Monday, December 19, 2022

It’s Monday, but I’m fine with it because I am on Winter Break! I am linking up with Sarah and Holly to tell you what I did this weekend.

Friday was fine and I managed to get all of my semester exams graded and entered into our online grade program before I left for the day.

Also, I won a poinsettia! There was a thing for all of the teachers to put their name in a raffle and I won! Did you know the flower is from Mexico? So, yeah, it’s only fitting that a Spanish teacher won!

We had an after school Christmas happy hour at an Irish bar. The school bought the food and we had to buy our own drinks. I had a delicious cranberry mule.

I didn’t stay that long because we had evening plans. This was the only night that our two couple friends could coordinate to get together with us over the holidays. We started out at a pop up bar called Miracle on Market.

Look at the camera, Tom!

It was cute but one of those “I don’t really need to go again” type things.

We walked down the street to our reservation at Guacamole Modern Kitchen.

I got a drink called “Day of the Dead”. It was really good and smoky!

We got chips and guacamole and queso.

My friend and I split a salad and

fish tacos.

Everything was amazing! It was my first time going there.

I hit the gym both Saturday and yesterday mornings. Who am I? I will tell you who I am – a girl who plans to indulge in some holiday foods.

I am not a soft drink person but this is really good. Have you tried it?

Here is why I needed to go to the gym…I made Hi Sugarplum’s recipe.

I went down the Harry and Meghan rabbit hole. I am almost done with the Netflix series now. I have never been a royal obsessed person but I thought I would check it out. I believe everything in this docuseries. Tom says that is the point of it – to make me believe their side. I don’t know. I have read The Royal We. None of what they are saying seems far fetched, you know? Thoughts?

The German restaurant that closed has been offering take out nights once every couple of months so Tom said to definitely place an order. I went to pick it up and then brought it home to wait on us. Jack had a guitar concert in the college chapel even though the dorms closed Friday.

It was really good and we really enjoyed it. Jack played with 2 other kids, then alone and he explained what each song was going to be (no one else did that), and then the concert ended with the guitar professor playing a few songs alone. He was so good!

We went home – the kids rode home together and Tom and I rode home together and then ate our German food.

We are watching Wednesday as a family.

Sunday morning Tom and I went to the Argentinian restaurant to watch Argentina play in the World Cup.

breakfast empanadas:

It was really fun and I am glad we went. Tom had to be coerced a bit, but I think he liked being in that atmosphere.

I ran a couple of errands with Tom and then a couple alone and watch more of Harry and Meghan.

For dinner we had burrito bowls:

What was the highlight of your weekend?


25 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Enjoy your break! We had our first Christmas party of the season with my husband’s dad side of the family yesterday though our middle son stayed home because he’s fighting off a cold and some of those family members are heading to Disney Christmas day. I watched Wednesday last week and really like it!


  2. You went to some great restaurants this weekend! That Day of the Dead drink looked good…I don’t know that I’ve ever had a “smoky” drink and am interested to know what that even tastes like. I’m intrigued! You looked fab Friday night- love that outfit you had on! The highlight of my weekend is two-fold: having dinner with Tim and Tracy and seeing Drew twice.

    Our relationship with Tim and especially Tracy has always been VERY complicated in the past. She hasn’t ever treated Todd’s parents fairly, but she’s had tons of medical problems, including a heart transplant and strokes that have changed her personality. That’s still the case, but in 2022, I decided to mend things and to really try and have a friendship with her. It worked and we sort of started over in our relationship. She and my mom-in-love still don’t get along or treat each other right, but I’m a good peace-keeper and was able to diffuse a few things that popped up on Saturday.

    I couldn’t say all of that on my blog because of who reads it, but now you know. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the day was and how much I enjoyed being with my nephews…the youngest one is obnoxious, but he seemed better this year. It went so well that we’re considering a weekend trip to see them in the next few months. We were both blown away! It’s amazing what working on your own perspective and attitude will do for difficult situations! Well, sorry for the book I wrote here, but I wanted to explain a little better what I couldn’t on my own post this morning.


    1. Thanks for the insight! We have some situations I can’t talk about on my blog, too. My mom is difficult. We have a few other issues, too, but what family doesn’t? I’m so glad you are in a better place! I do think people can change and I do think our attitude has an effect. Tom tells me to stop expecting more from certain people and all won’t act the way I want them to.
      Thank you! It’s hard to describe the smoky element. One friend hated it and one loved it. I loved it too!


  3. Ok so much goodness in one post. That Mexican restaurant looks amazing- your drink- wow and the fish tacos? I am so jealous! LOVED your black outfit that night. Re: Harry and Meghan? I did the same and I have more compassion for them then I did before but I still respect the establishment- what do you think?


