Wednesday, January 18, 2023

This blog post may bore you to tears! You’ve been warned.

I love to cook, but I will admit that cleaning is not my favorite. That being said, I love a clean house. I hate clutter and I love the smell of “clean”.

I have had a cleaning person twice. The first time was $250 for the whole house for the first visit and I wasn’t that impressed. The second time I can’t remember how much it was and it was a different person. I didn’t know the person yet so I stayed there and it just felt weird. Hiring someone is not in the budget and I also think I want to do it myself (with Tom). Or, I want to have a better division of labor. He really can’t do much during the week because he doesn’t get home until 6:00. He does almost all of the Ernie related jobs.

Tom is a great cleaner, but he doesn’t do it often enough for me and he takes an extremely long time. And, like I said, he can really only do it on the weekends. I would like to not fill my weekends with all the cleaning tasks.

I know there are different schools of thought – some like to have the whole house clean at the same time. I am ok with dividing the tasks so that it isn’t so overwhelming on any given day.

It definitely helps that there are only two humans making messes now.

I am really working to improve my skills and my efficiency.

I bought this booklet/pad on Amazon:

This is what it looks like inside (same as the cover):

It doesn’t fit my plan, but I like the idea of checking off boxes.

Here is my tentative plan:

Everyday – Load and unload dishwasher, cook dinner and clean up, pick up after myself, wipe down bathroom counter and shower glass every time I use these areas.

Monday – Dust

Tuesday – vacuum, sweep and mop kitchen and mudroom

Wednesday – grocery pick up, unload groceries and clean out fridge freezer to some degree

Thursday – my laundry (one load), water plants (Thirsty Thursday), collect trash because Friday is trash day

Friday – Really don’t want to do anything on this day!

Saturday – sheets and towels (one to two loads)

Sunday – bigger cleaning tasks with Tom as needed, meal prep

Other things I am trying/debating:

-Trying to have less so I have less to clean

-Buying the best and most efficient cleaning products. I would like a cordless stick vac and I am debating the O-Cedar mop system. I only have the kitchen and mudroom to mop and currently use Swiffer mopping pads. Is it worth it? Also, where do I store the bucket when not in use? I don’t have lots of space. We have a Dyson Animal currently for vacuuming

-I want the cleanest cleaners (less toxic) but I don’t like the smell of vinegar and I want the products to work. I love the smell of bleach. Ha!

I am open to suggestions!

Favorite tutorital to watch or IG follow?

Favorite cleaning products?


Vacuum and mop suggestions?

Do you like to clean?


51 thoughts on “New Cleaning Routine

  1. I think I’m fortunate and much to the envy of my girlfriends, my hubby does nearly all our cleaning and housework. The only thing I really help him with is changing the bedsheets as they can be a struggle to stretch over. And I must admit he is far better at ironing than me.


  2. Love my O’Cedar spin mop. i used to clean the floors on my hands and knees and the microfiber mop does a great job (laminate wood-look floors). Per GoCleanCo, I use 1 tsp. of powdered Tide and very hot water. If you don’t follow her, check out her Instagram. I store it in my garage.


  3. I loved having a cleaning service but now that I work from home it’s awkward – I LOVED coming home and smelling how clean my house was. My family on the other hand hated it. I think they didn’t like having to pick up things before the cleaning, no idea but I am team LET’S HIRE!!! But that is not the plan now, it’s me, I am the cleaning lady. I have no schedule and just do what I can. I follow an account on Tik Tok and she has a cleaning schedule that’s basically you start on one side of the house and work your way over each day. Her account is called KeepItSimpleSparkles and she is awesome when it comes to organizing and efficiency.
    Right now I have a list of things I am working through and eventually I’ll put together a cleaning schedule!


    1. Ha – I bet! It used to be like a cleaning fairy came! Oh yeah – the irony of the cleaning before the cleaning crew came!
      I started following her! Thank you!


  4. I really do not to clean either but do find it more manageable to do a little bit every day. I could never get away with just doing one load of laundry each day! I did 4 loads yesterday and have at least 4 more for today. I tend to go room by room so that by the end of the week everything has been cleaned… and then it’s time to start all over again.


    1. I get into great routines in the summer, but it’s the school year that gets harder and I don’t want to spend an entire Saturday cleaning. I am doing better with daily tasks. I do the kitchen everyday to keep it tidy. I pick up clutter daily, too. I think the best thing I ever did was to have each person do their own laundry. Tom has always done his own. The only problem is that the other three take a long time and hold the washer and dryer hostage. I get mine in and out and the house laundry in and out. Ha! That is so true!


