Monday, January 23, 2023

Ok, you all – now we start a stretch of 4 five day weeks but in a way it’s a good thing. The kids need their routine, I need my routine, and I have a lot of fun things planned. We have Cultural Experiences in all my classes – that is my educational term for FOOD DAY! It is for a grade and they have to cook an authentic dish from any Spanish speaking country. We have some fun Valentine’s vocabulary to learn, and some fun Valentine’s speaking activities to do so it’s all good, but it will also be exhausting in the best way. If you are a teacher or have been one – you know what I mean!

I am linking up today with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday!

But, first, I want to thank you for all the great information you gave me in regard to my Cleaning post here. I can’t believe how much you all wanted to talk about cleaning! Love that!

I also want to thank you for the sweet words about my surprise gift from my sister here. I told her to go back and read the comments. I just think I have the kindest, more supportive readers out there. I didn’t post the story to shine any light on me, but to share how thoughtful she was. It was a reminder to me to pay it forward.

Also, an update on my Tik Tok status…I hope you know I’m not taking this too seriously at all! I have now posted 7 videos with a grand total of 32 million views between all of them. What the heck? I seriously thought I would have 50 views and they would be my students.

I went to talk to my principal about it after the first couple videos went “viral”. I had to look up what that even meant. I opened with, “So, I’ve accidentally gone viral on Tik Tok” and he loves it and is supportive of it. If you know Spanish, I have posted videos about pronunciation of the two LLs, the H, the C and G, and about when to use por or para, the verbs ir and ser in the simple past tense, and the present subjunctive tense.

After all that teaching Spanish last week, I needed a Friday after school margarita! Oh yeah! This is supposed to be skinny, but who knows?

My cordless Shark had arrived! Blue was the cheapest so blue it was! I couldn’t use it Friday because it had to charge. Friday night Tom had a Totino’s pizza and I had random fridge leftovers. I went to bed at 9 so I was up with the birds on Saturday and ready to clean! I love my new Shark! I cleaned the whole main level of the house while listening to podcasts. I used the powdered Tide with hot water and my Swiffer with the wet mopping pads that don’t have anything on them. It felt good to have a clean house at the beginning of the weekend.

I ran errands that included Trader Joe’s wine shop, Trader Joe’s, an Old Navy online return, the library, and Walmart Neighborhood Market (just the grocery of a Walmart).

I bought a new item at Trader Joe’s in the freezer section that is like an artichoke fritter and it is delish! I also made a small Spanish omelette. This was my breakfast and lunch.

I spent time putting all the stuff away and then J and M came home to host some friends in the basement. I made them ham and swiss sliders.

It warmed up enough for me to get my outside time reading on the patio.

I used my candle my niece made me, a bottle of wine that Elizabeth decorated for me, and I enjoyed the wine out of a tiny jam jar. Love drinking out of mason and jam jars. Do you? I had also cleaned out my candle collection and my pantry – two things I had needed to do!

I got a photo of one of my cutie nieces going to winter homecoming:

I fixed myself up a bit to go to eat at Mojito en Havana with Tom. Tom is behind me but it looks like my hair has a big crease in it!

I got to use my clutch!

Plantain chips and guac!


Tom and I both got salads with chicken but we each got a different salad. Their salads are to die for.

We came home and watched a bit of telly.

I went to bed early again but I slept in a bit more than on Saturday. Then, I was so surprised to wake up to snow!

I started this book:

I did burritos and one egg mcmuffin for my breakfast prep:

I also made chili for our dinner and prepped a couple of other things.

Tom went out to work on my car and looked kinda funny:

His assistant Ernie was also ready to go. My car heater hasn’t been working properly so Tom thinks he knows what is wrong.

How was your weekend? Any highlights?


25 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. You are a Tik Tok Star! I love it!
    Your Saturday outfit looks so good and how funny that Tom was standing in just the right spot to give you the look of big hair!
    Looks like you got a lot done this weekend and that feels so good. We were pretty busy out and about all weekend. I really need a day home to clean!


  2. Go TikTok cutie. I joined a year ago and thought 34k likes was good but WOW! Go
    Girl go. Love the snow and your niece is so cute! Your beaded bee too! Hope the routine feels good. I love routine. Even have one for our pup, lol. Happy fresh week!


    1. Thanks! Or, should I say gracias! I think all this means is that kids need help with Spanish!
      Thank you so much! You too! Keep wearing all that pink – it looks great on you!


  3. Your weekend sounds like it was great! I loved the outfit you wore out on your date. Your dinner sounds and looked amazing! I love Cuban food, but we don’t have any places like that around here that I know of. You have a busy few weeks ahead of you, but I’m like you and would be ready for routine again. After those weeks it’ll almost be spring break, won’t it? When are you out for that? I’m curious if you get a week like the schools here in our district. The highlight of my weekend is hard to pick, because I had so many great moments, but I’ll pick Saturday night out with my husband. It’s always good to reconnect. Have a great day, my friend!


    1. Thank you! Maybe you should do Cuban when you come? We have lots!
      We have 8 weeks until Spring Break! Yes, we actually get a week and a day. We are out the Friday before, too. It is! I was so happy to go out, too.


  4. I ordered “The Four Agreements” this weekend! How strange is that! We must be on the same wavelength! 😀
    The new mirror is perfect! Your sister seems wonderful! I’m an only child (which was fine), but I’m very happy to have given my daughters a friend for life in their sister!
    I’m so with you on all the fun things in school: it’s great to do it but it requires a lot of work! I’m in the middle of parent teacher conferences again (early because my students are going to choose high schools) and it’s really nice but I’m so stressed out beforehand!
    Weekend was actually great! We saw a sad movie called The Son, fantastically well done (some Oscars I would guess), but you know, sad…
    Happy Monday, let’s do this!


    1. That is really weird! My sister Kate recommended it and come to find out it is based on the Toltecs so I can probably use it in class!
      Thank you – one of my best friends is an only. She is very social. I care deeply that my kids are close and have a strong friendship, so I know what you mean.
      It is so much work all the time but it seems like more right now.
      Hope you had a great Monday!


  5. We woke to a tiny dusting of snow on Sunday; but only on the grass on trees since it had rained up until it tuned to snow nothing stuck to the pavement (perfect snow if you ask me!). We did squeeze in a hike and celebrate a birthday though!


    1. It was so pretty and I was so cozy inside watching it! I took a little walk, too. We hopefully will have arepas and I did have a Colombian student that brought in food, but it’s pretty rare.


  6. So jealous of that snow. I will even take weekend snow at this point 😂 I know February is usually our more winter-ish month…we’ll see! I love your date night outfit!
    (This post just popped up in my feed)


    1. I want one more big snow with a real snow day! Is that too much to ask? I messed up my scheduling a couple of days recently. I also sometimes mess up my post when I open the app on my phone. WordPress can be finicky for me.


      1. I want them same. A pretty 6in snow. Next week looks messy but not necessarily snow? WordPress prompted me to move to the Jetpack app. Things are faster now and less glitchy but I’m not sure why this app now?


      2. The chance of snow on Tuesday has gone up. I know that it will be cold enough next week. My heart wants a snow day, but my brain knows it would be better to not have one.
        I didn’t know there was a Jet Pack app. I will check that out. It’s probably just user error on my part, to be honest!


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