Saturday, January 28, 2023

This will be my first Saturday post ever – I think! I am linking up with Jennifer and others for this special linky party.

So…Happy Saturday!

I know this will be somewhat redundant if you are a regular reader so I apologize in advance. Since we are almost to the end of the month, I am going to share my four somethings from the month of January.


I have loved the milder January and the fact that I have margin and space in my schedule. Most days I come directly home from school and take Ernie for a walk. I run to my patio anytime the weather cooperates. It has been so good for my mental health.

One reason why I have had more time in my schedule is because I have done a Frugal January. I have tried to have several no spend days. I get time and money this way! I’m not running around spending money. I have usually had Monday-Wednesday as no spend days. Sometimes I have to order something online on one of these days, but most of the time it isn’t urgent and I just put it in my next Kroger or Amazon order and don’t click buy right away. Usually I do a grocery pick up on Thursday and that way I am set for the weekend. My biggest spend day is Saturday.

I know, Ernie! We need time to just roll in the grass!

I am at a stage in my life where my time after school is my own most days. I think there is so much to say for not over-scheduling no matter what stage of life you are in, though. I have a couple of hours most days before I start dinner.


The only book I have been able to read and finish is this:

It may very well be my favorite book this year or one of my favorites.


I learned that my oven died this month! I guess it has given me about 20 years of service?

While we wait on its replacement, my air fryer does more than air fry and it’s been a lifesaver. I have even baked cake and cornbread in this puppy. So glad Tom convinced me to get this rather than a small air fryer.


I ate much healthier in January and I didn’t suffer at all. Most of my meals have come from Slender Kitchen website. I have enjoyed dabbling in Thai and Asian foods!

Here is a recent buffalo turkey meatball meal that I ate:

A recent Thai chicken with peanut sauce meal that I made for hub and I:

a vegetable soup meal that I ate for school lunch:

A Big Mac bowl meal that I made for school lunch:

and a whole wheat pasta with bacon and tomatoes meal that I made for dinner and lunch:

See what I mean? It does not look like I am sacrificing flavor. I have still had my sweet tooth, so that is something I need to work on.

This week I made breakfast burritos during my Sunday prep and I think I will do that again, but make some more southwestern with Morningstar Farms chorizo crumbles.

What are four somethings you would share today? Or, just one something?


16 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings

  1. A Saturday post! What a treat!
    You’re doing so good with taking care of yourself! Those extra hours after work is nice, especially if you can spend them with Ernie of course <3.
    Here is me: loved: spending weekends in the city with the whole family (well not always of course, the girls are getting older!); read: I'm in the middle of Remarkably bright creatures and I love it; learned: "stress is just a mindset", or something… I'm trying to cope with my stress levels…; ate: well, pizza yesterday… sometimes you don't have the energy to cook, right!
    Enjoy your Saturday, and thank you for the extra post!


    1. Aww, glad you like it! I am really learning and trying my best.
      I am on the library list for that book and very excited! Our job is always going to be stressful, but I just try to be present for the students and see what they need. I think they need more fun so whenever I can make it fun that makes me happy.
      I am still thinking about the amazing pizza at the Whole Foods deli counter and might get that today.
      Enjoy your Saturday, too, friend!


      1. I should give my students more fun… It’s so much about social behaviour when they are 13-16…. I should lighten up! That’s actually my word for 2023: lighten up. I guess I am not following it…
        Good pizza is so nice! But the dough needs to be nice and it can’t be too heavy you know!


  2. Yea! A Saturday post! Sometimes I only have Saturdays to catch up so I like reading current things. I just checked and my library doesn’t have your book so I’ll need to keep an eye out. I’m on the hunt for something good – although I’m reading three different books right now none are “I can’t put this down”.
    I’m learning lots in my new job and also am figuring out that it does NOT come first – I even got away for lunch (and one tennis clinic) two days this week!
    I’m struggling in the food department – no one to cook for so I tend to just eat “whatever” – I’m always impressed by your discipline to cook and eat what you make.
    I can’t say enough about having margin in your life – so important! Thanks for sharing today. I did a WUW post this week:


    1. Aww, thank you! I am the same. I use Saturdays to catch up on all the blogs I missed. I also catch up on comments. I am very behind this week!
      I hate when I get a mediocre book and just don’t want to read it. I have a lot of requests at the library right now.
      That is great! I am glad you are not putting your job first. It’s so hard, especially at the beginning of a new job.
      I get that – I think you have to think about what you really enjoy eating and then it won’t see like drudgery. Think about what you would order at a restaurant. Is it fancy salads? Buy a couple of fancy ingredients. Is it Asian dishes? Pasta? Check out Slender Kitchen as they only make 4 servings. You could even half the recipes. I do that sometimes.
      Checking out your post now!


  3. What a fun surprise and treat to have a Saturday post! I need to be more intentional about getting out on my patio when we have a mild winter day. I’m not usually home from work until 6:30 but it is a good reminder to make it happen on weekends when the fickle Midwest weather allows. Going to look for that book. I’m currently reading The Winemaker’s Wife and it’s been really engaging so far. I definitely need to up my food prep game. Always love seeing your lunches. Have a good weekend!


  4. Your meals look good and I’ve been thinking about getting an air fryer and now you’ve almost got me convinced. Your dog is adorable. Hope you have a great weekend.


    1. I really love mine. I think you need to consider counter space. If you get a small one that you can put away you can’t really cook enough for a big family. If you get one like mine you do need counter space. Thank you so much!


  5. I have two Labs and we enjoyed time outside yesterday while it was 51 degrees. A deep freeze is headed our way next week, so it was good to capture that time while it lasted. I enjoyed your food photos!


  6. Those meals look so good! I love soup when it’s cold, but honestly, I could eat it everyday of my life. I also loved the mild January we had here and the picture of Ernie wallowing in the grass. He’s such a handsome boy. 🖤


  7. Always love Ernie content! I’ve been eating better this month which is nice. I’ve made an effort to even eat weekend lunches at home. Trying to get back on track. I will have to add that book to my list. I’m on a posting streak with Bloganuary. I tend to have more time on the weekends but obviously less people read on the weekend. It’s provided some fun topics though. Hope you had a great Saturday!


  8. Our oven broke once and took us awhile to replace, it was before the time of the popularity of air fryers but we made do with the stove top, crock pot, and toaster oven. I barely missed it too! Enjoy your hours after school!


  9. For your sweet tooth……….mini marshmallows. It’s my go too for dessert during the weekdays. Not many calories for a lot of sweetness. BTW I learned that one from you. I just leave out the chocolate chips.


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