Thursday, January 26, 2023

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill!

What have you been wearing lately? I am trying to circulate through all of my winter clothes to make sure everything gets worn. I have done numerous edits so most things are staying.

But first, some updates…

Jeans January – I started the month doing Jeans January and wearing jeans each day. I have now worn each pair at least once and some twice. I do think it served the purpose of getting me to eat more healthy foods to feel better in my jeans. Once I started making TikTok videos I didn’t want to always be in jeans, so I have pretty much let that go.

23 in 2023 – I have already bought more than two new things this month that I will show you soon. But, I also had Christmas money to spend. I have not gone off the rails yet, but I could with an order I am waiting on. Oh well!

Old Navy – I had not bought much from here in maybe the last two years, but I am having a moment. Their stuff seems of higher quality now. Anyone else think that?

Vaugu London – Still waiting on my order of two dresses and a top. I saw an IG ad for the cutest dress and they advertise as “being made for women’s bodies”. I absolutely hate to mail returns back so that’s a big dread if the things don’t work. I placed my order about 10 days ago, so we will see.

Monday I started the week off with black hearts:

Tuesday was more black and an old Norstrom bat wing sweater:

Wednesday was more black:

Meh – nothing to write home about.

What have you been wearing lately?


18 thoughts on “Fashion Files

    1. Yes! I get free shipping, but like to return in store since I am in a big city. I would be just like you if I lived in the country. Going to the post office is a nightmare here. When I do go to return something, I go to the UPS Mailboxes, Etc. store.


  1. I love your sweater with the black hearts! You always look great with all of your outfits, even if you think they’re just subpar. Neutrals and black is a theme for everyone right now. I’m in them today as well, and I was yesterday too. I’m going to pick a brightly colored shirt for tomorrow! Happy almost Friday, my friend!


  2. Love the black heart sweater! Not been buying anything. Spent too much this fall and winter, so taking a break. The good news is that I won’t need to spend so much for those seasons next year, because my wardrobe is where to needs to be for awhile. Not sure I need much for spring and summer…but I already have my eyes on a few things. 😀


    1. Thanks! That’s great! I have stayed out of most stores this month which has helped. My purchases have all been online. It’s always fun for me to save for a few spring things!


  3. I agree about Old Navy! I pulled out 2 tops to wear this week from there and was reminded what great basics they have. I love the white pullover that you have from there and am making myself stay away so I don’t go in and grab one!


    1. I used to not think the quality was there. I would wash and be so disappointed, but I really think it’s better now. I am always needing black, white, cream, and chambray so I am very happy with my purchases. I am doing basically a whole Old Navy post next week! But, maybe you should go grab one. I kinda want the black version of the white pullover now, too.


    1. It is from Amazon an Savieh brand. I linked it a long time ago. Let me know if you can’t find it. I have this brand rug as my runners in the hallway and in my bedroom. It looks much more expensive than it is.


    1. Thank you! Yes! It’s time to pull that out and all the pink and red. It’s going to be February next week! Wow! Thank you – I am enjoying taking my pics at home instead of in my classroom. The tripod is always slightly blurry.


  4. I totally went off the rails this week: went thrifting. That was still okay as I still had cash to spend so I think I spent less than $20 out of pocket this month on clothes. However I just went and bought some undergarments… nice ones at the mall. Thinking… does it count? My strapless bra was 2-3 years old and in need of replacing and while there I got f few more things. I say it doesn’t count as clothes lol! No matter: no regrets!


  5. I am thinking the same thing about Old Navy! It does seem that they are stepping up their style and quality lately.
    I love your new mirror so much, all of your photos look so good. That sweater vest is so good!


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