Thursday, January 19, 2023

It’s Thursday and that means Fashion Files link up day with Kellyann and Jill.

Friday, I wore my favorite jeans right now – Target Universal Thread in black – with my Gucci-esque Amazon sweater and my new green Amazon laces in my Madewell sneaks. Seriously, if you need jeans, I say go on and order a few sizes and styles of Universal Thread jeans. These are the quality of Madewell in my opinion. I am comparing them to Madewell because that is the only higher priced brand I have tried on in the last year besides my Wit and Wisdom flares.

Saturday I wore my bright pink sweater again to go eat Mexican – along with my tequila earrings – when in Rome! I also wore my Wit and Wisdom flare jeans with my Hush Puppies beige pumps that look like J.Crew. Sorry I didn’t get a full length photo.

Trader Joe’s bathroom selfie! Why do I always use their restroom? I wore old leggings with my Shu Shops and my new Old Navy cropped polo sweatshirt. Highly recommend!

I don’t think I wore anything special on Sunday, but on Monday I threw this on to wear my grey jeans. I don’t like the white of the cow loafers with the faux fur vest. I have too many animals going on. I just ran up to Fresh Market, so I wasn’t that concerned.

For school Tuesday, I broke my Jeans January and wore Matilda Janes. Did I hear that Cabi bought them? Matilda Jane was going to be no more, but I think I heard that Cabi is going to resurrect the brand. I wore my current favorite star cardigan.

And, I broke Jeans January again for school on Wednesday and wore leggings with Lucky booties and my TJ Maxx sheer sleeved sweater with scalloped neckline. That’s fun to say!

I will tell you why I broke Jeans January; it’s for my Tik Tok career – lol. I was making some more videos and didn’t want to be in jeans. It was a self-imposed rule so I am ok with it. I will wear jeans again at the end of the week.

Has anyone ordered from Vaugu? I gasped when I saw this print below:

I was further intrigued when I read their tagline about clothes for a woman because that would mean that they account for someone having a chestal region to deal with. We shall see. I ordered two dresses and a top. I know that I am also doing 23 in 2023, but a girl has got to live her life! I haven’t kept anything yet! My sister told me I shouldn’t do 23 in 2023! I did so well for two weeks! He, he!

I think I might need these for spring and summer?

I also probably need to stop following Things I Bought and Liked on IG!

Anyway, now you think less of me for breaking my JJ and potentially my 23 in 2023. What have you been wearing? We have had 40s, 50s, and even one day in the 60s. I know the real winter is coming. I can feel it. We get the worst of our winter in February, usually. These temps have made it both easier and harder to dress.

Thanks for stopping by!


19 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. OH I love that black blouse/black legging outfit so much; I rarely think to wear all black. I haven’t been buying much as far as clothes go but I have definitely been adding to my crafting stash…


    1. Thank you! I love all black and don’t do it that often, either. I think we spend somewhere else if not on clothing, right? But, you are crafting away and that is great! You are using the stuff you are buying.


    1. Ha! I will bend the rules however I need to I guess! My sister warned me that it is my hobby and that I shouldn’t restrict myself. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Have a great day!


  2. That little dress is so fun, I can’t wait to see it on you and hear how you like the brand. And my favorite outfit is actually the one you don’t like- I think your Monday outfit was great, not too many animal prints in my opinion.
    And, listen, don’t limit yourself, life is for living!


    1. I just loved the print! We shall see. It is taking a long time to get here. Ha! I think what bothered me more was the tan in the vest with the white in the shoes.
      Thank you! I agree! I just placed a big Old Navy order because things were like $10 each! I am thinking and planning for spring I guess. I have to say that I think ON quality is better than ever.


  3. That Vaugu dress is stunning! I also love those Birks. Hey, I just no one, my friend. You do you! I went down a rabbit hole searching for ways to order from Vaugu- did you order through Amazon? I can’t find a website! Moving on- I loved your outfits this week, as usual! I think my favorite is the day you wore the MJ pants and star cardigan. I love that sweater!

    My favorite day of outfits so far this week was yesterday- I have to have my picture made today for my school ID, so I’m wearing it again today for that! Nobody that saw me yesterday will be there today, but it’s an outfit that I feel good in and that looks good on me. It’s black fitted pants, a blush colored silky shirt from Target, and a mocha colored sweater. Those two colors are my favorites together right now. I’ll have a picture on tomorrow’s blog post….I also have new shoes coming in today that I can’t wait for! I ordered more of those Hey Dudes that I love so much…I have a camo pair right now that I wear all the time, so I ordered some that are greige and a blush pink pair. They’re so comfy and I know I can walk for miles in them since I wore them when we were in the Cape Cod area last fall. If I can do that, I can wear them at a school with hard floors!

    Lastly, I’ll message you on IG about us coming to Louisville in March!


    1. I love a fun print and the dress jumped out to me. I don’t usually do a white background because of the risk of being see through, so we will see. I just ordered through their website. Let me see if I can link for you at the end of my reply. I really love the sweater. It makes me happy!
      I love blush and mocha. I am so happy that I sense you are loving getting dressed each day! It’s so important for you to have comfy shoes – especially with your feet issues.
      Yes – I will think about a list for you.


  4. Love the new Old Navy top. My fave is Tuesday with the MJ and loving that star cardigan! I know what you mean about the weather. It’s been amazing but I also am not used to dressing for warmer temps in winter months.


  5. Sutton has an embarrassing amount of Matilda Jane at this point so I hope they come back. It’s not *my* style but I’m embracing her southern Missouri roots lol.

    I find cow print to be kind of odd? I love cheetah/leopard, maybe the occasional zebra.


    1. You can find it second hand, too, because the quality is so great it can look almost new! I love their pants for me, but that’s really all I have.
      I love cow print! Maybe it’s because I’m from Indiana and I was obsessed with cows and drawing cows for many years. Super weird, right?
      I am kinda over leopard print. My niece hates it and says it looks “ratchet” and that kinda stuck in my head I think. I do have a few things still. If you think about it too long, it’s all odd to wear!


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