Wednesday, January 4, 2023

I love a good Currently link up! Jennifer is our hostess for this party today! She gives us some present participles and we fill in our responses! Why do I use so many exclamation points?

Some of my responses may be redundant; please forgive me.


My mom requested a wish list for Christmas and she did really well. She doesn’t like to give money and really likes to give “gift” gifts. I get that and I usually keep some items saved in my cart anyway. I asked for this Amazon star sweater. I can now tell you that I think the quality is amazing and that is is perfect for me. I don’t get too hot. I got it in apricot and I got an extra large. I have worn it many times since I got it! I keep reaching for it! So, I am definitely loving it.

I told you about my Amazon Prime Purchases on Monday and these clogs have been another thing I’m loving. These are the shoes I keep reaching for, too!

I’m loving Tom’s Christmas gift from my mom. It’s easy enough that I can start it on my own, too. It is the Solo Stove Mesa and it would make a great gift for someone in your life, I bet!

Ok, I cannot wait to make this again. I tried to get as many lucky foods on NY Day as possible and this salad included honey and oranges, which are both lucky foods. It is called the Navel Orange Salad with Avocado. I just used a bag salad and left off the red onion. I also used the Cuties clementines I already had. I think it would be great with grilled chicken.

I also discovered Whole Foods pizza by the slice. I got a slice of mushroom. This might be an easy winter meal? I don’t think Whole Foods is as expensive as I used to. You also get your Amazon Prime discout when you shop in Whole Foods. My biggest problem is that it is located next to our malls and traffic can get crazy. I told Tom this might be a Friday night dinner for us this winter.

I am still loving the Truly Holiday Pack!

I enjoyed the pear martini this weekend and now I have tried all four flavors and like them all.

I did my NYE mani with regular polish. I did a taupe/lavender for the base and did a multi color glitter on the top.

I am loving my new and improved feet from my salon pedicure and the navy metallic polish. I apologize for the foot pic. We shouldn’t show our dogs on the internet. There’s a lot we should show, you know? But, people continue to leave messages on Facebook that could have been a text.


My closet! I need to get it ready to rotate and wear every.single.winter piece or they must go. I do this each season.

A recent consignment purchase – a Cabi blouse.


Just trying to get back to my healthier living – good sleep, lots of water, regular exercise, meal prepping, and eating like I know I should. I have really taken a break and I just don’t feel as good as I know I can.


As many heatlhy foods as possible. This is a recent Slender Kitchen meal I made for my kids – Honey Soy Glazed Chicken. Mine would be on cauliflower rice. I made this for them when Tom and I were going out. Mason is obsessed with broccoli and always eats it first. In fact, he wanted to bring in broccoli for his second grade class on his birthday.


I am excited to use the Solo Stove when I can. It’s so important to get outside in the winter. Gretchen Rubin is doing a 23 minutes outside each day challenge in 2023.

I want to plan lots of friend gatherings to help me through the winter. I would like to have people over and make my own cocktails:

and go out:

I have figured out that happy hours are even good for my marriage because Tom doesn’t need to go out and be social as much as I do. He gets all the socialization he needs at work and goes out to lunch with a group every day. That being said, he has a good time going out to dinner a couple of times a month. We also go out and watch games with friends during basketball season.

I am excited for all the library requests I have coming up!

I love my library!

Unfortunately, I ran out of books and my library was closed on Monday for the NYDay holiday so I did go to Target and buy a book. I am really into this so far! Apparently she wrote it in 1999, but I never read it. I really like Kristin Hannah’s books.

Well, that was fun! What are you loving, organizing, eating, resolving, and anticpating right now?


