Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Well, I am re-entering the land of the real pants as you are reading this. I have a work day with just teachers so I get to linger at home a bit later than normal. I usually leave my house at 6:45 when I have students, but today I will leave the house around 7:25. Woohoo! But, I am not happy. Teacher days are the worst. They have every minute scheduled for us by the looks of it. Plus, the kids are so much more fun than the teachers. Ha!

So, I think I have come up with a plan. I only want to buy 23 new items this year. I do say “only” because I think I have been adding way more than this. I changed sizes in 2021 so I needed some new stuff. I haven’t tracked purchases in a few years – I tracked fashion purchases for about three years running and it was extremely educational. I learned what ended up being good and bad uses of my money. I am letting myself buy consignment items with no number limit and I am making exceptions for gifts, a dress for a wedding, and undergarments.

So, why the need for this? Well, over the winter break I looked at my closet and thought that I had so many clothes that I love. So, it’s a good thing, right? It was cold and I didn’t really leave the house for 5 days. I had nowhere to wear these clothes. It’s really about contentment and lack of waste, I think you could say.

I love to buy new things when the seasons change. There is usually a trend or two that I am wanting to try. I am also trying to buy better brands and more timeless styles.

A recent new purchase – my Dansko Crocs type clogs
A recent consignment purchase – a Cabi blouse.

Do you all think I can do it? In 2022, I showed you my new purchases weekly during Fashion Files posts on Thursdays. When I look back, many of those items were in fact from consignment shops!

My goal is to not add any more winter clothing in January unless I see a really crazy good deal of something I need.

In February, I always get excited about spring stuff! My favorite consignment store Sassy Fox will start accepting spring clothing in February and I plan to try to sell stuff that no longer fits me or my style if I have anything. In 2022, I made around $300 from selling my too big items. I put that money into consignment or new items so that was a win-win!

I want to have a smaller wardrobe of all things I simply love! I want to feel good putting anything on.

If I fail at my 23 in 2023, I will still have done better than I did in 2022, I think.

Another goal:

January Goal – Jeans January

I plan to wear jeans everyday for accountability. When I say accountability, I mean towards my healthy living goals. I need to get back on track. I plan to pare jeans with blazers, nice blouses, and sweaters, but my jeans don’t lie like my leggings and knit pants do. As I am re-dedicating myself to healthier eating and drinking more water and less alcohol, I think these two goals will fit nicely together. Plus, I have a lot of jeans now. When I was heavier, I only had like one pair of jeans that weren’t even that comfortable, so this has been so wonderful to have jeans in my wardrobe. We don’t have a dress code, but I think I can make jeans look very professional. I didn’t wear jeans to teach in for the first 25 years of my career except for the rare Friday spirit day, but now I feel just fine about it.

Example of a jeans outfit – these black jeans are probably my favorites right now.
Example of a leggings outfit. I feel like these are the same level of professional looking.

Do you have fashion goals for 2023? Some of you probably are the opposite and really need to invest in your wardrobe! My friend Heather (the blonde) has to be forced to add new things. She keeps things forever and forever and also hasn’t changed sizes, so that is amazing.

Let’s do this,


25 thoughts on “23 in 2023

  1. Blah for the teacher days… I have two next week, Mon-Tue…. I agree: students are more fun than teachers! The worst for me is that the days are so long… I want to leave school no later than 3 pm! Well, I hope that your teacher day is ok today!
    So, 23 items… interesting… I’m aboard! Do I really buy 23 items!? (I guess I do…)


      1. Ha ha, I saw that! But decided not to comment…:-D
        2:30 – nice! I’ll probably have to stay until 4… and it’s dark then you know! Blah.


      2. Thank you – not sure how that happens sometimes. I totally judge others who do that. There are some bloggers that are just horrible with spelling and grammar.


      3. I know! And I’m the type of person who proof reads when I read magazines… Really, I want to go get my red pen!
        So hat off to you! You don’t aggravate me! 😀 ❤


  2. Amy those black jeans are super flattering on you! You can do this! Im with you on the more veggies and water and less alcohol. It will make a huge difference getting back on track. Good luck today!