    1. The restaurant is definitely not the type where you get free chips and salsa! The meals were works of art!
      I wore my Spanx faux leather leggings – they make your legs look fab I think – and a new TJ Maxx sweater with a scalloped neckline and sheer sleeves. I made sure the sweater was tunic length. I’m glad I bought it! I love all black – maybe too much!
      I agree. I think the paparazzi is worse than ever and we feed into it. They killed Diana and Would stop at nothing to do the same with H and M. I think they were way more obsessed with them than with William and Kate. I see both sides where they had the right to a “life” and the side of the left their duties in England.


  4. That Mexican restaurant looked amazing, your drink looked super cool! I love that Jack explained his pieces, that makes everything more special.
    I won’t watch the Harry and Meghan thing, honestly I try not to pay any attention to them. I get it, they wanted to leave the royals so go and lead a quiet life. Be regular people or be famous but don’t be famous because you are telling all about something you wanted no part of. No family is perfect that’s for sure and no doubt being born into that kind of family comes with trials, marrying into it does as well. At the end of the day your family is your family and that will never change. I hate to see anyone not speaking and I believe as long as you love someone you can try to understand them and take the good with the bad. But I’d like to see them do this all privately. I was sick of hearing about her family when they were getting married and all the stuff with her dad.
    Anyway, enough of that! Didn’t mean to go off on a rant yet somehow I did so!
    Have a great Monday!


    1. It was definitely bougie Mexican! I normally wouldn’t be interested but it sucked me in and I guess because I had heard others talk about it I wanted to form my own opinion. I agree with everything you are saying though. It makes me so sad that there is a rift between the brothers.


  5. Your Friday night food looked fabulous (& and the after school cocktail did too) Travis and I are now behind in Harry and Meghan doc. We watched the first two episodes. Maybe we can watch more this week. I’m definitely interested. I was to watch Wednesday. Hadley and her friends have been talking about it. I hope you have a great week! The highlight of my weekend was last night we had a daughter/ mom pj Christmas movie night with friends. So fun.


  6. Tom cracks me up in that picture. He’s also completely right: the Netflix show is pure propaganda. The Royal We was fiction. H and M are spinning this to make themselves victims when they did it to themselves. (Tom and I would get along well 🙂

    I’ve never done a mule, but I bought ginger beer to make some. I found a recipe for peppermint ones.


    1. Yup – he is not one to pose! He does smile in real life but I know it’s hard to believe. I know you are probably right, but boy they were sure convincing!
      I don’t like my mules too strong, so I go easy on the ginger beer. The cranberry combo was really, really good. I like ginger ale in everything so not surprising. I am going to do it at home, too! I have plans to make a cranberry pomegranate mimosa, too!


  7. I am completely into the Harry & Meghan drama too. I finished the series but NEED MORE! lol I believe them! I did see a headline that suggested that Harry’s body language was being interpreted in a way that he was unsure of some of the things he’s said. But I am assuming that’s because he’s scared of the institution and their response. I want to know more about William… I think he’s the real issue. lol


    1. I have so many more questions after finishing it. I couldn’t help but believe them. I want to know what the current relationship is and how it all played out for the queen’s funeral. Didn’t Harry go alone? Did the queen get to meet her namesake lilibet?


  8. YAY for your Christmas break! I love concerts, especially at the holidays. We were on our way home from Houston Monday and arrived at the airport early. There was a string quartet playing carols and other songs, it was a wonderful respite in a hectic day. This weekend we had friends over for dinner on Saturday and Sunday I wrapped some gifts and was a couch potato! You looked great for your Mexican restaurant, we’re trying a new one Wednesday, I hope it’s good.
    Kellyann sums up perfectly my thoughts about H&M, I wish they would stop chasing the limelight and live their lives privately.
    Have a great holiday break with your family!


    1. Yes! But, it’s a really cold one. We are getting temps like we normally have in late January/February. That is so nice that there was music and your weekend sounds perfect. Balance! Thank you! I know – they probably are just trying to stay relevant.


  9. What a fun weekend. All of the restaurants in your area look so top notch. I also have to agree with Kellyann on H & M. I think they complain a lot and wish they would just live their lives privately like they wanted. Most people don’t know that the UK has very strict laws on media photography, especially when it comes to children. H &M are at much more risk for being chased by pap. here in US than in UK. Hope you have a relaxing week at home. Loved seeing Jack with his guitar! 🙂


  10. Fresno State whooping Washington State in the LA Bowl- having complete strangers buy a very expensive dinner for us at this amazing restaurant on Friday night in LA. All the lights and Christmas spirit at Universal City walk and just having a great weekend away with Tony and our friends. Merry Christmas!!!


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