Friday, January 27, 2023

It’s Friday, so I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

Here are some favorites from the week as I look through my camera roll!

Is all Hawaiian coffee wonderful? I found this in a Costco variety box and ordered it on its own from Amazon. So good! I’m open to other coffee recommendations. Yes, I am still using k cups but I do recycle.

These are so good! Artichoke Timbales from Trader Joe’s – I had to look up “timbal” but it’s like a little pie or quiche basically. I think they are 3 WW points each. I will definitely buy these again. They are in the frozen section.

Please make Shay’s bacon and tomato pasta. It was so easy! I cannot wait to make this again!

And, I can’t wait to make another Big Mac bowl. I have never ordered an actual Big Mac! This is just really good and satisfying. I don’t have a recipe but I did google Big Mac sauce and I used Greek non fat plain yogurt with a little bit of mayo to keep the calories down.

I usually talk Tom into a Sunday Funday. In the warm weather we usually boat for a few hours. In the winter, it’s a little bit harder, but we usually find something to just cap off our weekend. Last weekend my friend and I shopped and had some nachos and margaritas. It was just what I needed to be ready for Monday.

My pink lasted longer than my…

burgundy. The burgundy started peeling on one hand after about 3 days. I’m sure there is something I can be doing better. Still learning, but still happy to be learning how to do gel at home. The biggest thing is that my nails are not getting destroyed at the salon by the removal process.

My natural nails are pretty long and strong right now:

This is cute so far and it’s just what I need right now:

This was my old Cerave cleanser, but…

this is even better!

This is the dry shampoo I am using now. Love it!

This is the comb I use to tease/get more volume out of my hair. I only use the black side and don’t use the metal side.

What were your faves this week?


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. My daughter introduced to a fantastic coffee at the coffee place where she works: chai latte with an espresso shot! So good! That is one of my favorites this week!
    Batiste is the best dry schampoo, but a bit pricey. My daughter (the coffee one) uses tons of my dry schampoo all the time… I even try to hide it from her! πŸ˜€
    You’ve never had a Big Mac!? Why are Americans so afraid of McDonald’s!?


    1. I love chai latte so I might like that! Wow! What a good idea. Ok – if I do my coffee date with Mason soon I will try it. We have tentative plans to have Cuban coffee next.
      It is really good but we can find Batiste at TJ Maxx. Do you have your plane tickets for Florida this summer? Maybe you can find it at TJ Maxx in FL.
      Haha – Tom has had lots of Big Macs, but I was a cheeseburger or filet o fish girl. We really are. I love McDs a couple of times a year. I think McDs became a symbol of American poor health and people became embarrassed.


      1. You must try the chai latte with an espresso shot! I had it yesterday again and I love it! My husband thinks it’s too christmasy… (men!)
        I HAVE PLANE TICKETS! It’s surreal! It’s been four years!!!!
        OK, thanks for telling me about McDonald’s, I’ve always wondered. In Sweden it’s 100% normal and a lot of families with kids eat at McDonald’s during the weekends (you know after soccer and such).


  2. You’re doing so great on your nails! I like the burgundy, but I really loved that light pink. Do you have lots of colors to choose from? I’ll be honest and confess that’s one reason I like to go get them done at the salon. I am always getting new colors! I’ve learned that if I ask my friend to cut them really short each time, I can stretch the visits out to four weeks, maybe even five if I file them at home.

    I hope you have a great and restorative weekend, my friend. I’m already filling mine in with plans since my husband is working all weekend. I’m meeting my dad and stepmom for dinner tonight, to continue on with our Fridays with Dad in a different version. I don’t know what I’m doing for the rest of the weekend yet, but I want to do something fun! Here’s to hoping that we both get what we need!


    1. Thank you! I would say I have at least 20 colors because I bought a couple of sets of smaller bottles and was given one at Christmas. I agree on the variety being a big factor. When I had mine done, I could definitely go 3 weeks.
      Thank you so much. I love how you have kept your priorities and just adjusted them. Your Saturdays and Sundays will be different and feel different now and remember to take care of yourself.


  3. My favorite from this week was finally making it to the shore yesterday and seeing the waves/ smelling the briny ocean air. It was brutally windy but oh so wonderful!


  4. I think planning something fun for Sunday is key to getting the most out of the weekend. I finally made up my mind to return the gel kit because my fingers actually stung a bit when I put them under the light, and the colors kept peeling off so I figured it was time to let it go. Your nails look so good though – I think my situation was rare and most people would be just fine!


    1. I do, too! I feel like this is a newer concept for me. My fingers sting a bit, too, but I thought that was the heat. I don’t know – I should be able to get more than two days out of them. I do use my nails as tools too much, so it might just be me. I think the lighter colors are more forgiving, too. I don’t know. I am trying it for now, but I am sure I will mix it up again.
      Have you tried the impress press ons? I think you might really like them if you cut and file them to active length – or more active length. They come in short, but they were till too long for me. I feel like you tried them but you didn’t cut them down.


  5. Your Sunday funday is great. I hardly want to leave the house on Sundays. Saturday is about the only day I want to go do β€œall the things.” I hope you have a great weekend!


    1. I know! I can go all day Sunday not leaving the house, but then I think it would be good to go out and do one thing and I want to make it fun because all the tasks are completed!


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