      1. My boys and husband do most of their own laundry too but I’m in charge of all the sheets/ blankets/ towels/ bath mats, etc. I do 1 load of laundry for alec on Wednesday while he’s at school since he only has 1 karate uniform and karate is on Tuesday and Wednesday ( and uniforms have been impossible to find since the pandemic).


  5. As you know, I love to clean! However, I am in the team of cleaning the whole house at once, every two weeks. I like having everything clean at once. It is a good reset every couple of weeks. Of course, between whole house cleanings, I attend to clutter and make sure that the kitchen surfaces and floor are cleaned every few of days. The kitchen is the workhorse room and needs more TLC. I also put clean sheets on the bed once a week. Wow, I could talk about cleaning all day. I get very “Zen” about it. The rituals, for me, are actually soothing. Weird, right? Plus, house cleaning is good exercise. 😀


    1. I hope to get on your level! The dog adds lots of cleaning and chores to be honest, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait to talk cleaning in person!


  6. I do have the O Cedar mop, but the bucket is an issue if you don’t have room. When I mop, it’s great. I do a lot of spot cleaning with the dogs on the downstairs floors, which are laminate. I love (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) our Dyson Stick. It’s great at quick run throughs and if you keep the filter clean, it works great. The trick is to empty the cannister after or before each use. We have FOUR dogs in our house! I hate dirty floors and don’t ever want the house to smell like dog, so I vacuum everyday (sometimes more than once) and I use candles and great smelling products to clean with, like Mrs. Meyers. I do also keep 409 on hand for when I cook with raw chicken and to disinfect, but mostly I use the Mrs. Meyers.

    My mom taught me to do little things everyday, like you mentioned. So, almost everyday, the toilets/sinks/tubs get cleaned, I do one load of laundry a day, I vacuum/spot clean floors everyday, I clean kitchen counters everyday. I’m bad at fans, dust boards, sheets, and blinds. I also keep things neat and tidy all the time, so that helps, but a big problem for us can be paper clutter. I know things have to stay out (reminders and such for paying certain bills), but I keep much of it contained in a cute box on our counter. This was a fun read! I love cleaning inspiration posts.


    1. I second and third the Dyson stick vac. SO EXPENSIVE, I know. I was a (generous) gift and we didn’t have it two days when I said “I would have spent my own money on this if I would have known how great it is” 🙂


    2. I don’t have an attached garage so that would be a good place to store it. I would love the Dyson stick but man!
      Thanks for all the great tips. I don’t know if I could ever keep up that routine. You are clean!
      I also hate paper clutter here and at my desk at school. I try to immediately recycle and I take pictures of things I might need.


  7. I like to clean when I have time except for dusting (ugh). I have a cordless Dyson and I love it. I recently purchased the Shark HydroVac cordless and used it for the first time this week. It is AMAZING! Vacuums and mops at the same time and does a great job. Highly recommend! Saves lots of time!


  8. We hired a cleaning service in October that come every 4 weeks. At our age, our energy and ability to do tasks needed became a problem. You may assess differently in advancing age. I agree with your points but physical limitations forced us to overcome those points. It now feels like a weight lifted. Thoroughly enjoy your blog.


    1. That is great – I would think this would be a necessity for some. I just meant to say that a cleaning service is not in the budget right now. I would love to have one when it is. I can imagine what a weight it would be. I totally believe in outsourcing what makes you the happiest. My husband hates mowing the lawn and I always say we can hire it out but he keeps on doing it and I appreciate that.
      Thank you!


  9. Thankfully, Travis married a tidier and I married a cleaner 😂 we do have someone come every other week to clean but we balance each other out the other 13 days in between cleanings. I love that checklist though. I have always felt better with a tidy space. Even when the kids were toddlers, I always picked the toys up so the living room was clean to start the day. As much as I love the fall and Christmas decorations, I always feel better when they are out away. I still haven’t really put out my every day decor yet…probably tonight though.


    1. Jen, I am starting to think Travis is the perfect man. What can he not do? Lol! I guess you are at the point where the person comes and leaves and you never know they are there while you aren’t at home? I could handle that! I am neat and tidy and the house is not cluttered, but I feel like I never get to the big things like baseboards and such. I am trying to stay on top of the newly renovated spaces the most now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol the number of times I’ve heard how great Travis is. Hahaha
        Crazy enough – we came home the other day and homer was in the kennel. He only goes in there if she comes to clean the house. I thought hayden put him in there that morning and hadley went in her room to her bed that was meticulously made and said that the cleaner must have come. I looked around the house and realized it was clean and tidy. Didn’t even know she was coming that day. Literally a cleaning fairy.


