Friday, December 9, 2022

Ahhhhh Friday! I told my next door neighbor teacher, Bill, that it was starting to feel like Groundhog Day and I am so ready for winter break! It’s been both a long semester and a quick semester. Do you feel that way, too? Or are you normal and you don’t measure your life by semesters?

Let’s link up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites, shall we?

I have not replaced my lipsticks since probably 2019 with the exception of a gloss here and there. You guys – it’s almost 2023 so that would make it four years! I could not find a classic red in my stash (that seriously needs to be tossed) that I wanted to wear this month. I know I love the Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon. Seriously, it’s a great product! So, I went to Walgreen’s after school on Monday and bought “Own Your Empire”.

But, I knew I needed a better lipliner so I bought and love Milani in the color Spice. I think you really need a lipliner when you wear a red so that it doesn’t run outside the lipline.

I love NYX products and I also picked up this clear gloss that is supposed to plump called Filler Instinct. Sometimes I will go matte and sometimes I will go glossy.

I have looked too many times in Target and Kroger over the last month for Winter Mint Chocolate Premier Protein with no luck so I finally just ordered it off of – Same with Mrs. Meyer’s peppermint handsoap and kitchen cleaner spray. I can’t wait to get these items! They scream December to me!

Remember how I complained about the cocktail the “Leafblower” I had last Friday and my “neighbor” who blows leaves for hours in every season? Look what popped up in my Facebook memory. Tom was double fisting with two leafblowers. Why do we have two? Maybe Tom is the problem? I sent him this photo and he was like, “why do you have that?”

Tom and I hadn’t had a burrito bowl in a few weeks so that was our Tuesday dinner. So good!

Erica made the lasagna cups for one lunch this week.

I tried a new machine at the gym this week and I think I like it.

We went to our friends’ house last Saturday and I love these little clay faces Beth hung in her hall bath.

My friend Victoria is celebrating her birthday this week so we had a happy hour at Cultured and it was so cozy and wonderful.

For the board we ordered, you pick three cheeses and two meats and they create the rest.

They also have amazing cocktails that are reasonably priced.

I gave Victoria the dough bowl Frasier fir candle and rechargeable lighter and she sent this photo of it when she got home!

So, I told you we are doing demonstration speeches in Spanish 3.. .This guy works at a local pie shop that also has cookies and he demonstrated this Christmas tree cookie. He also gave each student a plain cookie and their own piping bag. They had so much fun participating. You’d be surprised how much high school kids are like elementary kids, I think!

I am so glad my school is very loose about food rules. We can have homemade foods brought in. We are allowed to accept food gifts. It’s very nice and creates a nice atmosphere, I think. I am also doing a cookie exchange with Spanish Club. I think kids need stuff like this. Do you have memories of food in high school? My journalism teacher (my favorite teacher!) bought us donuts frequently.

So, what were your favorites this week? I hope you had many. Please think of me as I try to figure out my gifts this weekend! I haven’t bought anything except a stocking stuffer!


16 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Dough bowls are so great! Nice gift idea. I need new lipsticks and these look nice. Sure do have good memories of good in high school especially. Many of my classes would do carry ins. That tree cookie is gorgeous! Happy Weekend.


    1. I really want it for myself, but I’m trying to be good! We did that, too, but we called it a pitch in. My students think that is a weird term. Isn’t the cookie pretty? I ate one and enjoyed it thoroughly!


  2. That cookie decorating looks like some serious fun and yummy too! Nothing better than a ton of icing on a sugar cookie in my book.
    Nice job on the red lipstick, liner, and gloss. Maybelline makes a seriously good product and I am a huge fan of Milani and NYX too.
    Have a great weekend – I am so happy we have a break coming up I can hardly stand myself!


  3. I am laughing over your lipstick choices this week, because per your suggestion, I made actual videos and pictures of my lipsticks last night and am planning on putting them into a bonus post next week. I think you’ll laugh at my attempt when you see the videos! That is so far out of my comfort zone, but it was also kind of fun to do…and I love watching videos, so why not? I love all your choices on the ones you purchased! I need a new lipliner…you’ll see mine next week and understand why.

    Cultured looks like a great place! I love that board that y’all ordered. I think those are a form of art! I’m glad your friend loved her gift- you did good, my friend. I hope your weekend is filled with Christmas productivity! I’m hoping to do the same today. Much love!


    1. I did good according to you, right? I have a liner, a color, and a gloss that tingles and plumps! I loved your videos and your lipstick looks on point, so who better to learn from. Don’t sell yourself short! At this age, we need to step out of our comfort zone and take risks. I bet you got some really good feedback!
      I will happily pay for quality and I feel that Cultured delivers every time.


  4. I love the cookie demonstration! I think learners of every age find most hands on activities more engaging than just sitting and listening. I remember I had a teacher in college bring in snacks and she’d start each of our classes reading us a fun picture book or two (now I should say it was an early childhood class that focused on literature so it wasn’t random– but she brought in such fun books and we had so much fun passing the munchkin boxes).


    1. Totally! I try to “do” things with them and not just teach by me talking. I like them to be the ones busy. I love that a college professor did that. They need to model good teaching. And, see you remember that so many years later!


  5. I’m not done with the girls, but hub and mil are done… We have two weeks though!
    Since you talk about school I have to mention my students as a favorite! They are so cute, clever and optimistic! I think they are at their best when they are around 14-16…


  6. So your school is ok with food being brought in but made everyone wear masks earlier this fall. Weird. I love me a good cheese board! My idea of lipstick is tinted Burts bees. HAHAHAHA. I got my 3 gifts wrapped. and I got some of my stocking gifts wrapped. I have a list of things to still buy for Tonys and Taylors stockings. My good news is that Taylor is still very much dating her bf since June and she found out today she got a promotion and a nice raise and more for her car and phone allowance! She is thrilled! Very proud of her! Have a great weekend!


    1. Same thing I said. I can’t explain it. I also like tinted Burt’s Bees but haven’t bought any in a long time. I love lipsticks and glosses and could have a ton more if I let myself. Congrats to Taylor! That is wonderful!


  7. That charcuterie board looks amazing! I love the cookie demonstration. So sweet and thoughtful of him! I hope you have a great weekend. Thankfully, I think I’m 90% finished shopping. Now I need it all to arrive 😂


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