Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Here is what I wrote about myself yesterday on the blog:

I am doing WW and have been since April of 2021. I had lost almost 50 pounds and have gained about 20 back because I started slacking and stopped tracking over the summer and into the fall, even though I did continue to make better choices most of the time. I don’t want to live and die by the WW points system and I don’t want to be obsessed, but I think it’s a great system. I am trying to get motivated again.

I just want to say that the hardest part is starting or starting over with tracking and eating healthier. I already feel better in one week. My sister Kate already has loose jeans! You guys! We can do this – together. Let me know in the comments if you are also doing WW.

It starts in the home and at the grocery.

I do not feel one bit bad about tossing the holiday junk. My body is not a trash can. I have a trash can. Or, send it to work with your hub. One teacher brought a big bag of holiday chocolate to pass around at our teacher work day.

Then, use the mindset of “look at all the wonderful things I can eat and should eat and that I love and that my body needs”.

This week I ordered:

spaghetti squash – I can make this a mexican dish or an alfredo dish or simply top it with traditional spaghetti sauce

zucchini – I am going to make a zucchini lasagna bowl

grape tomatoes – I always keep these now because I use them in my Greek and Burrito bowls. I use them on salads, too.

sweet potatoes – I love to cube and roast these

celery – I plan to put laughing cow and everything but the bagel seasoning on this for a snack

*cuties/clementines- trying to use these as my something sweet after each meal

*bananas – my morning snack

avocado – I have found that avocado toast on Keto bread makes a great after school snack if I come home ravenous.

cucumbers – I use these in my Greek bowl to make tzatziki and to have cut up in the bowl. I use them in salads.

iceberg lettuce – this is just my go to for my honey mustard salad, for my Boca burgers or Impossible burgers, and for my Big Mac salad

Greek non-fat yogurt – I make all my sauces with this and a bit of real mayo, I use this in skinny pizza dough, I use this when I make my cake that only has yogurt and water combined with a mix

reduced fat string cheese – I must eat one a day I love it so much.

won ton wrappers for the lasagna cupcake recipe – Oh my how I crave this!

*I am so happy that the new WW plan gives you all fruit for free. I knew for a long time that I needed to eat more fruit.

I think you can tell I am craving all the comfort foods in a healthier form! I haven’t gotten back to Soup Sunday, probably because Tom has a giant pot of soup in my fridge that needs to be portioned out, frozen, or something. He is sensitive about his soup (the only thing he ever makes once a year), so I am staying out of it.

I am still turning to Slender Kitchen as my go to for inspiration and recipes.

The Slender Kitchen Lasagna Cupcakes made from wonton wrappers.

Desserts and snacks are my weakness. Send me any suggestions! I think I will make my Funfetti Cake Mix and freeze some of it.

I am still trying to get 30 grams of protein at each meal which I know fills me up and helps me with those sweet cravings.

I still use Jordan’s Skinny Syrup and fat free half and half in my two cups of coffee.

I still drink my Premier or Fairlife iced coffee drink.

I am trying to drink so.much.water in my Stanley Cup!

So, in case you didn’t know, WW has a “new” plan. It is very similar to the old blue plan. I think it’s really the healthiest plan because it focuses on lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. I get 23 points a day and 28 extra weeklies that I try to save for Saturdays.

Another thing that really helps me is changing what I see in my IG feed. I follow lots of WW and Healthy living people instead of decadent food accounts. I get ideas and inspiration on the daily.

Tom is also eating the way I am for the most part. He even likes cauliflower rice. Protein is important to him, too, so I think he has been pretty happy.

Get a food scale! This is how I know how many ounces I have.

I hope this was helpful? Now, give me all of your best tips!


19 thoughts on “Back on the WW Wagon

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I wrote down the ingredients for your Greek bowls. We will have that one night next week! I love tzatziki sauce…I could eat it on EVERYTHING. Here’s what we had/are having for dinner this week. Last night was leftover night, so Todd finished off the grilled chicken strips from Costco that you told me about, and added them on top of quinoa, black beans, salsa, a drizzle of queso and topped it with guacamole and a few crushed tortilla chips. I had leftover “spaghetti” with the edamame pasta with meat sauce. Tonight we’re having quiche for dinner (4 eggs, cubed ham, spinach, cheese, salt & pep, nutmeg, Dijon mustard, dash of hot sauce). Tomorrow night is something quick, because we have church, so we’ll either do snacks for dinner (similar to a charcuterie board) or leftovers. Thursday night I’ll make taco soup, and I’ll eat on leftovers over the weekend.

