Wednesday, January 25, 2023

It’s time for the last Wednesday of the month’s What’s Up Wednesday with Sheaffer and Shay!

So what’s up with you? Here’s what’s up with me!

What We’re Eating

I made a Big Mac bowl for Erica and I to have for lunch on one of my days this week. Yum!

I made Shay’s bacon and tomato pasta and you have got to make this! This was dinner for Tom and I and a lunch for Erica and I at school. It was also very easy. I can’t wait to make this again. I made it with whole wheat pasta and I made Tom’s with angel hair.

We also ate chili and tacos that I had made over the weekend.

What I’m Reminiscing About

I am kinda nostalgic for the 6 of us – my two sisters and the three guys. We all loved Kate’s first ex-husband (sorry again, Kate!) Kate is the blonde and is the middle child, and Molly is the one on the right and the baby.

I did the photo of the six of us out to tell about my plane ride story yesterday.

I also found this picture. Tom wishes he still had that hair and I wish I still had that body. We can’t all have what we want, though, can we now?

Alexa announced that Tom’s hair products had arrived yesterday and I said, “Alexa, does Tom have hair?” She responded with…

“Hmmmm, I’m not sure.”

Exactly, Alexa!

What I’m Loving

I discovered this Hawaiian coffee in a variety box from Costco and I love it! I ordered more from Amazon.

I changed out my pale pink home gel mani to…


What We’ve Been Up To

Tom and I went to eat Cuban Saturday night and each had a salad with grilled chicken.

It’s hard to say no to plantain chips and guacamole.

Then, on Sunday afternoon I asked my friend to have a bit of a Sunday Funday and we shopped in a few boutiques and then had $5 margaritas (as good or better than mine) and…

homemade potato chip nachos!

Apparently this place offers $5 Bloody Marys and $5 margaritas all day Saturday and Sunday. It is a locally owned pizza place with more than just pizza called Boombozz. They have really unique pizzas, too, and have won lots of awards.

What I’m Dreading

A few stressful things happening this spring at school. Some testing I am involved with is one of them and another one is a relatively new club that I am in charge of.

What I’m Working On

All of my classes are having food days. I bought a plantain to fry up just for fun. Fried food doesn’ t reheat well so I try to steer them away from that.

What I’m Excited About

When am I not excited about this? My happy place! I love being able to sit on my patio. I had a lovely afternoon this weekend with a jam jar of wine, a candle, and a book.

A few little Valentine’s touches…

What I’m Watching/Reading

I started this on Netflix and I’m really liking it!

Tom and I are watching Bad Sisters on Apple TV.

I started reading this book:

What I’m Listening to

My students! A few podcasts!

What I’m Wearing

This Old Navy pullover as much as I can!

Black and jeans as much as I can!

What I’m Doing this Weekend

Not quite sure yet!

What I’m Looking forward to next month

My January frugal challenge being over! No, I do plan to continue to be frugal, but I have been recording expenditures and I am kinda over it.


26 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. I pinned that pasta dish. Thanks for answering my question yesterday about which was Kate and which was Molly. Family divorce is always sad…when my sister got her divorce, my kids missed their uncle. I was so emotional during that, but I know my sister was even more so, and their kids. I come from a long line of divorce…my mom and dad both had multiple marriages, but even so, I had an excellent childhood and they remained friends. They also never spoke a bad word about the other, which is very rare. Thanks for sharing today!


    1. Yay! Let me know if you like it. No problem. It is. At the time of her divorce like 12 years ago my kids were only 8 and they lost “their best friend Uncle Aaron”. They adored him. It made me realize how much it affects the whole family and the family dynamic, too. We had a great thing the 6 of us for many years. I loved our times together and all the laughing and the jokes.
      The good thing is that now my sister and her first ex are friends. It took a while.
      I am glad you had such a positive situation, but I know it was still hard in many ways. And, we always mourn the loss of the dream of the family together.


  2. We liked In the Dark too. Oh the sweet throwbacks, I just love them look at you pretty girl! That big Mac bowl looks fun but can you believe I’ve never had a big Mac? Have a wonderful Wednesday!


    1. I can only watch it in the daytime cuz I’m a baby! The irony, right? Thank you so much. I have never ordered one, either. They don’t have tomatoes apparently but I add tomatoes to my burger bowl because I love them!


  3. The big mac bowl and the potato chip nachos………making my mouth water, lol. Asking Alexa about Tom…………so funny. Love the throw back pictures. I think Ernie needs a dedicated post once a week. “A day in the life of Ernie”.


    1. Right? I need to get out my mandolin (not the musical instrument) and slice some potatoes really thinly and try to re-create it! I didn’t have anyone to talk to except Alexa so I enjoyed it! I am so glad Ernie has a fan in you. He is the best.


  4. Oh Amy, how I love your blog! Great post! I’m chilling after a long workday with a glass of wine (yes, on a Wednesday) and your post made me really happy.
    So, teacher to teacher, try to think of those extra things that you have to do this term as something fun for you! Be egoistic and modify it so it suits you in every possible way. I sat at the coffeshop where my 18 year old works and a bunch of her friends turned up. We had such a good time, it’s a treat to be among kids! (If you aren’t in a mood for pep talk, sorry… :-D)


    1. Thank you, fan club president! There is nothing wrong with wine on a Wednesday! In fact, we have lots of restaurants that do half price wine for “Wine Down Wednesday”.
      I know – I do try to make everything fun. It pays off.
      I love that you sat in a coffee shop. The young people give you energy. I have a gaggle of girls that talk to me every morning before class and I love their energy.


    1. I will try! The food and margs were decadent and such a treat. Thank you! I know – I don’t want to be frugal anymore but I need to continue in February. I just don’t want to record my frugality anymore. I am posting a spending diary next week.


    1. Thank you! I had fun digging through albums. I was such an album nerd. Let me know if you like the pasta. I am really craving pasta this winter. I love whole wheat and just find you cook it a bit longer to get it softer like a regular pasta.


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