  10. My husband and I both work full time and cleaning is the last thing I want to do when I get home at 5:30! I am obsessed with my Dyson stick vacuum. My mom encouraged me to get one, and when she said it would change my (cleaning) life, she was right! Sweeping is my least favorite chore and having a vacuum that can take care of my hardwood floors is a lifesaver, especially with our dog in the house!


    1. Same! It wouldn’t happen if I didn’t get home til then. But, since I can get home by 3 I think I can do a few things. That is good to know! Now I really want one!


  11. And…I might add…wow…this is my third comment about cleaning. Weird. Anyway, I just want to say that as much as I love to clean, I don’t want to do it everyday…that is why I am in the clean the house at one time team. 😀


  12. I love a clean house and do enjoy cleaning! I clean the whole house thoroughly once a week have some tasks I do daily such as make the bed and wash dishes/empty dishwasher. When the kids lived at home I was not able to devote one entire day to cleaning. We have luxury vinyl floors throughout our house. I use a re-usable microfiber Swiffer to clean them and spot mop as needed (we don’t wear shoes in our house or have pets). We also have a Dyson stick, which I love! I don’t like the smell of vinegar, either, so have never cleaned with it. I’ve never had a cleaning service or a housekeeper. I actually dread when/if the time comes when I’m no longer able to clean my home. Lol


  13. This is such a good cleaning goal. I don’t do so well with this and it is just 2 people and no pets in my house! I try to just pick up most days, run the dishwasher when needed and only do laundry 1 or 2 days a week anymore. I have the O-Cedar mop, but honestly don’t use it too much. It does take up storage room, which mine sits out in my laundry room. I think I would just prefer to use my Swiffer Wetjet most of the time when I really need to clean my floors.


    1. That’s all it is is a goal at this point. I think the WetJet is probably more my speed. I feel like I wouldn’t go to all the trouble to get out the bucket. I am going to try hot water and Tide today! Escited! I will have the house to myself for a bit and turn on some podcasts.


  14. I struggle with cleaning the house on a routine. The new planner I got for this year has daily checklists that are helping, but it’s still a constant battle for myself! The planner is by the Passionate Penny Pincher!


  15. Once the kids left cleaning became “easy” – ha! I did the whole “Flylady” thing back in the day and it saved my life when I had 4 under 5 and through the years. I laughed at the pad’s “monthly” list – really??? That’s more like quarterly (or more) for me :/
    I don’t know what it’s like to have a cleaning person… But one time I was housesitting for my sister and came in after her cleaning people had been there and I was so impressed. I think it would be neat to come home to a house somebody else cleaned 🙂


  16. I’m all in on the Clean Mama system right now. It really works for me. I like the O-Cedar system. It’s a pain for sure to store the bucket. I keep it either in the laundry room or in the garage. Usually I use the Bona floor cleaner (the one with the green label) and a microfiber mop to go over kitchens and bathrooms if they need it. I’ll use the actual O-Cedar system (with the Tide and the really hot water) maybe once every two weeks.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE our Dyson stick vacuum. Annoyingly expensive but an absolute game-changer.


    1. I will have to check that out! I ordered powdered Tide and will try that with my current mop first. My garage isn’t attached but that would be a great place to store it. I could probably make room in my hall closet. I will look for that cleaner – I have heard of it. I ordered a Shark stick because I just couldn’t pay that price right now. Costco has it so I may get it in the future. Thanks for all the tips!


      1. My mom visited a month or two after we got the Dyson stick and then she, who had had the same vacuum since 2004, bought one when she got home. We have gone through a lot of vacuums with all the remodeling and this one is my favorite.


      2. We have the big Dyson Animal but it is probably 15 years old? I guess we could justify another big vaccum purchase since this has lasted so long.


  17. I 100% recommend a robot vacuum. We have 2 Shark robot vacs and one inside blue heeler dog who sheds more than I care to admit. I couldn’t live without the Sharks. I also buy the Passionate Penny Pincher planner every year. It has soooo many checklist for home management (cleaning, organizing, etc). It has changed my life; this is my 4th year having one. I always buy the paper version, because I like having a physical list.


  18. I hate cleaning and thankfully my husband has mostly taken over most of it. Even if it’s not done when I want it done or how I want it done I’m just thankful I’m not the one having to do it. The ocedar mop is good because I like to use it for other things besides floors (walls, doors, etc) and I have an attached garage I keep it in. My favorite cleaning products are powder tide (for floors, bathtubs/showers and general cleaning), Fabulouso and good ole blue dawn!


    1. You are so lucky! I don’t exactly hate it, but my energy is all gone by the time I get to cleaning and I don’t feel confident about my skills. I always feel that I am missing something. I just ordered some powdered Tide and I only use Dawn. It takes out grease from clothing, too. I need more Fabuloso – thanks for the reminder!


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