Thursday, February 9, 2023

It’s time to link up with Kellyann and Jill to share our recent fashion.

Get out that red and pink, girls! We only have 5 more days to wear our hearts and Valentine’s Day colors.

Last Thursday I wore my Amazon heart sweater to school. I like the material of this sweater and it doesn’t make me hot at all! I paired it with new Target Universal Thread jeans.

Friday I broke out my old white booties. I wore them with my Costco Lucky brand sweater. I’m wearing the same jeans as the day before – gasp!

Sunday I wore this to have a Sunday Funday outing with Tom. I wore my new silk scarf with an old black Amazon Essentials sweater.

These are the same jeans as above but I think they look frumpy with these sneakers. I needed to be super comfy Monday for my three food days.

Tuesday I wore my grey jeans with a black blouse and my J.Crew consignment cardigan I found this year.

And, finally yesterday I wore my very old Amazon pink Burberry with a black column underneath. I did wear shoes – you will be happy to know!

So, nothing really to write home about? I like the little silk scarf outfit the best I think.

What have you been wearing?


16 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I love your pink cardigan outfit and the burberry one too. I need to wear my heart sweater again on Tuesday 🙂 I’m wearing my amazon dark pink turtleneck today and wore a pink sweatshirt yesterday. Of course this isn’t a week I’m documenting what I wore. Although maybe I can start today haha


    1. Thank you! I know – I need to save the big red heart to wear again on Tuesday. Nice! You have a lot of pink I think? I love when you document but you were in survival mode this week!


  2. I love that heart sweater! I have such a love for hearts. I also love the outfit with the new scarf and that pink cardigan, but they’re all so cute and look great on you! I joined in with this link up today with a separate and bonus blog post for the second time this week. (I’ve written two extra posts this week!) I hope you have the best day!


    1. Thank you! I agree – I need to play around more and I also might cut and fray that pair of jeans. I just didn’t really care that day because I knew I would be on my feet more than normal.


  3. Love the pink and red! I’m wearing a red tee shirt with a heart on it today to volunteer. Barely seeing the blue cup too! You can always drop it in the sink for the photo😉


    1. Thank you! And, now I am tired of it. I have two more days to go. Ha! I think the blue cup is kinda funny now. Maybe people will enjoy playing “can I spot the blue cup?” Just keeping on brand around here – super amateur!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I used to wear it with my black swing dress, but lately I just don’t feel like dresses. It is a great pop over piece that looks professional – I agree.


    1. Thank you! It’s a very easy throw on piece that looks professional. I love my new mirror and I can’t believe you remembered her name!
      Any suggestions for a good black dress pant that comes in short length? I really need to upgrade mine.


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