29 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I agree, that was fun!
    I can’t make any more requests at my library, I have ten in line and that’s max. I’ve also requested Tomorrow, tomorrow and Carrie Soto, and right now I’m reading Remarkably Bright Creatures – it’s wonderful! Main character is Swedish (of course) and described as aging bad because of her descendance… (!?!?)
    Well, healthy living is very hard when you’re off work! I don’t move enough and it makes me a bit sluggish… But I sleep like a log! I almost don’t recognize myself; I feel so happy and content! ;-D
    And for loving: Meghan and Harry on Netflix and (hopefully) Avatar which we are seeing tonight! And spending most of the break in the city with the girls! The cabin feels a bit dreary and lonely at this time of year (no snow) I must confess…


  2. I just pinned that salad, which looks so good. I am a fan of Whole Foods pizza too! The few times I go in there at meal time, I will look at everything else, but always end up at the pizza due to quality and price.


    1. I’m just craving those flavors. The dressing is to die for and that really makes it! I had no idea about the WF pizza. Do you ever try the hot food bar? Tom said we could go “bar hopping” on a Friday night. That is the only kinda bar he is interested in!


      1. I rarely eat at the hot bar at Whole Foods, but it does look good! It is weighed by the ounce/pound and the pizza just is always the yummy and economical choice for me 🙂


      2. Oh, that could really add up. That pizza is freaking gourmet! I can’t believe you can get it for two for $7. I need to do that this week for a weekend splurge.


  3. Once again, there are so many great things here! I love the story about Mason and broccoli. That’s hilarious and I am sure his teachers got a kick out of that. I love your new cardigan and think it looks great on you! And on that note, thank you for inspiring me to clean my closet yesterday. Guess what? I found a consignment shop near me and have an appointment today to consign some clothes. I can’t wait to look around and shop while I’m there! I’ll keep you posted. I’m intrigued by spending 23 minutes outside everyday in 2023. I’m going to find her on Instagram. Thanks for that rec! I hope your first day back with students is great, my friend!


    1. Ha! It was funny! Thank you! I keep reaching for my star cardigan! I am so glad you got inspired and I love that you are taking it one step further by going to the shop. Please let me know how it goes. I realized I have already spent 23 minutes outside each day because it has been so nice since January 1. We haven’t seen the sun, but the temps have been in the 50s. You might like to read and do The Happiness Project. My friend says it is the most inspiring book she has ever read after The Bible. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll have to check this book out, thanks! I will keep you posted about today…I’m excited to go there and look around!


      2. I am enjoying this book! I have enjoyed all of hers that I have read. Don’t give up on consignment because of one – there are good and bad ones.


  4. I enjoyed Mystic Lake; I made it a point one year to try and read some of her older books from before I “discovered” her as an author. Rarely do any of her books disappoint! You have some fabulous library holds too. I’m trying so hard not to place any holds right now since I have so many books I was gifted at Christmas that I still want to read but it’s hard to hold myself back from even more shiny new books! LOL. Your nails look fabulous (both fingers and toes). I’m off to check out that salad recipe!


    1. I am really enjoying it and I am finding it hard to put down. I love that idea and need to do the same. She has so many! I do have a nice list going. I know – that is hard when they all come in at once or when they come in before you are ready.
      Thanks – lol! I like to have both sets polished for sure.
      Let us know your new recipes and if you try and like the salad.


    1. I need to read that one! I saw it on the shelf. Thank you! I am loving the sweater, too. I hope it is for you as well. I know you are ready to put the bad of 2022 behind you!


  5. I have go to go to Whole Foods, it’s not really close nor convenient to us but might be fun. I am dying that Mason wanted to bring broccoli to his 2nd grade class – ha!!!
    Over the break I ate what I wanted but made sure I walked my 5 miles everyday (except Christmas) and it helped me to keep from gaining as much as I usually do. I still put on a few pounds but mostly I felt sluggish and tired. One of these days I will learn to limit all the crap because it makes me feel so bad!
    Giving your mom a wish list is such a good idea!


    1. I feel really overwhelmed in Whole Foods but I feel so healthy! Ha!
      It was funny and he still loves it!
      That is so great. I hope to up my walking. Ernie is good for me, but not. I really need to do a fast 30 at least without him stopping me or slowing me down and then take him or vice versa.
      I definitely didn’t do as well this winter break as last year, but I am moving on and starting fresh. It’s hard but I hope I can stay motivated and find that old inspiration. I really just lost my way since May.


