Friday, December 16, 2022

It is everyone’s favorite day of the week and time for the link up of Friday Faves here!

Jennifer’s lipstick tutorial was a favorite this week! Check out her post and I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for sending you there! Her lipstick always looks so good! She gives you technique and product advice and she only uses drugstore brands.

Here is my new red combo – lipliner in Spice from Milani, Superstay Ink Crayon by Maybelline in Own Your Emprie, and then lip plumping gloss by NYX called Filler Instinct.

And, here is a more neutral look with my Neutrogena MoistureSmooth color stick in Soft Raspberry.

I am not sure what I’m doing with my tongue. It’s surprisingly hard to take your own lip photo. I am also doing this so Jennifer won’t be as mad at me. See, I put my lips out there, too!

Our school had a nice spread for us for lunch one day in our library.

Too bad they couldn’t give us more than 20 minutes to scarf it down. Teacher jokes, amiright?

I try to remember to turn on these lights as it is starting to get dark. I love these lights so much.

I’m reading this and it’s cheesy and predictable but I’m ok with that. At the rate I’m going (slow), I may not get any other Christmas themed books in this year!

If anyone wants a financial re-set after hemorrhaging money for Christmas and just LIFE in general right now, you should join this for free. I have been reading a blog called Frugalwoods for years. I do not aspire to be as frugal as they are, but I really enjoy hearing their story and seeing their photos of their Vermont property. Starting January 1, you will get an email in your inbox each day.

They don’t spam you or anything and the emails are well written with links to different articles from past blog posts. It is really informative and helpful. Let me know if you do it! I have learned a lot from reading this blog. Here is their basic philosophy that I happen to share;you might have been confused when you see me being frugal about some things and “spending out” on others. The most recent blog post reads, “My approach isn’t about depriving myself or cutting back in every single category, it’s about being strategic with how and where I spend my money” and “Save on stuff that doesn’t matter–or that you can get used for a cheaper price–to enable yourself the freedom to spend on the things that matter most”.

Speaking of frugality, I think this year’s Trader Joe’s bags are so pretty. I might use them to wrap some of my gifts.

I bought the cutest indoor doormat/rug from Costco.

We had “ugly sweater day” at school one day this week. I gotta go with “Fleece Navidad”, as you know!

This is making me so happy! I dedicate December to all things peppermint!

This is what my week has looked like – I created three multiple choice exams for my three different levels and I am still using good old Scantron forms. Yes, I am! I make some of my questions and answer choices funny and I told the students there might be some chuckling during the exam. I told them that there wouldn’t be any guffawing. Yes, they do think I’m weird. I am doing my part to increase both their English and Spanish vocabulary. By the way, there are so many words they don’t know in English that they need to know to understand the Spanish word.

Ok, put that cup of coffee down because I have news…

Our hall bathroom is getting closer to completion. Last week we had the tub/shower tile done and the floor tile done. We have the toilet and paint ready but are waiting on the plumber to come and plumb or do whatever plumbers do.

The walls are going to be Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.

This is our vanity and it is on its way to us.

So, if you have been here for a while you don’t need this recap, but if you are new, this hall bathroom is the old hall bathroom (that I used) and Tom’s tiny bathroom combined. The tiny bathroom used to be in our old bedroom that is now our primary bathroom.

Next project is ripping up living room carpet and replacing it with wood (along with all of the other wood flooring on the main floor, painting all of the main floor, and re-doing the kitchen. Yup, we still have a lot of stuff to do, but it’s all good.

So, tell me a favorite of yours this week!

Happy Friday and happy winter vacation for those who finished school today!


10 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I have a feeling your friend Jennifer will be so mad at you for sending people to her blog! Ha!! NOT!!! She’ll be so happy, more pageviews and subscribers!!!
    Great, festive week for you Amy!
    I am so excited for your bathroom, I love the color agreeable grey – wish we had used it in our bathroom!


  2. I’m reading an Anita Hughes Christmas book right now too; A Magical New York Christmas. It’s pretty cute. The staff party looks fun and delicious… but yep, scarf it down quick and get back to work! LOL. I hardly ever took time to eat when I was teaching since I used my lunch break to go to the bathroom and usually ended up in the office making copies or something like that.


  3. That bathroom project is coming along nicely! Sounds like a lot of renovations over there. I loved the lipstick tutorial and ordered some products this week I will share about soon.


  4. You crack me up! Thank you for the blog love…I’m not mad at you, I promise! I shared it today on my own blog as well. I love the lipsticks you shared about! Both look pretty on you. I’ve been wearing neutrals this week too…when my outfits had color and the red didn’t match. I do really love neutral lipstick, especially in the summer when I have a little bit of a tan. It was so nice of your school to have lunch brought in for you all! That’s always a nice change, I’m sure. That bathroom is going to be beautiful! I love all the choices you made! Thanks for that recommendation for the frugal blog…I’m going to check that out now. We need to do some home improvements in the worst way and we need to just start small and make some progress. It’s much more realistic that way! I feel like we can do so much of it ourselves. I hope you have a great weekend…happy last day before break!


  5. Fleece navidad made me LOL! I love it. Great idea to use TJ Bags to wrap. You’ve had quite the festive week! I have that same book in my stack. Not sure if I will get to it, but I’ve been on an Anita Hughes kick. Happy last day of school!


  6. That Christmas rug is adorable, I really need to renew my Costco membership. You should totally wrap your gifts in those Trader Joe bags; it’s so cute!!


  7. Favorite this week? I hardly know what day it is… 😀
    No, but really, I’m done with doing grades and can relax next week. But our last day isn’t until Thursday! So late! Especially since we celebrate Christmas on the 24th!
    Enjoy your weekend in your beautiful home!


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