Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Festivus doesn’t actually happen until Friday, but I have another post planned! Any Seinfeld fans in the house? I have probably seen every episode ten times. Here is the clip about Festivus!

And, here is an explanation:

Festivus ( / ˈfɛstɪvəs /) is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 as an alternative to the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season.

Celebrations: Airing of grievances, feats of strength, the aluminum pole, Festivus dinner, Festivus miracles

I do celebrate Christmas, but I thought this would be a fun post!

Grievance Number One:

Target, oh Target. You have always been my happy place. Why you gotta go trying to look like a department store?

You don’t mess with perfection. I am kinda digging your Ulta section, but still, it’s confusing. I need things to stay consistent in my life, ok? I guess it’s Target.com for me. I am sad.

Grievance Number Two:

This month I have found myself at two round dinner tables of 8-10 folks. At both of these tables there was a bread basket.

Now, if you happen to choose the seat (or you are seated) by the bread basket, you have a duty. It is much like being in the exit row of an airplane. You have the responsibility of passing the bread basket. At the first event, they ran out of bread. It did not get passed and then there was NO MORE. Ok, I was fine. Do I need bread? That is not the point.

At the second event, I noticed a woman chewing on a pillowy white roll. She may or may not be in this photo. The person in front of the basket did not pass it. When, the lady next to me finally noticed the basket she had to ask for it to be passed. Then, she had to ask for the pats of butter. Have people never sat around a table family style before? You offer the salt and pepper, too. I made sure the salad dressing was passed. Pass the bread basket, people!

Grievance Number Three:

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It’s been amazing for re-connecting with people from different stages of my life, but I have found out way too much about some people. Do not post 20 times a day on Facebook. I feel like it keeps me from seeing other people I want to see. You get one post per day or I will snooze you. Also, many Facebook posts could have been a text to ONE PERSON! Why do you need to put that on Facebook?

So, what grievance would you like to air? Or, do you want to do a feat of strength?

Let me know!


17 thoughts on “Festivus – The Airing of the Grievances

    Target – My nearest Target is 53 minutes away. When I stopped in I was taken back by the new layout that I found myself getting frustrated. Online is where its at for me too!
    Facebook – We are not big on social media but I also find myself thinking the same thing. I have snapchat for communication with family members and they post some of dumbest stories.


  2. Oh this is fun! LOL. I don’t use Facebook anymore mostly because my feed is the same three people who posted 90 bajillion times already at 5:30 in the morning and my life is much too short to care that much about what your cat is doing… again! LOL.


  3. Best. Post. EVER!! So true about Target!!
    Finding your blog has made me happy during a very crazy time in my life! Thanks for the letting me ride along!
    Happy Holidays!!


    1. Ha – it was fun to write. Awww, aren’t you the kindest. I am sorry you are going through a crazy time, but I am glad I can put a tiny smile on your face. I will pray that 2023 is your year, Ali!


  4. Ha, I love this post. I am a Seinfield fan and loved that Festivus episode. I spent the 90’s watching Seinfeld every Thursday night and have continued to watch them in syndication. I follow a Seinfeld Instagram account where I see clips every day and those are always so funny.


    1. Such a unique show! We own the box set of DVDs but don’t have a way to play them anymore that I know of! Ha! Wasn’t it Seinfeld and then Friends on Thursdays? That IG account sounds fun!


  5. What a great post idea! I suppose I don’t visit Target enough or pay attention enough to know that it had changed, but you are right! What the heck? It really does look like a department store. Most of my grievances have to do with driving. People don’t know how to anymore! It’s REALLY bad (dangerous) here in Memphis.