    1. Thank you so much! They are Target Universal Thread high rise and I got lucky with the perfect length for my height. I ordered short length on Target.com. I wear more black in the winter so I keep reaching for them. Yes to all of those things and while I love being on break, my body needs a routine again!
      Thanks for commenting!


  3. I think you can do 23 items in 2023! I went to J Crew to return a pair of pyjamas I bought online, and I’ve realized that buying online doesn’t work for me. I’m going to unsubscribe from a bunch of emails, I think. I also wear jeans to work often, and they’ve gotten tight. I can’t even wear my black pair. I’m going to lose 10 lbs in the next few months. I’m using comp time today for teacher work day, which is a good thing because I’ve had the flu with the nasty vomiting as well the past three days. And I had the flu vaccine back in October. We go back to students on Wednesday too, and I don’t know if I’ll feel well enough. I can’t even keep down water. I’m so glad this is a short week! Have a good one!


    1. Yes – what a good idea. I agree. I have not had much luck lately. I am deleting any emails I get. Oh – so sorry you’ve been sick! Oh gosh – that is bad.
      I think we have been so stressed and food and drink just seems easy, but it’s time for looser fitting jeans.


  4. I’m hoping not to add any new clothes at all this winter and might sprinkle in a few new things come spring/summer. I never really keep track of what I buy though (gosh that sounds so awful to type!!) but I definitely need to get better at curbing those impulse buys. I have so many nice clothes that I never wear since we rarely dress up for anything and I do often feel guilty that it’s such a waste just hanging in my closet.


    1. Great goal and I hope the same – I have so many winter clothes. The first step in having a working wardrobe is dressing for your lifestyle and you do! Do you rotate through to make sure you wear each thing?


  5. You have inspired me to find out some info from the consignment shop we have in our town near the square, where I work. I’m going to call or go by there today and ask! I’m curious on their sizing too…because of my shape and height, my bottoms size tends to be smaller than what I need for the top and always have to switch to a plus size because of that. Do most of those shops carry plus sizes? This is why I’m curious…I also would love to sell some older, nice things that are still in great shop, but barely worn.

    Thank you for this, once again. You’re the most inspirational blogger I know! You really make me think about things like how I dress, what I eat, how I exercise, and more fun ways to spend my time. I am so thankful for your friendship!


    1. Yes! I love your plan! My stores do offer Plus and the smaller one is expanding that section – hehe – get it?
      They were happy to get my 2x and 1x!
      I am similar to you and still need a 1 x sometimes but almost always an xL because of my chest and shoulders.
      Each store is different but don’t forget accessories, too!
      Please let me and us know!
      Again, you flatter me! You made my day!


  6. I love your plan; also there are so many great finds at consignment shops! I also need to clean out my closet, but I’m going to take a slow approach to it. I turned all of my hangers around so they’re hanging the wrong way on the rod. As I wear and re-hang an item, it will be facing the correct way. At the end of the year, any items on hangers that are still backwards can be donated or sold.


  7. Happy new year! If you think you can do it- that’s all that matters! I tried it last year and did well until June lol then I was off the rails. I like the idea of only wearing and having what you truly love. Have a great rest of your week!


  8. I love this goal & not including consignment is genius. You are so good about finding great things. I feel the same way about winter clothes…I don’t think I will be adding anything new unless I see something on major sale. I hope you’ve had a good day back at school,


  9. You can totally do this Amy! 23 pieces (excluding consignment) will be easy for you. I think anytime we get to the point where we feel ready to do something like this it is TIME!
    I am honestly wanting to buy less this year and keeping track last year really helped me to understand my style as well as my behavior. For example, I learned that I tend to buy things I’ll later regret when I shop with friends. So this year I will be much more intentional with my clothing purchases when I’m out with friends.
    I look forward to seeing you do this!


  10. What a great plan! I often say I have so many clothes, but sometimes it is hard when a good deal comes along. I love the challenge of this. I agree that getting something timeless is important and a good pair of shoes that is comfortable!


  11. That is a great goal. I definitely think jeans can look professional for a teacher. I think it’s more about what you wear on top.


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