Crappens recaps!


  5. I love reading day in the life…especially teacher edition. I always love to read about what classes they teach and when they have planning 😂love that Ernie got two walks! When I was in high school and when I taught in Missouri, we went 7:30-2:30. It’s hard for me to think about getting up earlier than 6, but I know you wrap your day up earlier which is awesome. Next month, not just a mom topic is day in the life on the weekend! Hope you’ll join us 🙂


    1. I guess I could have gone into more detail? I do, too! Ernie is getting so many walks now. Guess what – we found out yesterday we are moving our schedule from 7:40-2:20 to 8:40-3:20. I don’t really want to go later, but the mornings will be nice. Oh, I will definitely do that one. I always forget to write down when those occur so that is my fault!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! What made them switch the school times? We are 8:25-3:15. I really do love it. My previous school was 8:30-3:50 and I didn’t like it because 3:50 is so late…and that’s when I lived 25 min from school.


      2. 840 feels so late to start. My elementary school that my kids went to and where I work is 745-215 and I absolutely love it. The mornings are early, but the afternoons are so long and wonderful!


  6. I love it! Not boring!! And as a teacher it is extra fun!
    Interesting that you can do so much between dinner and bed! I like close down totally after dinner… Hair wash AND mani? You’re a champion! 😀
    And I’m so jealous that you can sit outside and read…! Ah….


    1. Ha – thank you! I don’t think I do that much. It’s all relaxing stuff. I know – the weather has been so nice and it has made life easier and happier. I have a student who just got back from Sweden playing soccer and she said it was so cold and dark.


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