    My number one grievance is people not taking two seconds to reply to my text. I know they’re on their phone, because I see their snapchat or Instagram story, but they can’t take a few seconds and answer me? There is one person my age who does this that I thinking of in particular. It drives me BONKERS! She will take DAYS before answering. I’ve taken to texting her again with the three dots to remind her. I get that sometimes we all forget, but she’s consistently nonresponsive. I’m rolling my eyes. There’s a funny meme I saw about this that said, “Surely if Jonah can talk to God from the belly of the whale, you can pick up your phone and answer my text.” #accurate


    1. I was gonna say driving and not responding too but I didn’t want to have too many grievances. My main one with driving here – people are generally polite- is not getting a thank you wave when I let someone out!
      I have a friend that is the worst about texting back. I’m also friends with her hub so I just only text him now. I feel like I’ve done a lot for this friend and she is just so busy and it’s all about her. She is a total Debbie downer so I have just had to back away. This makes me sound like a horrible friend!
      I am really good about responding and if I’m in bed I respond first thing the next day.


      1. I get it about not saying too much here….I try never to be a Debbie Downer! I do the same thing if I’m in bed. I’ll reply at a reasonable hour the next morning. I also ALWAYS answer my phone when family and friends call me. I never screen those calls, even though I’ve been accused of that, but if I don’t answer I’ll text telling them why and that I’ll call them back. And then I do.


  6. This post is the best. LOL. I do have a love hate with Fb too. Mostly because those random cooking reels pop up and the my suck me in for a minute of the five minute stupid video of a meal that ends up being gross. I also don’t like when I open Instagram and a reel pops up first. I prefer pictures


  7. Totally agree with this post!! We have 3 Targets in our area, and all of them have remodeled to the new “department store” design. Even though I have been there many times, I still feel lost and prefer the old school floorplan. I don’t think I am their “target demographic” anymore. And I’m not a Facebook fan either. It is the same people who post there all the time, and they are not the ones I really want to keep up with. Ha, ha! I do go on FB to look at groups associated with the colleges etc. Thanks for a laugh with this fun post!


  8. I love your posts. Your blog is sometimes the first I look for every day. Thank you for being a people person and giving us wall flowers something to read think and chuckle about.


  9. I was going to say Facebook, but really it’s a family member that overshares on it. Childhood family pics, candid photos, etc. I’ve mentioned that I don’t want those shared and it continues to happen, so I’m off it for a while, or maybe I should snooze that person for a while. It’s a tricky situation and has made me resentful and I’m trying my darnedest to let go of it for the holidays , new year and all that!
    Sorry for the festivus rant, ha!


  10. I gave up Facebook in 2017 and I am not sad about it and have never gone back! I love IG but I also do not people to post on stories thru out their whole day. I do not care that you are feeding your baby at 530am. Or that you are again feeding it at 8am. I will mute you. I also cant stand that people stand and watch cashiers try to scan and bag their groceries. PEOPLE stop being lazy and grab a grocery sack and help these cashiers out! Also, while I am bagging my own groceries – please do not move in to the spot where I have to pay. I AM NOT DONE PEOPLE! haha ok that is all. Carry on.


  11. I love this post! Maybe I’m not a natural born shopper, but I’m not crazy for Target. My Target is remodeled and often less than clean; I saw overflowing trash cans right outside the entrance at 8AM one day and sent a photo to Corporate through the Circle app. That’s my Target! I have a grievance with other drivers! Here in S Florida, we have it all: elderly, teens, snowbirds, equestrian crowd, tourists, all doing their own thing. So many rude drivers and then clueless drivers! It’s hair-raising and scary sometimes. Another grievance is parents who don’t check their kid’s grades or fail to respond to an email about their kid’s conduct and/or failing grade. I won’t go into the Google forms behavior report cards that I have to fill out daily for 7 students. Winter Break starts tomorrow, so yay to that!


    1. Thank you! Not all Targets are created equally. Good for you, though, on sending the photo. The drivers here are generally polite and let you in and out. But, right now, the frenzy with the Christmas bustle is bad! Some parents really have dropped the ball. I think the pandemic made it worse. Why should we have to do extra? I hate those Google forms. I never get any response from them either. Happy break! You have had to go so long!


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