Thursday, December 15, 2022

It is Thursday and that means link up day with Kellyann and Jill. Sometimes I feel really weird and awkward doing these, but I know that this type of post helps breathe new life into my closet. I see a color combo or an idea and think that I can try it, too. I especially feel weird with my IRL friends who read the blog. Sorry, guys!

I wore this last week to the charcuterie place Cultured and got a comment from an employee. I told him he could use me in their social media and he chuckled. I think that was his polite way of saying, “thanks but no thanks, you crazy middle aged woman”.

The sweater is last year’s Loft (look on Thredup or Ebay if you also love it!), the pants are this year from Chico’s, and the heels are this year from Hush Puppies.

Then, I saw Kellyann pair hers with a black silk blouse and now I can’t wait to try this combo. Doesn’t this look so chic? Or, so “drippy” depending on your age?

Speaking of drippy, I have to tell you a quick story. Monday a fabulously dressed 6’5 man was walking through my hallway and told me he was a substitute security administrator. He was dressed in navy pants, a cream turtleneck sweater, brown loafers, and a long camel coat. Someone mentioned him in every single class. The girls were saying they were going to get in trouble so he could deal with them. It was really hilarious. I saw videos and photos of him taken by my students. They all commented on how nice he was dressed.

Last week I wore this easy outfit one day. I have this old feminine flannel from Old Navy. I wore dark jeans and my gold Tieks. I do have to say that the Tieks were very comfortable.

After school, I changed into this (don’t worry – I do not wear this to school).

For a quick breakfast date over the weekend I wore all black – black leggings, black top, and black booties and threw this black and red poncho on top.

I learned this photo trick and this is what I wore to Tom’s holiday party. The outfit consisted of the same faux leather Chico’s pants in black, old consignment black pumps, new this year Loft sequin, and a wrap that I borrowed from Erica. I need to find an elegant black wrap of my own.

The color of the night was green – dark green velvet, green velvet, bright green, and…

a green jumpsuit.

I had thought about green, too, but didn’t find anything.

For school this week, I wore a cream blouse with greenery on it with green Matilda Janes. See, I did wear some green!

And, I tried out my new black tights (very comfortable and I made sure not to go too small. There is nothing more uncomfortable than too tight tights. He, he), an old black skirt, and a new Costco white sweater. Yup, Costco got me for only $11. When you buy your clothing along with your meat, you know there is a problem.

And, that is about it for what I’ve worn lately. I have an idea bubbling in my head for 2023, but I am scared to put it out in the universe and scared to fail at it. I am also scared that I will regret it. What do you think about me doing a 23 in 2023 and only buying/adding 23 items to my wardrobe? Yeah, see…it might be too radical for me. Anyway, you will be the first to know if I decide to do it.


17 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Love, love, love your wine and cheese outfit! All of your festive outfits are so good! I love the Costco sweater. Your story about the girls wanting to get in trouble…so funny! I love your 23 outfit idea. I would fail which is sad. Haha


    1. Thank you so much! You better believe I will wear it each time I go to that place. They will know me as that “middle aged woman who always wears that outfit”. The Costco sweater is Lucky brand! The girls were really funny! I think I would fail, too. The winter is depressing and the only thing that boosts my spirits is that shiny new thing that I get to track until it makes it to my door.

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  2. I look forward to your fashion files. It gives me ideas plus I know you encourage to shop your closet. I have been trying for the past several years to cut back in my purchases. I try to only order if I have rewards money or its something I know I will definitely will for a long time.
    I am willing to try the 23 new items with you.


    1. You are so kind to say that. I do try to shop my own closet and my closet has quite a bit to choose from. I think the 23 in 23 would be a lesson in contentment for myself. I think I am generally content but I see a shiny new thing on a blog or elsewhere and get carried away.


  3. I love all of your outfits! I loved what you wore to Tom’s party, the Wine and Cheese outfit, the black skirt/tights/white sweater outfit…you look great in them all! I am all for a challenge! I actually think that’s not a hard one…it’s almost two new items a month! I am not a shopper and probably need to challenge myself to buy some new clothes next year. I love my old favorites, but I could definitely use some new pieces to freshen things up. You’re definitely inspiring me to do that. It’s scary trying new things! I know you can do it, though. Do you follow Mel Larson on Instagram? She does something similar, but with only ten or twelve items in a year. She’s inspiring as well!


    1. Thank you so much! I think the challenge will be hard for me, but I also think it would make me way more thoughtful. Also, now that I have built a nice base wardrobe for myself maybe I don’t want for as much, you know? I think it might be good for you to really think about 2 pieces to add to your wardrobe. I have a post idea for how to build a wardrobe but I don’t want to have “stolen” it from all the people I have learned from, you know? I am not sure who to give credit to for all of my ideas. I use school as a testing ground for some of my trends and new ideas. I do follow her! She has such a nice classic wardrobe and looks good in everything.


  4. I love all of your outfits- they give me inspiration for my own! I could never do 23 in 23. Maybe 12 in a month… 😅


    1. Thank you! I love sparkle! I like the black and white combo, but the tights were kind of a lot for a full day of school! Yes – made for an exciting week having a new face around!


  5. You look gorgeous! Your hair is really nice!
    23 in 23? Fun! Why not!? I would join you… but… if I’m going to Florida this summer I can’t guarantee anything!!


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