  6. I love our library too! I have several books on my hold list.
    Loving- my new peloton tread. I’d like to average 15k steps a day in 2023.
    Organizing- all my clothes to be sold on Poshmark. I have way too many leggings and jackets and they’re getting listed before i allow myself anything new.
    Eating- back on my WW tracking kick
    Resolving- to drink more water daily
    Anticipating- our couples golf trip to Mexico in 13 days!

    Packing up the beach house and heading back to Tulare this morning. A tad sad but we’ve had a fun 8 days here and apparently Tony needs to get to work before we leave for our golf vacation….. 😂


    1. The library is so great!
      That’s a great goal!
      That is great to take the time to do that.
      Yup, me too, and it’s been rough. I was eating way more than 23 points!
      Same – it’s been hard to make myself get that water down.
      I would be sad, too. But, 8 days is a long time!


  7. I love the star sweater! The truly pack sounds perfect for this time of the year. I haven’t had time to read this week so I’m looking forward to downtime on the weekend. When I bought Travis the mesa solo stove, I told him we could return it if he thought we needed the bigger one…so we haven’t decided yet.


    1. Thank you! The material is really great! There is that $30 and above price point helping to make an Amazon purchase of clothing a good one. I find that the cheaper stuff doesn’t cut it. Oh I bet! I am, too, even though I just started back. That is a tough call. We have a big one and have had it for several years. I think it depends on how you think you will use it. The mesa burns out really quickly unless there is something we haven’t figured out.


  8. My kids like broccoli too!! The latest is to buy a head, chop it up and roast it — they eat it right off the pan. So good 🙂 I just put the NS book on hold — my library says 17 weeks. Summer should be here by then, right?? You will love Carrie Soto — one of the best I read last year (although I didn’t like the character a whole lot — everything else was terrific). I have Remarkable Bright Creatures on my list too. Currently I’m reading “This Time Tomorrow” and just finished “The Matchmaker’s Gift”. I would definitely recommend the latter — not far enough in the other to know what to think although “so far, so good”. Hope school is o.k. for you this week — being off since the 16th is a long time!!


    1. Oh that is so funny! I roast mine in the oven or the air fryer, too. I sometimes put the really popular books on hold thinking that I am ok with them taking that long because I will have more time to read. But, sometimes I walk in the library and they are on the new releases shelf with only a 7 day window and I snag one. Those don’t go out for requests for some reason. Thanks for the recs! I am really enjoying the Kristin Hannah book and I am glad I spent $10 on it!


  9. I love that sweater, and the clogs look so comfy! The Solo Stove has been on our wishlists for awhile too, but none of us have one . . . yet! Soon someone in our family will get one, I’m sure.


    1. Thank you and yes, they are! The Solo Stove really does a good job of keeping the smoke level down and away from you. We have had our big one for several years now.


  10. WF pizza is good! I like the deep dish meat & veggie one, but not every WF makes it. My sons actually go to Costco after hiking and buy a large pepperoni pizza and eat the entire thing! I still have my stomach virus and haven’t been reading the past few days, but you can’t go wrong with a Kristin Hannah book! I have to admit that I’ve started to read a few of her books and after a while thought it seemed familiar … I checked GoodReads, and sure enough, I had read it like 5 years earlier. I’ve read Remarkably Bright Creatures and Lucy by the Sea, and I really liked both. Elizabeth Strout’s books aren’t for everyone – not much happens, but I love her writing style and her characters. I hope you enjoy it! She has sort of a loose series with the same characters, but they don’t have to be read in order. The Carrie Soto novel caused an uproar amongst the IG bookstagrammers because people either loved it or hated it! It’s about tennis, like that’s all, from what I’ve gathered. As far as my healthier eating, I’m giving up sweets, pizza, and potato chips this month and adding more protein, so I’ll be rooting for you!


    1. Thank you! It just takes practice. Yes, it seems like I need to go through my clothes on a weekly basis. I get so messy and hang on to things I shouldn’t.


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