Thursday, January 5, 2023

There isn’t a whole lot of fashion in my files this week because I just didn’t dress in real clothing that much during break this year! Linking up with Kellyann and Jill anyway!

I had a good first day at school yesterday. It was good to see my students and I hope they were happy to be back.

Here is what I wore for NYE. I am wearing my Sassy Fox Consignment Marc Fisher heels, TJ Maxx pants, and my black silk Chico’s blouse. Heather has amazing clothes and I am considering asking her to be on the blog showcasing her duds.

I’ve been wearing my Dansko clogs that are more like a Croc a lot, as you know.

For one of my Christmases, I wore my American Eagle velvet leggings (very old) with my Prosecc Ho Ho Ho. Ok, you won’t see this on the blog anymore. I promise.

Every time I did get dressed over break, I think I wore my star sweater.

And, for back to school, I do not like my outfit. I am doing “Jeans January” by myself. It’s not a thing. I wore my Wit and Wisdom flares with my Chico’s silky black top and my faux fur vest. The vest came off immediately because holy heating system. Then, I looked like I forgot to take off my pajama top before coming back to school. So, note to self…do not wear this to school.

See, I don’t have much fashion in my files.

I want to mention one of my blog reads and someone who I have learned quite a bit from – Susan After 60.

Click here on her recent items lookbook. She always looks amazing, in my opinion, and I like how she explains proportions. She knows her stuff!

I also want to mention Cheese Gal on IG. I have been hooked on her “story” she has been telling in parts for like a week now. She is telling about her Dad’s ex and what happened. But, she has the cutest sweater collection, too. Sweater goals!

If you are on IG, follow her for her food content and The Story and her sweaters.

Remember that I am also doing 23 in 2023. Thanks for the support you are showing me. I haven’t bought anything yet! 5 days in! He he! I am starting a list of pieces I think I want. I also have a gift card to spend that won’t count against my total. So many loopholes, right? Just kidding!

I am also trying to wear every.single.winter thing I own but my job is making it difficult. My classroom is just so hot.

What have you been wearing lately? Are you happy with your winter clothing?


17 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Pyjamas top? Ha ha! No!
    Oh, work… I just read the schedule for the teacher days Mon-Tue, blah… The days are packed!
    That star sweater is co cute, I understand that you wear it a lot! But teach me… isn’t it a cardigan? What’s the difference?
    I haven’t bought anything either… But my first buy will be a new pyjamas, a fancy one!


    1. Oh good! I thought it looked like it. Oh gosh, I will pray for you to get through those days.
      Yes, it is a cardigan, but also a sweater. We say both. A cardigan does have buttons, though, so it is most correct.


  2. Amy I like your back to school outfit and bet it looked great without the vest! I think that blouse looks so nice and nothing like a pajama top!
    I also think your proseco ho ho ho shirt is so cute!
    Thanks for linking up with us!


  3. It’s a shame you had to take the vest off that day you were hot, because that outfit is so cute! I always love your Instagram recs and I’m going to check out Susan After 60 now. Thanks for that!

    I have to say that since I cleaned out my closet, which was inspired by you, I can see all of my clothes and I am having fun picking outfits from what I have. It makes a huge difference, being able to see every piece! I have a little “staging” area where I hang my outfit for the next day, before I go to bed at night, even down to the jewelry. I even organized jewelry! I’ll try to remember to take a picture and share it on my blog tomorrow. I hope your day goes well- it’s almost Friday!


  4. Ok! Now I’m following the cheese gal 🙂 I love your NYE fit and your vest…even though your room is hot. Today, I’m wearing my MJ ruffle pants and a sweater I got from stitch fix. I always forget about my ruffle pants for some reason


  5. I love those sequin pants!! I am going to try to do a Thursday fashion files post a few times a month this year. I love reading yours! Even if I don’t comment often, I read every day! I simply don’t understand why classrooms can’t be more regulated. I have had freezing cold rooms and super hot rooms, and now my media center is great in the morning but can get pretty chilly after lunch. Thank goodness cardigans and librarians go so well together! Ha!
    I love your rules and exceptions for your 23 in 23. I don’t think I could stick to a hard and fast 23 items.
    Have a great weekend!


    1. TJ Maxx! I thought they would be fun to have even if I don’t wear them that much.
      Yes to a fashion files post! Thank you so much. I am the same; I don’t have as much time to comment as I would like. I am going to talk to our facilities manager because it is ridiculous. Thank you – let’s see if I can do it. Winter clothes are kinda boring for me but I get so excited about spring, summer, and fall!


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