Thursday, January 12, 2023

I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files!

This month, I am doing Jeans January. I only have 19 school days in January, believe it or not. Erica (my meal prep partner at work) is doing it most days, too. She said, “This is painful”. Yup, it is. Both of us have tight jeans. Sad. Tight jeans feel bad.

Another challenge I am doing is 23 in 2023. I feel like we are almost halfway through the month and so far, so good. I am really trying not to add more winter stuff, but stuff that can be worn in the spring, at least. I have a feeling I am going to eat my words and be super tempted by some amazing deals.

I also plan to look at what I have and see how I can spruce it up, if needed. Does anything need to be hemmed, do I need to use a sweater shaver to make something look better, can I feel like I have new sneakers by changing out the laces? Anything got a good sweater shaver rec? Also, I have ordered new laces for a pair of sneakers that I will show you at the end of my post.

Unfortunately I did not get a full body picture, but this is what I wore to go out to eat last Saturday:

I wore a last season Loft 3/4 length sleeve blouse with my brown Chico’s faux leather pants, and my Hush Puppies nude suede pumps. I am really trying to wear both pairs of pants when I go out since they really aren’t school pants.

My tripod photos just aren’t that clear. I wore this on Monday. It is a hot pink sweater I got from an online boutique, jeans, my brown Danskos, and my new hot pink Gucci-esque bee earrings. The students really complimented my sweater.

Tuesday I wore jeans, brown Jack Rogers booties, an old suede kimono with a burgundy tank underneath.

And, yesterday I wore jeans, my new consignment Cabi blouse, and my New Balance. I wore the New Balance because a girl wanted to know if I liked them so I wore them to show her.

I saw an IG ad and it sent me shopping on the Old Navy website. Remember that I have $100 from Christmas to spend in addition to my 23 in 2023 challenge.

I ordered a cream blouse which I have been needing/wanting to wear with my brown faux leather pants. I couldn’t pass up the Vive Feliz (Live Happy) t-shirt for only $3, and the piece that sent me there in the first place…

was this…

I thought I could wear it now and into the spring.

I got the idea from Things I Bought and Liked on IG to order some green laces to put in my white leather Madewells. I wanted the laces to be shorter so I don’t have to tie them, but I think they look kinda cool.

So, that’s my fashion for the week!

What have you been wearing? Do you have any favorites of mine?


24 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I really love that hot pink sweater! I’m not surprised that your students complimented you! And together with those earrings – smashing!
    Tight jeans, no, not nice… Thank god for the soft and stretchy jeans we have nowadays! Do you remember the stiff jeans of our youth…?
    Well, I go for comfort right now: yesterday a soft dress with leggings, today jeans (stretchy!) with a grey crewneck (boring, but I have cool boots :-D).


    1. Thank you! The earrings are a bit heavy, but I will suffer.
      I know – most jeans have a bit of stretch now.
      Comfort is good. I do think my jeans are helping my goals, though!


  2. I do not want to jinx myself BUT so far this year (all 12 days of it) I have not purchased any clothing. None. Nada. I should get a chip like in AA, this is huge.
    You are going to love that white polo neck sweatshirt! I have the BRF version and thought about getting a black one from ON but I resisted.
    Jeans January is a great idea and you had some great fashion this week!!


    1. Woohoo! That’s awesome. You know what I think it is? I think it’s the intentional work you have done to build a wardrobe and you feel like you have the options you want. You should get a chip for SA – Shoppers Anonymous!
      I just saw yours and it really is similar – I guess bc ON, BR, Gap, Athleta all fall under the same company. Thank you so much!


  3. You know I love that outfit you wore on your night out! I do agree with the shoestrings in your shoes…that looks cool. I bet you’ll get lots of compliments on those! Once again, I really liked all of your outfits. I think my favorite is the one when you wore an older kimono….or the day you wore the New Balance shoes. It’s always hard to pick, but it all looks so good on you! Have a great day, my friend!


    1. It really affirmed the fact that we need short and 3/4 sleeve in the winter for the overheating and for ladies of a certain age. I was so comfortable while my friend was miserable. I just can’t be enjoyable if I’m hot. Or hungry. Or tired. I am basically a toddler. The older kimono is really pretty. I feel a bit frumpy in it. You are so kind to say that.


  4. Hi Amy! I enjoyed your post. I also told myself that I was done buying for the winter because it has been a particularly pricey season as I have been rebuilding my fall and wardrobe. However, I wanted to add one more cardigan sweater, and I have been stalking one all season, waiting for it to go on sale! It did, and I have it now. So…officially done for the season. 😀


    1. Thank you so much! I need to steam two of the items and then just decide if I picked the right size. I might need to do a swap on sizing. You totally would. I am super impressed by its quality if you want to go ahead and click!


  5. I love that mustard blouse as well as that first one too! I have $50 to spend this month (cash) from things I sold but have only bought a 2nd hand jcrew sweatshirt for a coming post that features hearts. I have been having lots of fun shopping my closet and thankfully haven’t been tempted so far (12 days in!). Maybe it’s because my winter/cold weather wardrobe is pretty well stocked! I am pretty sure I will be tempted to buy more when spring comes but I guess I can roll over the money that I don’t spend!


    1. Thank you so much! Yay! You are so good – you and I would have fun thrifting/consigning together. I am proud of myself, too. I know 13 days (now) doesn’t sound like much to some, but for bloggers and people who really like fashion, it is. I am getting so many emails about sales, too. I think part of my reason is that winter is not as fun to buy for me. Yes, to rolling that over and using for fun new spring trends!

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  6. I love the pink sweater, that color really lifts me up on a dreary day! I like to wear turquoise jewelry with it, it’s a great contrast. I love the suede kimono too. On Jan 1st I ordered a faux leather coat from Chico’s that was on sale and with a gift card I got for Christmas, it was half price. I felt a little guilty to start the first day of the year with a purchase, but now that I received it I’m so glad that I did. The feel of the coat is just gorgeous, for once I’m glad I jumped on that impulse!


    1. Thank you! I am seeing lots of bright pink! I know what coat you are talking about and if my shoulders weren’t so broad I could have bought it. Also, I think I was between two sizes and one was too tight and the other made me look bigger. That jacket is amazing, though, and I am so glad you got it!


  7. I think I’m going to do hot pink laces in my white target sneakers this spring. Someone on IG that I follow also posted the idea for green. I really like the P448 with the pink laces though.
    It’s mindblowing that teachers in your building can wear jeans like that!


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