Monday, February 13, 2023

How was your weekend? I hope it was great! Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day or The Superbowl, both, or neither? I am linking up with Sarah and Holly to tell you about mine…

Friday I met Erica and Elizabeth for a happy hour at Brick House. They had an awesome fireplace and fire going.

We had a drink and split this giant pretzel.

I went home and made dinner at home and fell asleep super early.

Saturday morning I had to do my own grocery shopping so I hit the store early. I wasn’t organized and hadn’t planned well in my last pick up which I did on Tuesday.

I came home and did some egg mcmuffins for breakfast prep. The eggs look weird; I cooked it in the air fryer!

I started this movie:

Then, I got both my kids to go to this week’s edition of a coffee shop – Please and Thank You!

I made a special-ish V Day meal and gave them their gifts.

Then, my kids and I went to a flamenco party that we were invited to by Erica who is taking lessons. Jack was interested in hearing the flamenco guitar and they both love the Spanish language so we had a good time. We practiced our Spanish most of the time we were there.

Sunday morning I did lots of meal prep for the week and then enjoyed an omelette on my sunny porch.

Tom and I walked Ernie and he found a football so he was ready for Superbowl Sunday!

It was a very relaxing weekend. The sun and 55 degree temps yesterday were exactly what I needed, too.

What about you? Highlights?


21 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Flamenco party, how fun! Did you dance!?
    Nice that you spent so much time with your kids! I actually had a lot of quality time with the youngest one, she spent the whole weekend with us, believe it or not. A lot of fika of course, not much else to do when you’re tired of winter…
    Oh, that omelette that you had in the sun on your patio… Hungry!
    For valentine I have some small things for the girls (jewellery, candy…)
    Monday! Let’s do this!


  2. I laughed when I read this line: “I had to do my own grocery shopping.” It’s so true, though- I love Kroger Clicklist! I thank God for it every time I am there to pick up groceries for the week. I did my own pick up on Saturday morning. I like that time! How fun that both your guys went to the coffee shop with you this weekend. I love that they do that with you! I’m glad your weekend was fun, I feel like mine was too, but it was also restful and productive. I always need all of that! Have a great day, my friend!


    1. It just doesn’t feel right anymore. I am used to being pampered now! Ha! Thank you and it was really a good one. I forgot when we were going to talk on the phone? I did finalize my plans for that weekend and I am leaving town March 17 and won’t be back until Sunday. Is there any chance of a pocket of time on Wed. or Th.?


  3. That party looked like a blast! Yay for the warm temps. We were a few degrees behind you but it was beautiful and good for the soul! So happy Ernie is doing well and getting all the extra love! Happy Valentine’s week!


  4. We didn’t celebrate either (in fact I totally forgot the super bowl was this past weekend) BUT I did watch that movie and thought it was so cute. The music is still stuck in my head too.


  5. I love your Friday happy hours! Pretzels are my love language! HA! WE had a fun weekend with not much going on. Spent Wed- Sat at the beach house and played golf while there. It was 75 and lovely out! Sunday we went to our daughter Taylor’s for a Super Bowl party. She won over $500 on Super Bowl pools and I won $350! WOO HOO! Tony puts us all in for pools and we just have to pay him back for the buy in ( well not me haha) so she still came out $400 ahead. None of us had any teams in the big game so we all enjoyed the food, the half time and the commercials. Tay has the BEST house for entertaining. Have a great week!


    1. It was massive! I wished our table could be a bit closer. We have been trying to find both cozy spots this winter and spots with good happy hour specials. The chains tend to have really good ones. It was cute but I must admit I kept falling asleep and it took me a few tries to finish it. That’s a me problem!


  6. What a fun weekend! I woke up early Friday morning and realized I badly needed a mental health day, so I called out. Work has been very stressful and really awful this year! I read a lot Friday and sent money to my sons for V Day for lunch out on Saturday. They are moving to Tampa in July and were looking at apartments. My husband and I went out to breakfast (at Panera) on Saturday morning and then walked on the beach. It’s only about 10 minutes away, but we rarely do it because *sand in the car.” I’m so glad we did, and we’re going to try for at least a few weekends a month. It’s so relaxing! Have a great week!


    1. Thank you! Good for you! It is really hard for us to call in on the morning of because of subs. And, Fridays and Mondays are the worst. I try to plan for a day off when I need one and that is coming up really soon. We haven’t had the snow days we so badly need as this time of year. Ha!
      Is Tampa closer to you all? I think that is so sweet to send money for a special lunch together and I need to do that more.
      Yes to walking on the beach more even if you have the sand. I get it – we still had sand in our mini van like 5 years after a trip to the beach!


      1. We have a Google Sheet for daily coverage, and we can cover open classes for $25/period, if a sub doesn’t pick up the job. Teachers covered my classes in their rooms, and I prefer it because my students can be destructive or take things even with a sub in the room. Most of my students are fine, but some will take headphones, mess with my Smart Board, or take my mouse/usb plug. My sons live an hour east of Tampa, so it won’t be too hard of a move for them, and that area has great beaches. I used to do food days when I taught French. It was so much fun, but a lot of work. I applied for a HS level reading position yesterday. Our district is huge, and it would be a school to school transfer, if I get the position. After 15 years in MS, I’m ready for a change!


      2. That’s a great idea! I would totally do that every now and then for some happy hour money. Ugh – that is horrible that you can’t trust them.
        That move will be good then!
        Food days are so exhausting! What is it that makes them that way?
        Oh, I am so happy for the prospect of you changing jobs. It sounds like that is a great move for you and will make you so much happier!


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