Friday, February 10, 2023

What a long week! It’s time to link up with the Friday Favorites gals here to share some of our faves from the week.

Did you think it was a long week, too?

Here are some things that were my favorites this week as I look through my camera roll…

Another wonderful Hawaiian coffee! Have you tried this one?

I plan to make some V Day treats this weekend. Fruity Pebbles treats like Rice Krispies treats are one of them!

Red Velvet cupcakes is another one!

I need to find these Friends conversation hearts! I think they are available at Walmart. I do love this candy. Some people hate them!

I am putting together a little gift bag for my 3 loves – my kids are getting a new charger. This is really a gift for me. Stop stealing my chargers!

Tom was my Sunday Funday date last Sunday. We went to a brewery called Ten20.

They have two food options – one is kind of Asian eclectic and one is pizza. We got some Asian nachos and a pizza.

We both liked the food ok but probably wouldn’t pick it again on purpose. The space was really cool, though.

My breakfast burrito one day made me happy!

My other classes had their food day and now all have had one!

My dinners this week were good ones. One night it was the bacon and tomato whole wheat pasta again wtih broccoli:

One night I made Tom the heart shaped nuggets and grilled chicken for myself with some buffalo sauce and homemade light ranch:

And, one night I made Thai peanut sauce with crunchy peanut butter atop cauliflower rice, chicken and vegetables:

My friend Victoria brought this to my house when she came recently and I just tried it. Really good!

The heart shaped nugs of love if you can find them this weekend! I tried one and they are really good!

Tom liked them. Don’t worry – I added more stuff to his plate.

I have been on the hunt for a green and white striped shirt.

I liked Gap’s:

I also liked Target’s:

But, I decided on Loft’s and placed an order. I will let you know if it works out!

I still really like Gap’s version, but I went with the lighter shade.

This was a really random round up of favorites!

What were your faves this week?


23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Favorite no 1: it’s Friday!
    Green looks good on you I think, I really like the blouse you showed a couple of days ago. Jeans and a blouse: perfect combo. My students and daughters gave me compliments when I wore, for me, a really boring combination: black sweatshirt, flared dark blue jeans and black boots… Strange, huh? I guess sometimes simple is the key…
    Favorite no 2: I’m done with the teacher parent conferences! I don’t know why I find them so draining.
    Favorite no 2: skating with the school this Wednesday! It’s so nice to have time to just chat and hang out with the kids! Lovely!
    Enjoy your weekend sweety! ❤


    1. Yes! Thank you! I love that combo – classic! I agree!
      Yay – they really are. Mine are comoing up soon.
      Skating sounds amazing! I had wanted to do that this winter and kind of forgot!
      Same to you!


  2. I don’t like conversation hearts at all but I’d probably buy a bag of the friends ones if I saw them; they’re too cute not to!


  3. I loved the green shirt I wore yesterday! It was a beautiful and very bright Kelly green, which made my heart very happy. I love bright colors! Today I’m wearing my favorite magenta Nike hoodie for casual day at work. Woohoo! I love being comfy on Friday. My week actually felt really fast, since it was my first full week. I know they won’t stay like that, but it was a really great week and helped me figure things out. I’m looking forward to today and even next week! I love those Friends heart candies, but I cannot stand those things. 🤣 I am going to make us some more protein bites for our treat this weekend. They’re delicious! Have the best weekend, my friend!


    1. Love that! I bet you are glad to get your first 5 day week under your belt! The candy – Ha! It sounds like you are figuring out your new routine and it’s going well!


  4. Your dinners sound so good – Thai peanut sauce -YUM! I love Gap’s big shirts, I saw Loft’s and Target’s versions too – so nice to have options. Can’t wait to hear how you like it.
    You have reminded me that I bought absolutely NOTHING for the men in my life for V-Day! Oops!


    1. It was so easy and good! There are lots of recipes out there. I am hopeful I will like the shirt! You don’t have to and I don’t every year. I just got socks and chargers and I am picking up some candy – can’t do that too early because I will be tempted to steal!


  5. Love the green stripes! Those heart shaped nuggets are just the cutest thing! And guess what I just got some of the friends conversation hearts at Walmart this week. They aren’t as good as the regular conversation hearts but really cute packaging! They are fruity flavors, lol. I hope you have the sweetest weekend!


    1. Me too! Thank you! Aren’t they kinda cute? I think they would be cute decor but I am a little late. I like the classic ones but can only eat a few until I get tired of them. I hope you do, too!


  6. Love the striped shirt, I just got one with blue stripes. I found a mini box of conversation hearts and scattered them on a mirrored tray with a bottle of champagne and 2 flutes foe Valentine’s Day.


  7. Chargers as a gift are definitely a win-win. And we go to so many restaurants that are just ok and probably won’t return to. There are so many dining choices in our area, so why settle for mediocre? Have a good weekend.


  8. Those conversation hearts are so fun. You have the best finds. Hadley and I need to think about our February cake to bake…red velvet sounds fun. This has been the longest week for sure. I hope you have a great weekend.


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