    For snacks, here’s what I do: when I crave something sweet after dinner (every single night), I make myself a big cup of coffee, either regular or decaf, and I treat myself with a sweeter creamer. My sons like the regular sweetened creamers like hazelnut or peppermint mocha, so I use their kind with my honey and cinnamon. I’ve tricked my body into thinking this is dessert! It works well for me, every night. For salty snacking, my go to favs are tortilla chips with either guacamole (I buy it in the packs because it stays fresh forever) or hummus (Sabra is our fav). I keep shelled pistachios on hand for snacking, and walnuts or pecans that are “raw”. I tend to crave salty over sweet, so it’s working for me so far. I hope that gives you an idea or two!


  2. I have my Weigh-In Wednesday post all set for my blog tomorrow; I’m going to go back to them every Wednesday until I reach my goal weight (though I haven’t decided if I’ll post on the Tuesday or a double post on that What’s Up Wednesday week…) But I know those posts always help me keep on track. I am so happy to be back to the new/old plan since it’s pretty much the same one I started with and am most familiar with (plus not having pasta and potatoes as zero points has helped me to eat less of them again).


  3. You can do it Amy! It does feel so good to eat healthy food again after the holidays. I have no problem throwing things away or giving them away when I decide enough is enough and I also don’t mind paying a little more for healthy foods. In the long run you save money because illness caused by obesity is expensive too. Reminding myself of that helps.
    I bought won ton wrappers to make those lasagna cups – I can’t wait!!


  4. Good for you! This is inspiring as I am trying to get back on track with eating. This is my first week back at work and my girls back at school, so I need to get in gear. Of course, yesterday, I ate half a candy bar. I am tracking points today and hoping that will give me a wake up call of my snacking and intake. I struggle with the sweets too. I like the idea of having avocado keto toast as a snack. I am always hungry between work and dinner. I hope to spend some time this week really meal planning, looking at all the recipes I have pinned because planning is half the battle for me. It helps knowing we are not alone in this health journey!


    1. Oh I’m so glad! Yes, so hard when the kids are home. Half of a candy bar isn’t bad! I think one key is not letting yourself get too hungry. That happened to me yesterday. I skipped my snack but then was so ravenous by dinner that I made some bad choices.
      Please check out Slender Kitchen. She has great recipes and I feel like I’ve become a better cook because she teaches you techniques.


  5. I’m saving this post! Love all your ideas. I had a good week last week and so far so good this week. Not perfect but definitely better than December haha. I feel better getting back to workouts and thankfully with the mild temps, I’ve gotten a few extra steps in outside after most of my workouts. I saw Michelle (ellery designs) share her avocado toast and then I had it twice this weekend. I used the Dave’s killer thin sliced bread. I’d never purchased that before.


    1. You’re doing so well! I’m starting with food and then I need to get disciplined about gym and walking. I have slacked. I love Dave’s thin killer bread. You need a hearty bread for your avocado toast.

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      1. I’m not even sure if I’ve heard of it. I don’t eat tons of bread at home (just mean don’t usually eat sandwiches) but that meal has been a tasty one for sure


      2. I guess I had lots of people in my social media feed talking about it years ago. I don’t either. Bread is my weakness. I find that a grainy bread works best with avocado toast and that isn’t something I’m gonna overeat. Now, give me a loaf of sourdough and I will lose my mind.


  6. Not a lot of tips, but I’m cheering you on! I like to make Kodiak pancakes (v small ones) on the weekend. I use milk and egg to get the big protein boost. I take 2-3 in to work and eat them for breakfast-no butter or syrup because it’s at work! I also make the night before and then eat overnight oats with fruit on them-at work! I drink a Premier Protein after my coffee at work, and it’s the best thing I have all day! I savor it and will wait if I have a “bad” class because they annoy me, and I can’t savor it during THAT class. I lol’d at the sensitive soup; my husband is The Cook in this house and will impatiently suggest I “go read” to get me out of the kitchen. Yes, I’m a klutz, usually in the kitchen. He likes to cook, so okay with me. I’d rather do dishes! You’re right that it’s all about the little changes! You can do it!


    1. Thank you! Great idea with the Kodiaks. They are surprisingly good! I don’t think they need anything! So funny – You are lucky that your hub is the cook but I really do enjoy it.


  7. I could eat ice cream every day all year and I like my ice cream packed with stuff (cookies/buckeyes/etc.). Trying to be better, I’ve recently been on a yogurt kick. I saw an idea somewhere and so I’ve started popping my yogurt in the freezer for a few, adding some Lily’s chocolate chips, and a crumbled up Fiber One 70 cal brownie bar. It’s ALMOST like my packed ice cream!


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